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Philips Sport & Area Lighting

Tango LED 2 - Small Housing

911401635202BVP281 LED40/NW 40W 220-240V SWB4000 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401634302BVP281 LED40/NW 40W 220-240V AMB4000 lumen asymmetric medium beam

911401634102BVP281 LED80/NW 80W 220-240V SWB8000 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401634402BVP281 LED80/NW 80W 220-240V AMB8000 lumen asymmetric medium beam

911401634202BVP281 LED120/NW 120W 220-240V SWB12000 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401634502BVP281 LED120/NW 120W 220-240V AMB12000 lumen asymmetric medium beam

Tango LED Gen 2 - Medium Housing

911401666302BVP282 LED160/NW 160W 220-240V SWB16000 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401666902BVP282 LED160/NW 160W 220-240V AMB16000 lumen asymmetric medium beam

911401666202BVP282 LED200/NW 200W 220-240V SWB20000 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401666802BVP282 LED200/NW 200W 220-240V AMB20000 lumen asymmetric medium beam

Tango LED Gen 2 - Big Housing

911401669802BVP283 LED245/NW 245W 220-240V SWB24500 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401671302BVP283 LED245/NW 245W 220-240V AWB24500 lumen asymmetric medium beam

911401669702BVP283 LED280/NW 280W 220-240V SWB28000 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401671202BVP283 LED280/NW 280W 220-240V AWB28000 lumen asymmetric medium beam

911401669602BVP283 LED315/NW 315W 220-240V SWB31500 lumen asymmetric medium beam

911401671102BVP283 LED315/NW 315W 220-240V AWB31500 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401669502BVP283 LED335/NW 335W 220-240V SWB33500 lumen asymmetric medium beam

911401671002BVP283 LED335/NW 335W 220-240V AWB33500 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401689502BVP283 LED355/NW 350W 220-240V SWB35500 lumen symmetric wide beam

911401689202BVP283 LED355/NW 350W 220-240V AWB35500 lumen asymmetric medium beam

SmartBright Flood

910404042002BVP100 LED20/CW 20W 220-240V 50/60Hz GR1500lm Grey Housing

910404042006BVP100 LED30/CW 30W 220-240V 50/60Hz GR2500lm Grey Housing

910404042010BVP100 LED50/CW 50W 220-240V 50/60Hz GR3500lm Grey Housing

910404042014BVP100 LED75/CW 75W 220-240V 50/60Hz GR4500lm Grey Housing

ArenaVision MVF403 2000W w/o lamp

911401686501MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A7MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A7

911401686401MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A6MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A6

911401686301MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A5MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A5

911401686101MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A4MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A4

911401686001MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A3MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A3

911401686601MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A2MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A2

911401685901MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A1MVF403 C 1xMHN-SA2000W 380-415V A1

ArenaVision MVF403 1000W w/o lamp

911401055280MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A7MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A7

911401055180MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A6MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A6

911401055080MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A5MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A5

911401054980MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A4MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A4

911401054880MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A3MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A3

911401054780MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A2MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A2

911401054680MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A1MVF403 C 1xMHN-LA1000W 220-240V A1

IP20 GearTray for ArenaVision

919016100022MHH2K0-CU038642000W/380-415V/50Hz MHN-SA G/TRAY, UNFUSED  (no ignitor)


919016100014MHD1K0-AL030661000W/220V/50Hz MHN-LA G/TRAY, UNFUSED    (no ignitor)


Optivision MVP507

910401647780MVP507 CMHN-LA1000W 220-240V WBMVP507 CMHN-LA1000W 220-240V WB

910401647880MVP507 CMHN-LA2000W 380-415V WBMVP507 CMHN-LA2000W 380-415V WB

910401647680MVP507 CSON-T1000W 220-240V WBMVP507 CSON-T1000W 220-240V WB

PowerVision MVF024

910401804180MVF024 C 1xSON-T1000W WBMVF024 C 1xSON-T1000W WB

910401804280MVF024 C 1xSON-T1000W MBMVF024 C 1xSON-T1000W MB

Tango 4

910403630304MVP483 HPI-T1000W H 220-240V A-WBMVP483 HPI-T1000W H 220-240V A-WB

910403630312MVP483 HPI-T1000W H 220-240V S-WBMVP483 HPI-T1000W H 220-240V S-WB

910403630302MVP483 SON-T1000W H 220-240V A-WBMVP483 SON-T1000W H 220-240V A-WB

910403630310MVP483 SON-T1000W H 220-240V S-WBMVP483 SON-T1000W H 220-240V S-WB


910401965680HNF207 SON-T1000WHNF207 SON-T1000W

IP20 GEAR TRAY for SON-T 1000W

919016100010HPS-1K0-AL013441000W/220V/50Hz HPS G/TRAY, UNFUSED   (includes ignitor ~30m)

919016100011UZT6010BIGNITOR, 30M

IP20 GEAR TRAY for HPI-T 1000W

919016100012MHA1K0-AL013421000W/220V/50Hz HPI G/TRAY, UNFUSED   (includes ignitor ~100m)

919016100013UZP9005BIGNITOR, 2 TERMINAL, 100M

IP20 GEAR TRAY for HPI-T 2000W/220-240V

919016100016MHA2K0-CN035632000W/220-240V/50Hz HPI G/TRAY, UNFUSED  (includes ignitor ~100m)

919016100017UZP9005BIGNITOR, 2 TERMINAL, 100M

IP20 GEAR TRAY for HPI-T 2000W/380-415V

919016100018MH-2K0-CU039732000W/380-400V/50Hz HPI G/TRAY, UNFUSED  (includes ignitor ~100m)

919016100019UZP9003LIGNITOR, 2 WIRE, 100M

IP20 GEAR TRAY for MHN-LA 2000W/380-415V

919016100020MHH1K8-CU022642000w/380-415v/50hZ MHN-LA G/TRAY, UNFUSED   (no ignitor)

919016100021UZST7039BC1IGNITOR, SIP 380-415V 1 METRE

IP65 High Power Gear Box

910403332001ZVF350 SON-T1000W 220V-50HzZVF350 SON-T1000W 220V-50Hz

910403331701ZVF350 HPI-T1000w 220V 50HzZVF350 HPI-T1000w 220V 50Hz

911401066180ZVF350 MHN-LA1000W 220V-50HzZVF350 MHN-LA1000W 220V-50Hz

911401040580ZVF350 MHN-LA2000W 380VZVF350 MHN-LA2000W 380V

910401966780ZVF350 MHN-SA2000W 380VZVF350 MHN-SA2000W 380V

910403331901ZVF350 HPI-T2000W 220V-50HzZVF350 HPI-T2000W 220V-50Hz

Tango 2

910403335001SMF283 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz S BKSMF283 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz S BK

910403334801SMF283 SON-T100W 220V-50Hz S BKSMF283 SON-T100W 220V-50Hz S BK

910403334701SMF283 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz S BKSMF283 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz S BK

Tango 3

919016526032SMF383 250W E SI 220V 50HzSMF383 250W E SI 220V 50Hz

919016526152MMF383 250W E SI 220V 50HzMMF383 250W E SI 220V 50Hz

919016526092SMF383 400W E SI 220V 50HzSMF383 400W E SI 220V 50Hz

919016526212MMF383 400W E SI 220V 50HzMMF383 400W E SI 220V 50Hz


911401068880RVP150 MHN-TD70W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP150 MHN-TD70W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

911401068680RVP150 SON-T70W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP150 SON-T70W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

911401043680RVP250 MHN-TD150W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP250 MHN-TD150W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

911401045880RVP250 SON-T150W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP250 SON-T150W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

911401042780RVP350 HPI-TP250W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP350 HPI-TP250W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

911401042880RVP350 HPI-TP400W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP350 HPI-TP400W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

911401050480RVP350 SON-T250W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP350 SON-T250W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

911401042680RVP350 SON-T400W IC 220V-50Hz S SPRVP350 SON-T400W IC 220V-50Hz S SP

Philips Highbay & Lowbay Lighting

GP Highbay 2 - Big Housing

911401568511BY687P LED240/CW PSR S-WB L3000-240W24000 lm 1-10V dimmable

911401568811BY687P LED240/CW PSR S-NB L3000-240W24000 lm 1-10V dimmable

911401568611BY687P LED200/CW PSR S-WB L3000-200W20000 lm 1-10V dimmable

911401569311BY687P LED200/CW PSR S-NB L3000-200W20000 lm 1-10V dimmable

GP Highbay 2 - Medium Housing

911401567211BY688P LED160 L3000/CW PSU S-NB-140W16000 lm fixed driver

911401567111BY688P LED160 L3000/CW PSU S-WB16000 lm fixed driver

911401536511BY688P LED140/CW PSU S-NB14000 lm fixed driver

911401536411BY688P LED140/CW PSU S-WB14000 lm fixed driver

GP Highbay 2 - Small Housing

911401568111BY689P LED100 L3000/CW PSU S-NB-90W10000 lm fixed driver

911401568311BY689P LED100 L3000/CW PSU S-WB10000 lm fixed driver

911401536911BY689P LED90/CW PSU S-NB9000 lm fixed driver

911401536811BY689P LED90/CW PSU S-WB9000 lm fixed driver

GreenPerform HighBay Accessories

911401568411BY617Z MBMounting brancket for big housing

911401578801BY618Z MBMounting bracket for medium housing

911401578701BY619Z MBMounting bracket for small housing

911401565101MOUNTING HOOKMounting Hook

GreenUp Highbay

911401524621BY550P LED100/CW PSU NB10000lm fixed driver

911401524521BY550P LED100/CW PSU WB10000lm fixed driver

911401523221BY550P LED100/CW PSD NB10000lm DALI dimmable driver

911401523521BY550P LED100/CW PSD WB10000lm DALI dimmable driver

911401522121BY550P LED200/CW PSU NB20000lm fixed driver

911401522021BY550P LED200/CW PSU WB20000lm fixed driver

911401522821BY550P LED200/CW PSD NB20000lm DALI dimmable driver

911401523021BY550P LED200/CW PSD WB20000lm DALI dimmable driver

Intelligent GreenUp Highbay

911401538221BY550X LED100/CW ACW2 IS NB10000 lm w/Actilume DALI

911401538721BY550X LED100/CW ACW2 IS WB10000 lm w/Actilume DALI

911401537421BY550X LED200/CW ACW2 IS NB20000lm w/Actilume DALI

911401537321BY550X LED200/CW ACW2 IS WB20000lm w/Actilume DALI

Mini500 LED G2

911401580111BBP500 LED110/CW PSU S-MB Recessed fixed driver

911401579611BBP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB Recessed fixed driver

911401580011BBP500 LED110/CW PSR S-WB Recessed 1-10V dimmable

911401580511BBP500 LED110/CW PSR A-WB Recessed 1-10V dimmable

911401581011BCP500 LED110/CW PSU S-MB Surface fixed driver

911401581311BCP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB Surface fixed driver

911401581911BCP500 LED110/CW PSR S-MB Surface 1-10V dimmable driver

911401582811BCP500 LED110/CW PSR A-WB Surface 1-10V dimmable driver

911401583411BGP500 LED110/CW PSU A-WB Pole mounted fixed driver

Intelligent Mini500G2

911401580811BBP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS S-MB Recessed w/actilume DALI

911401580911BBP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS A-WB Recessed w/actilume DALI

911401583111BCP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS S-MB Surface w/actilume DALI

911401583311BCP500 LED110/CW PSD ACD2 IS A-WB Surface w/actilume DALI


911401537111BY268P LED80/CW PSU 8000 lm fixed driver-85W

911401537211BY268P LED80/NW PSU 8000 lm fixed driver-85W

911401537511BY268P LED60/CW PSU 6000 lm fixed driver-60W

911401537611BY268P LED60/NW PSU 6000 lm fixed driver-60W

911401537711BY269P LED40/CW PSU 4000 lm fixed driver-40W

911401537811BY269P LED40/NW PSU 4000 lm fixed driver-40W

SmartBay Accessories

911401542011BY268Z MB BY268 mounting bracket

911401541911BY269Z MB BY269 mounting bracket

911401541711BY268Z SM C Chain kit

911401541811BY268Z SM P Pipe kit

911401541611BY268Z Hook Mounting hook

911401541511BY268Z RL BY268 reflector

911401542111BY269Z RL BY269 reflector

GreenUp WellGlass LED

911401578611BY200P LED25 B-W/NW PSU 2500lm batwing optic

911401578711BY200P LED25 B-W/CW PSU 2500lm batwing optic

911401579011BY200P LED25 L-B/NW PSU 2500lm lambertian optic

911401578811BY200P LED25 L-B/CW PSU 2500lm lambertian optic

GreenUp WellGlass LED Accessories

911401578911BY200Z MB Mounting Bracket

911401579111BY200Z WG Wire Guard

Prolux TPS550

911401522011TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V

911401521511TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V TPS550 2xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V

911401521811TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V

911401521911TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V TPS550 2xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V

911401521211TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS NB 220V

911401520911TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V TPS550 4xTL5-28W HFS WB 220V

911401520811TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V

911401520611TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V TPS550 4xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V

911401521411TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS NB 220V

911401521011TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V TPS550 6xTL5-54W HFS WB 220V

910403630559ZPS550 MB ZPS550 MB

910403630561ZPS550 PC W300 ZPS550 PC W300

910403630560ZPS550 PC W500 ZPS550 PC W500

911401562401ZPS550 WG W300 ZPS550 WG W300

911401562301ZPS550 WG W500 ZPS550 WG W500


910402002480HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC PR GR HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC PR GR

910402000980HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC R-L GR HPK888 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC R-L GR

910402002580HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC PR GR HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC PR GR

910402001080HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC R-L GR HPK888 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC R-L GR

911401150180ZPK888 EB ZPK888 EB (Eyebolt)

911401150080ZPK888 EC-WP ZPK888 EC-WP (Electrical connector water protected)


911401089280HPK518 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz HPK518 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz

911401089380HPK518 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz HPK518 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz

911401095980GPK518 R D425 ALU GPK518 R D425 ALU (Alumunium Reflector)

911401096080GPK518 R D645 GPK518 R D645 (Prismatik Reflector Lexa)

911401085480ZPK518 GC ZPK518 GC

911401085580ZPK518 MB ZPK518 MB

910401995180ZPK518 P D645 IP20 ZPK518 P D645 IP20


911401092080HPK138 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz HPK138 1xHPI-P250W-BU IC 220V-50Hz

911401092180HPK138 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz HPK138 1xHPI-P400W-BUS IC 220V-50Hz

911401095680GPK138 R-WB D425 GPK138 R-WB D425 (Reflector wide beam)

LowBay 200

911401083280HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W-Recessed

911401083180HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W HBK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W

911401081680HBK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W HBK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W

911401072180HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W-Surface

911401072080HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W HCK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W

911401071780HCK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W HCK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W

911401074680HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT150W--Pendant/Suspended

911401074580HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W HPK200 C 1xCDM-TT250W

911401074280HPK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W HPK200 C 1xHPI-TP250W


911401714301BY101P 70W-E27 E G D150 BY101P 70W-E27 E G D150

911401714701BY101P 70W-E27 E PC D150 BY101P 70W-E27 E PC D150

911401714401BY100P 100W-E40 E G D220 BY100P 100W-E40 E G D220

911401714601BY100P 100W-E40 E PC D220 BY100P 100W-E40 E PC D220

911401714501BY100P 150W-E40 E G D220 BY100P 150W-E40 E G D220

911401714801BY100P 150W-E40 E PC D220 BY100P 150W-E40 E PC D220

911401715201BY101E SON-70W IC BY101E SON-70W IC

911401715401BY101E SON-100W IC BY101E SON-100W IC

911401715301BY101E SON-150W IC BY101E SON-150W IC

911401715701BY100Z MB BY100Z MB

911401715501BY100Z NAD BY100Z NAD

911401715601BY101Z WG D150 BY101Z WG D150

911401715801BY100Z WG D220 BY100Z WG D220

Philips Road & Tunnel Lighting


910925439091BGP213 ECO16-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP213 ECO16-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439092BGP213 ECO24-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP213 ECO24-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439093BGP213 ECO33-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP213 ECO33-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439094BGP213 ECO39-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP213 ECO39-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439095BGP213 ECO49-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP213 ECO49-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439096BGP213 ECO58-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP213 ECO58-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439097BGP214 ECO65-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP214 ECO65-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439098BGP214 ECO81-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP214 ECO81-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439099BGP214 ECO98-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP214 ECO98-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

910925439101BGP214 ECO115-/740 II DM D9 48/60ABGP214 ECO115-/740 II DM D9 48/60A

Xceed - LEDGINE 3.0

911401627102BRP371 LED53/NW 55W 220-240V DNEBRP371 LED53/NW 55W 220-240V DNE

911401627302BRP371 LED87/NW 90W 220-240V DMEBRP371 LED87/NW 90W 220-240V DME

911401627502BRP372 LED122/NW 120W 220-240V DMEBRP372 LED122/NW 120W 220-240V DME

823807950385BRP372 LED157/NW 150W 220-240V DMEBRP372 LED157/NW 150W 220-240V DME

Mini - Mid Power Chip

911401675002BRP330 LED37/NW 37W 220-240V DM MP1BRP330 LED37/NW 37W 220-240V DM MP1

911401675302BRP330 LED56/NW 55W 220-240V DM MP1BRP330 LED56/NW 55W 220-240V DM MP1

911401673902BRP330 LED75/NW 75W 220-240V DM MP1BRP330 LED75/NW 75W 220-240V DM MP1

GreenLine Smart 1000lm

919515810398BRP022 LED 10 CW MR S1 PSU GRBRP022 LED 10 CW MR S1 PSU GR

Metro LED

911401641502BGS007 LED20/NW 20W 220-240V SNE-V BGS007 LED20/NW 20W 220-240V SNE-V

CitySoul, Side Mounting Max. 60mm Pipe

910403378901CGP431 CSON-T70W 220V-50Hz FG 42/60SCGP431 CSON-T70W 220V-50Hz FG 42/60S

910403379201CGP431 CSON-T150W 220V-50Hz FG 42/60SCGP431 CSON-T150W 220V-50Hz FG 42/60S

910403379501CGP431 CSON-T250W 220V-50Hz FG 42/60SCGP431 CSON-T250W 220V-50Hz FG 42/60S

910403378501CGP431 CCPO-TW60W 220-240V FG 42/60SCGP431 CCPO-TW60W 220-240V FG 42/60S

910403378701CGP431 CCPO-TW140W 220-240V FG 42/60SCGP431 CCPO-TW140W 220-240V FG 42/60S

CitySoul, Post Top Mounting Max. 76mm Pipe

910403375901CGP431 CSON-T70W 220V-50Hz FG 60/76PCGP431 CSON-T70W 220V-50Hz FG 60/76P

910403376201CGP431 CSON-T150W 220V-50Hz FG 60/76PCGP431 CSON-T150W 220V-50Hz FG 60/76P

910403376501CGP431 CSON-T250W 220V-50Hz FG 60/76PCGP431 CSON-T250W 220V-50Hz FG 60/76P

910403377201CGP431 CCPO-TW60W 220-240V FG 60/76PCGP431 CCPO-TW60W 220-240V FG 60/76P

910403377001CGP431 CCPO-TW140W 220-240V FG 60/76PCGP431 CCPO-TW140W 220-240V FG 60/76P


910401646180HGC007 SON-I-70W 240V-50HzHGC007 SON-I-70W 240V-50Hz


910401962780SGP268 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB SISGP268 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB SI

910401962880SGP268 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB SISGP268 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB SI

910401962980SGP268 SON-T400W 220V-50Hz GB SISGP268 SON-T400W 220V-50Hz GB SI


919016523282SGP338 150W E BG 220V 50HzSGP338 150W E BG 220V 50Hz

919016523372SGP338 250W E BG 220V 50HzSGP338 250W E BG 220V 50Hz

919016523012SGP338 400W E BG 220V 50HzSGP338 400W E BG 220V 50Hz

919016523901SGP338 150W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02SGP338 150W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02

919016523910SGP338 250W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02SGP338 250W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02

919016523920SGP338 400W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02SGP338 400W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02


919016524342SPP368 150W E BG 220V 50Hz SISPP368 150W E BG 220V 50Hz SI

919016524432SPP368 250W E BG 220V 50Hz SISPP368 250W E BG 220V 50Hz SI

919016524072SPP368 400W E BG 220V 50Hz SISPP368 400W E BG 220V 50Hz SI

919016524850SPP368 150W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02SPP368 150W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02

919016524860SPP368 250W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02SPP368 250W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02

919016524870SPP368 400W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02SPP368 400W BG 220V 50Hz GY ESC02

Smartway LX - Alu Ballast, Basic Reflector

910403337401SPP165 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz GB GR 34/50SSPP165 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz GB GR 34/50S

910403337601SPP166 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60SSPP166 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60S

910403337701SPP166 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60SSPP166 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60S

Smartway - Cu Ballast, Professional Reflector

911400989480SPP185 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz GB GR 34/50SSPP185 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz GB GR 34/50S

Smartway Indonesia - CU Ballast, Professional Reflector

919016111220SPP186 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60SSPP186 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60S

919016111280SPP186 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60SSPP186 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB GR 48/60S

919016111221SPP186 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB SD GR 48/60SSPP186 SON-T150W 220V-50Hz GB SD GR 48/60S

919016111281SPP186 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB SD GR 48/60SSPP186 SON-T250W 220V-50Hz GB SD GR 48/60S

Philips Batten & Waterproof Lighting

GreenPerform Batten High Lumen

911401809999BN208C LED60/NW L1200 FR6000 lumen non trunkable

911401811199BN209C LED60/NW L1200 FR6000 lumen trunkable

911401805199BN208C LED30/NW L600 FR3000 lumen non trunkable

GreenPerform Batten

911401568401BN208C LED40/NW L1200 FR4000 lumen non trunkable

911401565801BN208C LED20/NW L1200 FR2000 lumen non trunkable

911401566101BN208C LED20/NW L600 FR2000 lumen non trunkable

911401566601BN208C LED10/NW L600 FR1000 lumen non trunkable

911401566901BN209C LED40/NW L1200 FR4000 lumen trunkable

911401567401BN209C LED20/NW L1200 FR2000 lumen trunkable

GreenPerform Batten Accessories

911401568201BY208Z C-2Leader cable 20cm (Cable Power)

911401568101BY208Z C600-PJumper cable 20 cm

911401568301BY208Z C200-PJumper cable 60 cm

911401567501BY208Z MB-AMounting bracket asymmetric for BN208

911401567601BY208Z MB-SMounting bracket symmetric for BN208

911401567701BY209Z MB-AMounting bracket asymmetric for BN209

911401567801BY209Z MB-SMounting bracket symmetric for BN209

911401567901BY208Z SPSuspension pole

911401568001BY208Z TBTrunking block

GreenUp Batten

911401596311BN108C LED36 NW L1200 MB3500lm fixed driver

911401596011BN108C LED20 NW L1200 MB1900lm fixed driver

911401595611BN108C LED18 NW L600 MB1800lm fixed driver

911401594211BN108C LED36 NW L1200 PSD MB3500lm DALI dimmable driver

911401593811BN108C LED18 NW L600 PSD MB1800lm DALI dimmable driver

Intelligent GreenUp Batten

911401526121BN108X LED36 NW L1200 ACW2 OS MB3500lm w/Actilume DALI

911401526021BN108X LED36 CW L1200 ACW2 OS MB3500lm w/Actilume DALI

911401526421BN108X LED20 NW L1200 ACW2 OS MB2000lm w/Actilume DALI

911401526321BN108X LED20 CW L1200 ACW2 OS MB2000lm w/Actilume DALI

LED Essential Batten, Full Lumen Gen2

911401704542BN066C LED12/CW L12001200lm

911401704552BN066C LED12/NW L12001200lm

911401704562BN066C LED12/WW L12001200lm

911401704642BN066C LED6/CW L600600lm

911401704652BN066C LED6/NW L600600lm

911401704662BN066C LED6/WW L600600lm

LED Essential Batten/TCH086 Cable Accessories

911401591201ZCH086 C-2Leader Cable

911401591301ZCH086 CCPAJumper Cable

T5 Essential Batten

911401590901TCH086 1XTL5-28W/830 HF 220-240V EVTCH086 1XTL5-28W/830 HF 220-240V EV

911401591101TCH086 1XTL5-28W/865 HF 220-240V EVTCH086 1XTL5-28W/865 HF 220-240V EV

911401590501TCH086 1XTL5-21W/830 EI 220-240V EVTCH086 1XTL5-21W/830 EI 220-240V EV

911401590701TCH086 1XTL5-21W/865 EI 220-240V EVTCH086 1XTL5-21W/865 EI 220-240V EV

911401590201TCH086 1XTL5-14W/830 EI 220-240V EVTCH086 1XTL5-14W/830 EI 220-240V EV

911401590401TCH086 1XTL5-14W/865 EI 220-240V EVTCH086 1XTL5-14W/865 EI 220-240V EV

Pentura T5 Batten

911400865480TMS122 1xTL5-14W HFSTMS122 1xTL5-14W HFS

911400863580TMS122 1xTL5-28W HFSTMS122 1xTL5-28W HFS

911400865280TMS122 2xTL5-14W HFSTMS122 2xTL5-14W HFS

911400865580TMS122 2xTL5-28W HFSTMS122 2xTL5-28W HFS

910403358080TMS122 1xTL5-14W EBCTMS122 1xTL5-14W EBC

910403358180TMS122 1xTL5-28W EBCTMS122 1xTL5-28W EBC

910403358280TMS122 2xTL5-14W EBCTMS122 2xTL5-14W EBC

910403358380TMS122 2xTL5-28W EBCTMS122 2xTL5-28W EBC

910401662280GMX122 1 14 R-AGMX122 1 14 R-A

910401662480GMX122 1 14 WRGMX122 1 14 WR

910401662380GMX122 1 28 R-AGMX122 1 28 R-A

910401662580GMX122 1 28 WRGMX122 1 28 WR

TMS019 T5 Eco  - no accessories

911401704501TMS019 1xTL5-14W HFTMS019 1xTL5-14W HF

911401704801TMS019 2xTL5-14W HFTMS019 2xTL5-14W HF

911401704301TMS019 1xTL5-28W HFTMS019 1xTL5-28W HF

911401704601TMS019 2xTL5-28W HFTMS019 2xTL5-28W HF


910400911141TMS012 1xTL-D18W I 220V-50Hz IDTMS012 1xTL-D18W I 220V-50Hz ID

910400921141TMS012 1xTL-D36W I 220V-50Hz IDTMS012 1xTL-D36W I 220V-50Hz ID

910400941141TMS012 2xTL-D18W I 220V-50Hz IDTMS012 2xTL-D18W I 220V-50Hz ID

910400951141TMS012 2xTL-D36W I 220V-50Hz IDTMS012 2xTL-D36W I 220V-50Hz ID

910400911511TMS012 1xTL-D18W EB-CTMS012 1xTL-D18W EB-C

910400921511TMS012 1xTL-D36W EB-CTMS012 1xTL-D36W EB-C

910400941511TMS012 2xTL-D18W EB-CTMS012 2xTL-D18W EB-C

910400951511TMS012 2xTL-D36W EB-CTMS012 2xTL-D36W EB-C

919918650430GMS012 2 36 RGMS012 2 36 R

919918650030GMS012 1 18 RGMS012 1 18 R

919918650130GMS012 1 36 RGMS012 1 36 R

919918656030GMS012 1 18 PGMS012 1 18 P

919918656130GMS012 1 36 PGMS012 1 36 P

Green Perform LED Waterproof - Non-Trunkable

911401513111WT160C LED40 CW L1200WT160C LED40 CW L1200

911401512811WT160C LED20 CW L1200WT160C LED20 CW L1200

911401512311WT160C LED20 CW L600WT160C LED20 CW L600

911401511911WT160C LED10 CW L600WT160C LED10 CW L600

Green Perform LED Waterproof - Trunkable

911401513311WT161C LED40 CW L1200WT161C LED40 CW L1200

911401512911WT161C LED20 CW L1200WT161C LED20 CW L1200

911401512511WT161C LED20 CW L600WT161C LED20 CW L600

911401512111WT161C LED10 CW L600WT161C LED10 CW L600

911401527511WT161Z TBWT161Z TB

Pacific TCW097

910403630072TCW097 1xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 1xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50Hz

910403630074TCW097 1xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 1xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50Hz

910403630078TCW097 1xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 1xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50Hz

910403630073TCW097 2xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 2xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50Hz

910403630075TCW097 2xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 2xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50Hz

910403630079TCW097 2xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 2xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50Hz

911400866680TCW097 1xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 1xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz

911400866780TCW097 1xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 1xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz

911400866880TCW097 2xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 2xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz

911400866980TCW097 2xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 2xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz

Smart Waterproof TCW060 661,450

910403630026TCW060 C 1xTL-D18W HF 220VTCW060 C 1xTL-D18W HF 220V

910403630027TCW060 C 2xTL-D18W HF 220VTCW060 C 2xTL-D18W HF 220V

910403630030TCW060 C 1xTL5-28W HF 220VTCW060 C 1xTL5-28W HF 220V

910403630031TCW060 C 2xTL5-28W HF 220VTCW060 C 2xTL5-28W HF 220V

910403630028TCW060 C 1xTL-D36W HF 220VTCW060 C 1xTL-D36W HF 220V

910403630029TCW060 C 2xTL-D36W HF 220VTCW060 C 2xTL-D36W HF 220V

Vandalite LED

911401704901BCW098 LED6/NW PSU OBCW098 LED6/NW PSU O

911401705001BCW098 LED9/NW PSU OBCW098 LED9/NW PSU O

Mini Vandalite

911400606880FCW098 1XTornado 24W K OFCW098 1XTornado 24W K O

Philips Office & Cleanroom Lighting

PowerBalance 2.0 4000 lm

911401527221RC600B LED40S/840 PSU W60L604000lm fixed 60x60

911401527621RC600B LED40S/840 PSU W30L1204000lm fixed 30x120

911401529721RC600B LED40S/840 PSD W60L604000lm DALI dimmable 60x60

911401530721RC600B LED40S/840 PSD W30L1204000lm DALI dimmable 30x120

Coreline 3500lm

911401564201RC100C LED35S/840 PSU W60L603500lm fixed 60x60 recessed

911401564101RC100C LED35S/840 PSU W30L1203500lm fixed 30x120 recessed

911401568501RC100C LED35S/840 PSD W60L603500lm DALI dimmable 60x60 recessed

911401568701RC100C LED35S/840 PSD W30L1203500lm DALI dimmable 30x120 recessed

911401592301SM100C LED35S/840 PSU W20L1203500lm fixed 60x60 surface

911401592201SM100C LED35S/840 PSU W60L603500lm fixed 30x120 surface

Coreline 2500lm

911401568901RC100C LED25S/840 PSU W60L602500lm fixed 60x60 recessed

911401569001RC100C LED25S/840 PSU W30L1202500lm fixed 30x120 recessed

911401564301RC100C LED25S/840 PSD W60L602500lm DALI dimmable 60x60 recessed

911401568601RC100C LED25S/840 PSD W30L1202500lm DALI dimmable 30x120 recessed

911401592701SM100C LED25S/840 PSU W60L602500lm fixed 60x60 surface

911401592601SM100C LED25S/840 PSU W20L1202500lm fixed 30x120 surface

Coreline Accessories

911401562201RC100C suspension setsSuspension set for Coreline

SmartPanel 2.0

911401500121RC160V LED25S/840 PSU W60L602500lm fixed 60x60 recessed

911401500321RC160V LED25S/840 PSU W30L1202500lm fixed 30x120 recessed

911401599711RC160V LED34S/840 PSU W60L603400lm fixed 60x60 recessed

911401599911RC160V LED34S/840 PSU W30L1203400lm fixed 30x120 recessed

911401500521RC160V LED34S/840 PSD W60L603400lm DALI dimmable 60x60 recessed

911401500721RC160V LED34S/840 PSD W30L1203400lm DALI dimmable 30x120 recessed

Greenup Troffer 7000 lumen

911401575311RC320B LED70S/840 PSU W60L1207000 lumen fixed driver--84W

911401574811RC320B LED70S/840 PSD W60L1207000 lumen DALI dimmable--84W

SmartPanel Accessories

911401585401RC160Z SMS PSDSuspension kit for DALI dimmable

911401585301RC160Z SMS PSUSuspension kit for fixed driver

SmartBright Troffer 2.0 2200lm

911401540921RC098V LED22S/840 W60L60 GM2200lm fixed 60x60 recessed

911401540521RC098V LED22S/840 W30L120 GM2200lm fixed 30x120 recessed

911401540321RC098V LED44S/840 W60L120 GM4400lm fixed 60x120 recessed

T5 Office - 299 Series

910403399301TBS299 2xTL5-14W EBE M2TBS299 2xTL5-14W EBE M2

910403399401TBS299 2xTL5-28W EBE M2TBS299 2xTL5-28W EBE M2

910403399501TBS299 3xTL5-14W EBE M2TBS299 3xTL5-14W EBE M2

910403399601TBS299 3xTL5-28W EBE M2TBS299 3xTL5-28W EBE M2

910403398101TBS299 4xTL5-14W EBE M2TBS299 4xTL5-14W EBE M2

T5 Office - Sereno 528 Series

910403392901TBS528 2xTL5-14W HF M8 IPPTBS528 2xTL5-14W HF M8 IPP

910403391101TBS528 3xTL5-14W HF M8 IPPTBS528 3xTL5-14W HF M8 IPP

910403390701TBS528 2xTL5-28W HF M8 IPPTBS528 2xTL5-28W HF M8 IPP

910403391201TBS528 3xTL5-28W HF M8 IPPTBS528 3xTL5-28W HF M8 IPP

910403391501TBS528 4xTL5-14W HF M8 IPPTBS528 4xTL5-14W HF M8 IPP

910403630689TBS528 3xTL5-14W HFA P FUTBS528 3xTL5-14W HFA P FU

910403630690TBS528 4xTL5-14W HFA P FUTBS528 4xTL5-14W HFA P FU

910403630691TBS528 2xTL5-28W HFA P FUTBS528 2xTL5-28W HFA P FU

910403630692TBS528 3xTL5-28W HFA P FUTBS528 3xTL5-28W HFA P FU

TBS318 Series

911400695280TBS318 C 1xTL-D18W HF M2TBS318 C 1xTL-D18W HF M2

911400695380TBS318 C 1xTLD-18W HF PTBS318 C 1xTLD-18W HF P

911400697380TBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF M2TBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF M2

911400697480TBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF PTBS318 C 1xTLD-36W HF P

911400696980TBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF M2TBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF M2

911400697080TBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF PTBS318 C 2xTLD-18W HF P

911400697780TBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF M2TBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF M2

911400697880TBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF PTBS318 C 2xTLD-36W HF P

911400694780TBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF M2TBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF M2

911400694480TBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF PTBS318 C 3xTL-D18W HF P

911400695680TBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF M2TBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF M2

911400694980TBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF PTBS318 C 3xTL-D36W HF P

911400695080TBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF M2TBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF M2

911400695780TBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF PTBS318 C 4xTL-D18W HF P

911400698280TBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF M2TBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF M2

911400698380TBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF PTBS318 C 4xTLD-36W HF P

TBS067 Economy (MoQ 60)

829918530321TBS067 3xTL-D18W EBC FC2TBS067 3xTL-D18W EBC FC2

829918530341TBS067 4xTL-D18W EBC FC2TBS067 4xTL-D18W EBC FC2

829918530351TBS067 2xTL-D36W EBC FC2TBS067 2xTL-D36W EBC FC2

829918530361TBS067 3xTL-D36W EBC FC2TBS067 3xTL-D36W EBC FC2

New Hygiea LED

911401591701CR418B LED40/NWCR418B LED40/NW

911401591601CR418B LED80/NWCR418B LED80/NW

911401592001CR418C LED40/NWCR418C LED40/NW

911401592101CR418C LED80/NWCR418C LED80/NW

New Hygiea

911401579901CR308C 2xTLD-36W HFSCR308C 2xTLD-36W HFS (Surface)

911401579801CR308C 2xTL5-28W HFSCR308C 2xTL5-28W HFS (Surface)

911401580001CR308C 2xTL5-54W HFSCR308C 2xTL5-54W HFS (Surface)

911401579701CR308B 2xTLD-36W HFSCR308B 2xTLD-36W HFS (Recessed)

911401581501CR308B 2xTL5-28W HFSCR308B 2xTL5-28W HFS  (Recessed)

911401579601CR308B 2xTL5-54W HFSCR308B 2xTL5-54W HFS  (Recessed)

Philips Spot & Projector Lighting

New StylID Recessed Mini

910500454190RS530B LED11S/930 PSU-E NB GC BK1000lm non adjustable

910500454185RS530B LED12S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK1000lm non adjustable

910500454180RS530B LED7S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK600lm non adjustable

910500454198RS531B LED11S/930 PSU-E NB GC BK1000lm adjustable

910500454197RS531B LED12S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK1000lm adjustable

910500454194RS531B LED7S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK600lm adjustable

New StyLid Recessed Compact

910500454203RS540B LED16S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK1500lm non adjustable

910500454209RS540B LED25S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK2000lm non sdjustable

910500454218RS541B LED16S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK1500lm adjustable

910500454221RS541B LED25S/930 PSU-E MB GC BK2000lm adjustable

New StyLid Track Mini

910500454450ST530T LED11S/930 PSU NB GC BK1000lm 3C track

910500454461ST530T LED12S/930 PSU MB GC BK1000lm 3C track

910500454453ST530T LED7S/930 PSU MB GC BK600lm 3C track

910500454753ST530Z GSGlare Shield

910500454752ST530Z HCHoneycomb Louvre

New StyLid Track Compact

910500454472ST540T LED16S/930 PSU MB GC BK1500lm 3C track

910500454480ST540T LED25S/930 PSU MB GC BK2000lm 3C track

910500454755ST540Z GSGlare Shield

910500454754ST540Z HCHoneycomb Louvre

EcoAccent Downlight

911401504221RS291B LED10/830 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 1000lm

911401504321RS291B LED10/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 1000lm

911401502221RS291B LED10/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 1000lm

911401502121RS291B LED10/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 1000lm

911401503921RS291B LED20/830 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401504021RS291B LED20/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401503621RS291B LED20/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401503721RS291B LED20/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401503321RS291B LED30/830 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 3000lm

911401503421RS291B LED30/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 3000lm

911401503021RS291B LED30/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 3000lm

911401503121RS291B LED30/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 3000lm

911401502721RS291B LED40/830 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 4000lm

911401502821RS291B LED40/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 4000lm

911401502421RS291B LED40/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 4000lm

911401502521RS291B LED40/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 4000lm

EcoAccent Track

911401512621ST291T EH-N LED10/830 PSU-E MB BKProjector 1000lm 1C track

911401512721ST291T EH-N LED10/830 PSU-E NB BKProjector 1000lm 1C track

911401512321ST291T EH-N LED10/840 PSU-E MB BKProjector 1000lm 1C track

911401512421ST291T EH-N LED10/840 PSU-E NB BKProjector 1000lm 1C track

911401512021ST291T EH-N LED20/830 PSU-E MB BKProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401512121ST291T EH-N LED20/830 PSU-E NB BKProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401511721ST291T EH-N LED20/840 PSU-E MB BKProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401511821ST291T EH-N LED20/840 PSU-E NB BKProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401511421ST291T EH-N LED30/830 PSU-E MB BKProjector 3000 lm 1C track

911401511521ST291T EH-N LED30/830 PSU-E NB BKProjector 3000 lm 1C track

911401511121ST291T EH-N LED30/840 PSU-E MB BKProjector 3000 lm 1C track

911401511221ST291T EH-N LED30/840 PSU-E NB BKProjector 3000 lm 1C track

911401510821ST291T EH-N LED40/830 PSU-E MB BKProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401510921ST291T EH-N LED40/830 PSU-E NB BKProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401510521ST291T EH-N LED40/840 PSU-E MB BKProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401510621ST291T EH-N LED40/840 PSU-E NB BKProjector 4000lm 1C track

GreenAccent Downlight

911401799501RS280B LED20/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401799601RS280B LED20/830 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401799801RS280B LED20/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401799901RS280B LED20/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401700002RS281B LED20/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401700012RS281B LED20/830 PSU-E WB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401700022RS281B LED20/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401700032RS281B LED20/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 2000lm

911401700292RS280B LED40/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 4000 lm

911401700302RS280B LED40/830 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 4000 lm

911401700312RS280B LED40/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 4000 lm

911401700322RS280B LED40/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 4000 lm

911401700352RS281B LED40/830 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 4000 lm

911401700382RS281B LED40/830 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 4000 lm

911401700402RS281B LED40/840 PSU-E NB WHRecessed 4000 lm

911401700362RS281B LED40/840 PSU-E MB WHRecessed 4000 lm

GreenAccent Track 1C

911401700052ST281C LED20/830 PSU-E NB WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700062ST281C LED20/830 PSU-E MB WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700082ST281C LED20/840 PSU-E NB WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700092ST281C LED20/840 PSU-E MB WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700172ST281T LED20/830 PSU-E NB 1C WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700182ST281T LED20/830 PSU-E MB 1C WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700202ST281T LED20/840 PSU-E NB 1C WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700222ST281T LED20/840 PSU-E MB 1C WHProjector 2000 lm 1C track

911401700412ST281C LED40/830 PSU-E NB WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401700442ST281C LED40/830 PSU-E MB WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401700432ST281C LED40/840 PSU-E NB WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401700462ST281C LED40/840 PSU-E MB WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401700482ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E NB 1C WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401700552ST281T LED40/830 PSU-E MB 1C WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401700582ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E NB 1C WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

911401700562ST281T LED40/840 PSU-E MB 1C WHProjector 4000lm 1C track

BasicBright Spot

911401542321RS012BLED2-25-/830 PSU WHNon-adjustable 200 lm

911401542221RS012BLED2-25-/840 PSU WHNon-adjustable 200 lm

911401518821RS013BLED5-40-/830 PSR WHAdjustable 500 lm 1-10V dimmable

911401519021RS013BLED5-40-/840 PSR WHAdjustable 500 lm 1-10V dimmable

911401519521RS013BLED8-25-/830 PSU WHAdjustable 800 lm

911401519621RS013BLED8-25-/840 PSU WHAdjustable 800 lm

911401519721RS013BLED8-25-/830 PSR WHAdjustable 800 lm 1-10V dimmable

911401519821RS013BLED8-25-/840 PSR WHAdjustable 800 lm 1-10V dimmable

SmartBright Modular Leading/Trailing Dimmable

911401794101RS087B 1xDLED/830 WH 15D DIM400 lm dimmable

911401794001RS087B 1xDLED/840 WH 15D DIM400 lm dimmable

911401795001RS088B 1xDLED/830 WH 15D DIM600lm dimmable

911401794601RS088B 1xDLED/840 WH 15D DIM600lm dimmable

911401795601RS089B 1xDLED/830 WH 15D DIM1200lm dimmable

911401794701RS089B 1xDLED/840 WH 15D DIM1200lm dimmable

105 Series

910401680080QBS105 DESIGN-1QBS105 DESIGN-1

910401680180QBS105 DESIGN-2QBS105 DESIGN-2

910401680280QBS105 DESIGN-3QBS105 DESIGN-3

910401680380QBS105 DESIGN-4QBS105 DESIGN-4

910401680480QBS105 DESIGN-5QBS105 DESIGN-5

910401680580QBS105 DESIGN-6QBS105 DESIGN-6

910401680680QBS105 DESIGN-7QBS105 DESIGN-7

Zadora Basic

911400825480QBS570 1xHAL-MR16 50W MAT (10PCS)QBS570 1xHAL-MR16 50W MAT (10PCS)

911400825280QBS570 1xHAL-MR16 50W WH (10PCS)QBS570 1xHAL-MR16 50W WH (10PCS)

911400825880QBD570 1xHAL-MR16 50W MAT (10PCS)QBD570 1xHAL-MR16 50W MAT (10PCS)

911400825680QBD570 1xHAL-MR16 50W WH (10PCS)QBD570 1xHAL-MR16 50W WH (10PCS)

Smart Halogen - Deep Recessed

910403630284QBS040 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS040 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630289QBS041 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS041 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630291QBS042 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS042 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630290QBS043 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS043 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630287QBS044 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS044 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630298QBS046 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS046 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630295QBS047 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS047 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630294QBS048 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS048 1xMAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

Smart Halogen - Shallow Recessed

910403630255QBS020 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WHQBS020 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WH

910403630257QBS021 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WHQBS021 1x MAX35W/12V-GU4 WH

910403630259QBS022 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS022 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630261QBS023 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS023 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630265QBS025 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS025 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630269QBS027 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS027 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

910403630271QBS028 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WHQBS028 1x MAX50W/12V-GU5.3 WH

Basic HID Spot

911400897480MRS070 1xCDM-R30-70W IC BKMRS070 1xCDM-R30-70W IC BK

911400897080MRS070 1xCDM-R30-70W IC GRMRS070 1xCDM-R30-70W IC GR

911400897580MRS070 1xCDM-R30-70W IC WHMRS070 1xCDM-R30-70W IC WH

911400897280MRS071 1xCDM-T70W IC BKMRS071 1xCDM-T70W IC BK

911400897380MRS071 1xCDM-T70W IC GRMRS071 1xCDM-T70W IC GR

911400897180MRS071 1xCDM-T70W IC WHMRS071 1xCDM-T70W IC WH

GearBox for Basic HID Spot

910403630477ZBS180 1xCDM-T70W GRB-IC 220V-50Hz AL MZBS180 1xCDM-T70W GRB-IC 220V-50Hz AL M

3 Phase Track

910403340380RCS350 3C L3000 WHRCS350 3C L3000 WH

910403340280RCS350 3C L2000 WHRCS350 3C L2000 WH

910403340180RCS350 3C L1000 WHRCS350 3C L1000 WH








823807857080ZRS350 SMS  suspension accessoryZRS350 SMS  suspension accessory

1 Phase Track

911401769001RCS170 3C L2000 WHRCS170 3C L2000 WH

911401768901RCS170 3C L1000 WHRCS170 3C L1000 WH

911401700702ZCS170 3C LCP WHZCS170 3C LCP WH

911401700692ZCS170 3C TCP WHZCS170 3C TCP WH

911401700682ZCS170 3C ICP WHZCS170 3C ICP WH

Philips Downlight Lighting

LuxSpace - DALI Dimmable Driver

911401702912DN478 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Micro 600 lm UGR22

911401701442DN488 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1000 lm UGR22

911401701712DN489 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1000 lm UGR19

911401701392DN486 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1500 lm UGR22

911401701732DN487 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1500 lm UGR19

911401701452DN498 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 2000 lm UGR22

911401701652DN499 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 2000 lm UGR19

911401705782DN496 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 3000 lm UGR22

911401705812DN497 1xDLED-4000 PSD-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 3000 lm UGR19

LuxSpace - Fixed Driver

911401701492DN478 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Micro 600 lm UGR22--7W

911401701222DN488 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1000 lm UGR22--10W

911401701382DN489 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1000 lm UGR19---10W

911401701372DN486 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1500 lm UGR22---15W

911401701262DN487 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Mini 1500 lm UGR19---15W

911401701522DN498 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 2000 lm UGR22---20W

911401701862DN499 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 2000 lm UGR19---20W

911401701432DN496 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 3000 lm UGR22---34W

911401701602DN497 1xDLED-4000 PSU-E C WHLuxSpace Compact 3000 lm UGR19---34W

LuxSpace Accessories

911401523201ZBG470 C GFGlare Filter for LuxSpace Micro

911401502301ZBS480 C GFGlare Filter for LuxSpace Mini

911401523901ZBS490 C GFGlare Filter for LuxSpace Compact

GreenSpace 3 - 1-10V Dimmable Driver (only available for DN281B & DN283B)

911401700902DN281B 1XDLED-4000K PSR WHGreenSpace Mini 1000 lm

911401700922DN283B 1XDLED-4000K PSR WHGreenSpace Compact 2000 lm

GreenSpace 3 - Fixed Driver

911401702682DN280B 1xDLED-4000 PSU WHGreenSpace Micro 600 lm---7W

911401702712DN281B 1xDLED-4000 PSU WHGreenSpace Mini 1000 lm--11.5W

911401702742DN282B 1xDLED-4000 PSU WHGreenSpace Compact 1500 lm---17W

911401797601DN283B 1xDLED-4000 PSU WHGreenSpace Compact 2000 lm---22.5W

911401703142DN284B-8 1xDLED-4000 PSU WHGreenSpace Power 3500 lm

911401703172DN285B-8 1xDLED-4000 PSU WHGreenSpace Power 4500 lm

SmartBright Mini Leading/Trailing Dimmable

911401534511DN101B 1xDLED/840 WH 60DSmartBright Mini Dim 700 lm

911401534411DN101B 1xDLED/830 WH 60DSmartBright Mini Dim 700 lm

SmartBright Downlight

911401700972DN060B 1xDLED/830 WH ENG LSmart Bright 5", 8W, 600lm

911401700992DN060B 1xDLED/850 WH ENG LSmart Bright 5", 8W, 600lm

911401701002DN061B 1xDLED/830 WH ENG LSmart Bright 6", 10W, 800lm

911401701022DN061B 1xDLED/850 WH ENG LSmart Bright 6", 10W, 800lm

911401701032DN062B 1xDLED/830 WH ENG LSmart Bright 7", 14W, 1200lm

911401701052DN062B 1xDLED/850 WH ENG LSmart Bright 7", 14W, 1200lm

911401701082DN063B 1xDLED/850 WH ENG LSmart Bright 8", 17W, 1500lm

911401701062DN063B 1xDLED/830 WH ENG LSmart Bright 8", 17W, 1500lm

SmartBright G3 Downlight

911401706722DN030B 1xDLED/830 WH ENGSmart Bright 4", 8W, 600lm

911401706742DN030B 1xDLED/850 WH ENGSmart Bright 4", 8W, 600lm

911401706752DN031B 1xDLED/830 WH ENGSmart Bright 5", 8W, 600lm

911401706772DN031B 1xDLED/850 WH ENGSmart Bright 5", 8W, 600lm

911401706782DN032B 1xDLED/830 WH ENGSmart Bright 6", 10.5W, 800lm

911401706812DN032B 1xDLED/850 WH ENGSmart Bright 6", 10.5W, 800lm

911401706822DN033B 1xDLED/830 WH ENGSmart Bright 7", 16W, 1200lm

911401706842DN033B 1xDLED/850 WH ENGSmart Bright 7", 16W, 1200lm

911401706852DN034B 1xDLED/830 WH ENGSmart Bright 8", 19.5W, 1500lm

911401706882DN034B 1xDLED/850 WH ENGSmart Bright 8", 19.5W, 1500lm

145 Series

910403630227FBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P13W EBC WHFBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P13W EBC WH

910403630221FBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W EBC WHFBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W EBC WH

910403630231FBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P18W EBC WHFBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P18W EBC WH

910403630224FBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFBH145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH

910403630235FBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFBH145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH

911401526201FBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P13W FBA WHFBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P13W FBA WH

911401526301FBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W FBA WHFBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P18W FBA WH

911401526401FBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFBS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH

911401504901FCS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFCS145 C 1xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH

911401505001FCS145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WHFCS145 C 2xPL-C/4P26W FBA WH

911400830480MBS145 C 1xCDM-T35W IC WHMBS145 C 1xCDM-T35W IC WH

911400829680MBS145 C 1xCDM-T70W IC WHMBS145 C 1xCDM-T70W IC WH

911400829780MBS145 C 1xCDM-T150W IC WHMBS145 C 1xCDM-T150W IC WH

911400832280MCS145 C 1xCDM-T35W IC WHMCS145 C 1xCDM-T35W IC WH

911400832480MCS145 C 1xCDM-T70W IC WHMCS145 C 1xCDM-T70W IC WH

911400832580MCS145 C 1xCDM-T150W IC WHMCS145 C 1xCDM-T150W IC WH

911400831080QBS145 C 1xHAL-P38-120WQBS145 C 1xHAL-P38-120W

910401681080QCS145 C 1xHAL-P38-120WQCS145 C 1xHAL-P38-120W

205 Series

911400827680MBS205 1xCDM-TD70W IC WHMBS205 1xCDM-TD70W IC WH

911400827580MBS205 1xMHN-TD150W IC WHMBS205 1xMHN-TD150W IC WH

058/059 Series

910401944680FBH058 1xPL-C/2P10W I WHFBH058 1xPL-C/2P10W I WH

910401944980FBH058 2xPL-C/2P10W I WHFBH058 2xPL-C/2P10W I WH

910401944780FBH058 1xPL-C/2P13W I WHFBH058 1xPL-C/2P13W I WH

910401945080FBH058 2xPL-C/2P13W I WHFBH058 2xPL-C/2P13W I WH

910401944880FBH058 1xPL-C/2P18W I WHFBH058 1xPL-C/2P18W I WH

910401945180FBH058 2xPL-C/2P18W I WHFBH058 2xPL-C/2P18W I WH

910401944480FBS058 1xPL-C/2P13W I WHFBS058 1xPL-C/2P13W I WH

910401944580FBS058 1xPL-C/2P18W I WHFBS058 1xPL-C/2P18W I WH

910401945280FBH059 2xPL-C/2P18W I WHFBH059 2xPL-C/2P18W I WH

910401945380FBH059 2xPL-C/2P26W I WHFBH059 2xPL-C/2P26W I WH

030/031/032/033 Series

910403630895FBH030 1xPL-C/2P10W I WHFBH030 1xPL-C/2P10W I WH

910403630896FBH031 1xPL-C/2P13W I WHFBH031 1xPL-C/2P13W I WH

910403630897FBH031 1xPL-C/2P18W I WHFBH031 1xPL-C/2P18W I WH

910403630898FBH031 2xPL-C/2P13W I WHFBH031 2xPL-C/2P13W I WH

910403630899FBH032 2xPL-C/2P18W I WHFBH032 2xPL-C/2P18W I WH

910403358101FBH033 2xPL-C/2P26W I WHFBH033 2xPL-C/2P26W I WH

Philips Urban, Landscape & Garden Lighting

TownGuide Core

910500991032BDP001 ECO40-/840 II DW PCC GR 62P4000 lm flat cone clear

910500991034BDP001 ECO70-/840 II DW PCC GR 62P4000 lm flat cone clear

910500991110BDP002 ECO40-/830 DS PCF GR 62P4000 lm bowl cone frosted

910500991008BDP002 ECO70-/850 DS PCF GR 48P7000lm bowl cone frosted

City Spirit Street LED

911401605302BDS480 16xLED/NW PSU 220-240VBDS480 16xLED/NW PSU 220-240V

911401605102BDS480 32xLED/NW PSU 220-240VBDS480 32xLED/NW PSU 220-240V

City Spirit Street LED Color Ring

911401663502BDS482 16xLED NW/RD 220-240VBDS482 16xLED NW/RD 220-240V

911401663102BDS482 16xLED NW/GRN 220-240VBDS482 16xLED NW/GRN 220-240V

911401663402BDS482 16xLED NW/BL 220-240VBDS482 16xLED NW/BL 220-240V

CitySpirit LED

910403388901BDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TA IOBDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TA IO

910403388801BDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TB IOBDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TB IO

910403388701BDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TS IOBDS470 C LED-HP/WW 220-240V TS IO

Urbana LED

911401606301BDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-RBDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-R

911401607101BDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-RBDS250 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-R

911401606601BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-D500BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCC-D500

911401606801BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-D500BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCO-D500

911401607001BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCCRD500BDS251 LED20/NW PSU 100-240V GR PCCRD500

Vaya Linear Inground

911401688502BBP303 LED-LP WW 24VBBP303 LED-LP WW 24V

911401688702BBP303 LED-LP NW 24VBBP303 LED-LP NW 24V

911401688802BBP303 LED-LP RGB 24VBBP303 LED-LP RGB 24V

911401688902BBP312 LED-LP WW 24VBBP312 LED-LP WW 24V

911401688602BBP312 LED-LP NW 24VBBP312 LED-LP NW 24V

911401689002BBP312 LED-LP RGB 24VBBP312 LED-LP RGB 24V

911401688202BBP312 embedded partBBP312 embedded part

911401688302BBP303 embedded partBBP303 embedded part

Vaya Spot 1

911401606802BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 36BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 36

911401606702BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 24BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 24

911401606602BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 12BGP310 1xLED-HP/NW 24V 12

911401606502BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 36BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 36

911401606402BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 24BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 24

911401606302BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 12BGP310 1xLED-HP/WW 24V 12

Vaya Spot 3

911401609202BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36

911401609102BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24

911401609002BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12BGP310 3xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12

911401608902BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36

911401608802BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24

911401608702BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12BGP310 3xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12

Vaya Spot 6

911401635902BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 36

911401635802BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24

911401635702BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12BGP310 6xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12

911401635602BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 36

911401635502BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24

911401635402BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12BGP310 6xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12

Smart LED Post Top

911401656702BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006

911401657002BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043BGP151 LED2000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043

911401657502BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 9006

911401657702BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043BGP151 LED3000/NW PSU 220-240V 7043

Smart LED Bollard

910403308302BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006

910403308102BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BCP151 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043

910403307902BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 9006

910403307702BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BCP150 LED150/WW PSU 220-240V 7043

Smart LED Bracket

911401603102BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043

911401603202BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006BWS160 1LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006

911401601702BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043

911401601802BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006BWS160 2LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006

911401671902BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 7043

911401672002BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006BWS161 4LED WW PSU 220-240V 36 9006

Smart LED Wall Mount

911401195280BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006

911401178880BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BWS150 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043

911401724401BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 9006

911401724301BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043BWS151 LED200/WW PSU 220-240V 7043

Smart LED Steplight

910403302002BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 9006BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 9006

910403314101BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 7043BWG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67 7043

Smart LED Marker

911401177980BBG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67BBG150 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67

911401178680BBG151 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67BBG151 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67

911401723901BBG152 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67BBG152 LED50/WW PSU 220-240V IP67

Smart LED Underwater

911401602502BCP170 9LED WW 12V 12 IP68BCP170 9LED WW 12V 12 IP68

911401602202BCP170 9LED WW 12V 36 IP68BCP170 9LED WW 12V 36 IP68

911401602302BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 12 IP68BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 12 IP68

911401602602BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 36 IP68BCP170 9LED RGB 12V 36 IP68

Flow Post Top

911401690001BDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V S SIBDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V S SI

911401690601BDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V A SIBDS760 LED25/NW PSU 220-240V A SI

Flow Bollard

911401687601BCP760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SIBCP760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SI

911401687801BCP760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SIBCP760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SI

Flow Wall Mount

911401688201BWS760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SIBWS760 LED1/NW PSU 220-240V SI

911401687901BWS760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SIBWS760 LED1/WW PSU 220-240V SI

Flow Marker

911401687001BBP760 LED50/ WW PSU 220-240VBBP760 LED50/ WW PSU 220-240V

911401687101BBP760 LED50/ NW PSU 220-240VBBP760 LED50/ NW PSU 220-240V


910503671918BVD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BVD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10

910503681818BVD410 4XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BVD410 4XLED-HB-2700 12V 10

910503682618BVD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15BVD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15

910503684818BVD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BVD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10

910503685618BVD420 12xLED-HB/RGBW E 15BVD420 12xLED-HB/RGBW E 15

910503673118BBD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD400 1XLED-HB-2700 12V 10

910503675518BBD400 1xLED-HB-2700 12V OBBBD400 1xLED-HB-2700 12V OB

910503683018BBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V 10

910503684218BBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V OBBBD410 4xLED-HB-2700 12V OB

910503683818BBD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15BBD410 4xLED-HB/RGBW E 15

910503686018BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10

910503686018BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10BBD420 12XLED-HB-2700 12V 10

910503686818BBD420 12XLED-HB/RGBW E 15BBD420 12XLED-HB/RGBW E 15

Amphilux Accessories

910930018718ZBD400 RMBZBD400 RMB

910930027818ZBD410 RMBZBD410 RMB

910930027918ZBD420 RMBZBD420 RMB

910930028018ZBD408 PSU DMX/RDM 2x4CHZBD408 PSU DMX/RDM 2x4CH

910930028118ZBD404 PSU DMX/RDM 1x4CHZBD404 PSU DMX/RDM 1x4CH

Outdoor Power Supply

911401600501PS60 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS60 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ

911401600401PS120 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS120 12VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ

910403389201PS100 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS100 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ

910403389101PS200 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZPS200 24VDC 100-240VAC 50/60HZ

Linebar Outdoor - RGB Version not available

911400663680BCS503 LED-HB/WW 24VBCS503 LED-HB/WW 24V

911400664280BCS506 LED-HB/WW 24VBCS506 LED-HB/WW 24V

911400664880BCS509 LED-HB/WW 24VBCS509 LED-HB/WW 24V

911400665480BCS512 LED-HB/WW 24VBCS512 LED-HB/WW 24V


911401685502BCC141 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300BCC141 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300

911401687402BCC141 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200BCC141 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200

911401686202BCC143 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300BCC143 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300

911401685802BCC143 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200BCC143 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200

911401687002BCC145 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300BCC145 15xLED-HB-3000 24V L300

911401686602BCC145 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200BCC145 60xLED-HB-3000 24V L1200

UniBatten Cable Accessories

911401885401cable with female plug RQX 2X1BB L2000cable with female plug RQX 2X1BB L2000

911401885301cable with male plug RQX 2X1BB L2000cable with male plug RQX 2X1BB L2000

RIGA IP68 flexible strip

910504800791MRIG0950006WRE3000K 5 meters IP68

910504800804MRIG09500065RERGB  5 meters IP68

910504800965MRIG0910006WRE3000K 1 meters IP68

910504800788MRIG0920006WRE3000K 2 meters IP68

910504800789MRIG0930006WRE3000K 3 meters IP68

910504800790MRIG0940006WRE3000K 4 meters IP68

910504800968MRIG09100065RERGB  1 meters IP68

910504800801MRIG09200065RERGB  2 meters IP68

910504800802MRIG09300065RERGB  3 meters IP68

910504800803MRIG09400065RERGB  4 meters IP68

910504801054MRIGALIMIP68feeding connectors RIGA

910504801055MRIGALIMRGBfeeding connectors RIGA RGB

910504800737WBOKOTDIMDimming module for white products

910504800713WSLAVEDMX12/24VSlave DMX 12/24V

LED Uplight

911401603902BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 24

911401603802BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12BBP330 9xLED-HP/WW 220-240V 12

911401603602BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 24

911401603502BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12BBP330 9xLED-HP/NW 220-240V 12

911401606202BBP330 screwdriver of anti-thieft screwBBP330 screwdriver of anti-thieft screw

City Spirit Cone

910403385001CDS470 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TS IOCDS470 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TS IO

910403384901CDS470 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TS IOCDS470 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TS IO

910403385801CDS470 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V TS IOCDS470 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V TS IO

910403385701CDS470 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V TS IOCDS470 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V TS IO

CitySpirit Street

910403383501CDS480 C SON-T150W 220V-50Hz ORCDS480 C SON-T150W 220V-50Hz OR

910403383401CDS480 C SON-T70W 220V-50Hz CRCDS480 C SON-T70W 220V-50Hz CR

910403383701CDS480 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz CRCDS480 C CDM-T150W 220V-50Hz CR

910403383601CDS480 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz CRCDS480 C CDM-T70W 220V-50Hz CR

910403384701CDS480 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V CRCDS480 C CPO-TW140W 220-240V CR

910403384601CDS480 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V CRCDS480 C CPO-TW60W 220-240V CR

Metronomis Torino

910401974580CDS530 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz OOCDS530 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz OO

910401974780CDS530 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS530 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OO

910401974880CDS530 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OOCDS530 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OO

Metronomis Malmo

910403373501CDS550 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS550 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OO

910403373601CDS550 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS550 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz OO

910403370401CDS550 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS550 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TT

910401973580ZDS550 C DTC SET9ZDS550 C DTC SET9

Metronomis Annecy

910403372701CDS560 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OOCDS560 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz OO

910403373201CDS560 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OOCDS560 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz OO

Metronomis Berlin

910403372101CDS570 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TT

910403372501CDS570 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TT

910403372201CDS570 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TT

910403372601CDS570 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS570 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TT

Metronomis Cambridge

910403371301CDS580 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xCDM-T150W 220V-50Hz TT

910403371701CDS580 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xCDM-T70W 220V-50Hz TT

910403371401CDS580 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xSON-T150W 220V-50Hz TT

910403371801CDS580 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TTCDS580 C 1xSON-T70W 220V-50Hz TT

Decoflood APR c/w lamp

910401635180MVF606 C 1xSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401634780MVF606 C 1xCDM-T35W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xCDM-T35W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401635280MVF606 C 1xCDM-T70W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xCDM-T70W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401634680MVF606 C 1xCDM-T150W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF606 C 1xCDM-T150W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401635380MVF607 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401635480MVF607 CSON-T250W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CSON-T250W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401635780MVF607 CSON-T400W K 220V NBMVF607 CSON-T400W K 220V NB

910401635580MVF607 CHPI-T250W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CHPI-T250W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401635680MVF607 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz NBMVF607 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz NB

910401636980MVF616 CSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CSON-T70W K 220V-50Hz MB

910401635880MVF616 CSON-T100W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CSON-T100W K 220V-50Hz MB

910401636280MVF616 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CSON-T150W K 220V-50Hz MB

910401636880MVF616 CMHN-TD70W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CMHN-TD70W K 220V-50Hz MB

910401636380MVF616 CMHN-TD150W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF616 CMHN-TD150W K 220V-50Hz MB

910401637580MVF617 CSON-T250W K 220V MBMVF617 CSON-T250W K 220V MB

910401637880MVF617 CSON-T400W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF617 CSON-T400W K 220V-50Hz MB

910401637680MVF617 CHPI-T250W K 220V MBMVF617 CHPI-T250W K 220V MB

910401637980MVF617 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz MBMVF617 CHPI-TP400W K 220V-50Hz MB


910401972880SBF205 SON-T70W 220V-50HzSBF205 SON-T70W 220V-50Hz

910401972980MBF205 MHN-TD70W 220V-50HzMBF205 MHN-TD70W 220V-50Hz

910401973080FBF203 PL-C/2P13W 220V-50HzFBF203 PL-C/2P13W 220V-50Hz

Philips Solar Lighting

PV Panels

91140186660135W 17.5V Panel subsystem35W 17.5V Panel subsystem

91140186640145W 17.5V Panel subsystem45W 17.5V Panel subsystem

91140186590155W 17.5V Panel subsystem55W 17.5V Panel subsystem

91140181640170W 17.5V Panel subsystem 70W 17.5V Panel subsystem

91140186630185W 17.5V Panel subsystem85W 17.5V Panel subsystem

91140186650195W 17.5V Panel subsystem95W 17.5V Panel subsystem

911401816701120W 17.5V Panel subsystem120W 17.5V Panel subsystem

911401866101145W 17.5V Panel subsystem145W 17.5V Panel subsystem

911401866001175W 35V Panel subsystem175W 35V Panel subsystem

911401866201190W 35V Panel subsystem190W 35V Panel subsystem

911401820001285W 35V Panel subsystem 285W 35V Panel subsystem

911401819801290W 35V Panel subsystem 290W 35V Panel subsystem

911401819901295W 35V Panel subsystem 295W 35V Panel subsystem

Panel Cables & Acessories - Single Panel

91140181760112.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector12.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector

91140181730111m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector11m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector

9114018172017.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector7.5m/4mm2 PV cable w/o 2to1 connector

Panel Cables & Acessories - Double Panels

91140181710112.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector12.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector

91140181700111m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector11m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector

9114018169017.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector7.5m/4mm2 PV cable with 2to1 connector

Gen1+ Controller

911401862201OCU Gen1+  12/24V 10A 12HOCU Gen1+  12/24V 10A 12H

911401823601OCU Gen1+  12/24V 20A 12HOCU Gen1+  12/24V 20A 12H

Gen 3.0 MPPT Charge Controller

911401883901OCU Gen 3.0 MPPT CC Eco 12/24V 13A 12HOCU Gen 3.0 MPPT CC Eco 12/24V 13A 12H

Hybrid Controller

911401878601HCU150 12/24V 20A 12H 12.2/24.4HCU150 12/24V 20A 12H 12.2/24.4

Gen1+ remote controller

911401804801remote controller for Phocos CCremote controller for Phocos CC

12V Battery

91140185950150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C50AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

91140185960165AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C65AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

91140185970180AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C80AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

911401859801100AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C100AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

911401859901120AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C120AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

911401860001150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

911401860101200AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C200AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

911401860201250AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C250AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-sys-C

12V Battery - Made in Indonesia

919016437730150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-system ID150AH/12V IP68 gel battery sub-system ID

24V Battery

91140182260124V/50AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/50AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

91140182250124V/65AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/65AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

91140182240124V/80AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/80AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

91140182210124V/100AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/100AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

91140182220124V/120AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/120AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

91140182230124V/150AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/150AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

91140182190124V/200AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/200AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

91140182200124V/250AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem24V/250AH with 6-CNJ battery subsystem

GreenVision Xceed Solar LEDGINE 3.0

911401880201BRP371 LED91/CW 83W 24V DME  SD 12.5MBRP371 LED91/CW 83W 24V DME  SD 12.5M

911401880101BRP371 LED86/CW 76W 24V DME  SD 12.5MBRP371 LED86/CW 76W 24V DME  SD 12.5M

911401880001BRP371 LED70/CW 60W 24V DME  SD 12.5MBRP371 LED70/CW 60W 24V DME  SD 12.5M

911401879501BRP371 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5MBRP371 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5M

911401879601BRP371 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP371 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M

911401879701BRP371 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP371 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M

GreenVision Mini Solar LEDGINE 3.0

911401879701BRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M

911401879601BRP330 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5MBRP330 LED34/CW 29W 12/24V DME SD 7.5M

911401879501BRP330 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5MBRP330 LED48/CW 43W 12/24V DME SD 9.5M

GreenVision Xceed - Mid Power

911401880601BRP371 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5MBRP371 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M

911401882801BRP371 LED62/CW 51W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED62/CW 51W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M

911401881601BRP371 LED72/CW 60W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED72/CW 60W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M

911401881401BRP371 LED87/CW 76W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED87/CW 76W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M

911401881201BRP371 LED94/CW 83W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP371 LED94/CW 83W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M

911401880401BRP372 LED110/CW 95W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP372 LED110/CW 95W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M

911401881001BRP373 LED142/CW 116W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5MBRP373 LED142/CW 116W 24V DMMP1 SD 12.5M

GreenVision Mini - Mid Power

911401882001BRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5MBRP330 LED17/CW 14W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5M

911401881901BRP330 LED32/CW 29W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5MBRP330 LED32/CW 29W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 7.5M

911401881801BRP330 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5MBRP330 LED50/CW 43W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M

911401881701BRP330 LED56/CW 50W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5MBRP330 LED56/CW 50W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 9.5M

911401883001BRP330 LED64/CW 60W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 12.5BRP330 LED64/CW 60W 12/24V DMMP1 SD 12.5

Tango LED2

911401884901BVP281 LED40/CW 40W 12/24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP281 LED40/CW 40W 12/24V SWB SD 9.5M

911401885101BVP281 LED65/CW 60W 24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP281 LED65/CW 60W 24V SWB SD 9.5M

911401885001BVP281 LED84/CW 80W 24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP281 LED84/CW 80W 24V SWB SD 9.5M

911401885201BVP282 LED130/CW 120W 24V SWB SD 9.5MBVP282 LED130/CW 120W 24V SWB SD 9.5M

Solar Portable Solution


Solar Home System

911401875501BN066C LED10/L1000 12V 6500K 11.5WBN066C LED10/L1000 12V 6500K 11.5W

911401875401BN066C LED9/L900 12V 6500K 10WBN066C LED9/L900 12V 6500K 10W

911401875601BN066C LED6/L600 12V 6500K 8.5WBN066C LED6/L600 12V 6500K 8.5W

911401875701BN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 4.5WBN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 4.5W

911401875801BN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 3WBN066C LED3/L300 12V 6500K 3W

911401875301LED Bulb 3W E27 6500K 12V G45LED Bulb 3W E27 6500K 12V G45

911401875201LED Bulb 5W E27 6500K 12V A55LED Bulb 5W E27 6500K 12V A55

911401879101DC LED Bulb cable 7.5mDC LED Bulb cable 7.5m

911401879001PV panel cable 7.5mPV panel cable 7.5m

911401878801controller hub extension cable 3mcontroller hub extension cable 3m

911401877801SIS battery 12V 10A 8AhSIS battery 12V 10A 8Ah

911401877501SIS battery 12V 10A 12AhSIS battery 12V 10A 12Ah

911401877601SIS battery 12V 10A 14AhSIS battery 12V 10A 14Ah

911401877701SIS battery 12V 10A 24AhSIS battery 12V 10A 24Ah

911401878301SIS battery 12V 10A 40AhSIS battery 12V 10A 40Ah

911401878201SIS battery 12V 10A 50AhSIS battery 12V 10A 50Ah

911401877901SIS battery 12V 10A 65AhSIS battery 12V 10A 65Ah

911401878101SIS battery 12V 10A 80AhSIS battery 12V 10A 80Ah

911401878001SIS battery 12V 10A 100AhSIS battery 12V 10A 100Ah

911401883101SIS LiFe battery 10A 12V 30Ah 4cablesSIS LiFe battery 10A 12V 30Ah 4cables

Solar Centralized Solutions

911401883701SCS 10KWh 3000WacSCS 10KWh 3000Wac

911401883601SCS 3x3000WacSCS 3x3000Wac

911401884201SCS 10KWh Li BatterySCS 10KWh Li Battery

PV Panel for Centralized Solutions

911401886301245W 30V Panel245W 30V Panel

911401886201250W 30V Panel250W 30V Panel

911401886101255W 30V Panel255W 30V Panel

911401885901260W 30V Panel260W 30V Panel

911401886001300W 35V Panel300W 35V Panel

Philips Vaya Lighting

Vaya Flood LP



910503703054BCP412 18xLED-HB/3000 100-240 10 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD LP 3000K 10 DEGREE CE/CQC/PSE

910503703055BCP412 18xLED-HB/3000 100-240 20 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD LP 3000K 20 DEGREE CE/CQC/PSE

910503703062BCP412 18xLED-HB/4000 100-240 10 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD LP 4000K 10 DEGREE CE/CQC/PSE

910503703063BCP412 18xLED-HB/4000 100-240 20 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD LP 4000K 20 DEGREE CE/CQC/PSE

Vaya Flood MP



910503703086BCP415 30xLED-HB/3000 120-277 10 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD MP 3000K 10 DEGREE CQC/CE

910503703087BCP415 30xLED-HB/3000 120-277 20 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD MP 3000K 20 DEGREE CQC/CE

910503703094BCP415 30xLED-HB/4000 120-277 10 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD MP 4000K 10 DEGREE CQC/CE

910503703095BCP415 30xLED-HB/4000 120-277 20 CE CQCVAYA FLOOD MP 4000K 20 DEGREE CQC/CE

Vaya Flood HP







Vaya Linear LP

910503704430BCP421 28x84 RGB L610 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR LP RGB 28 x 84 DEGREE 0.6M (2FT) CE/CQC

910503704432BCP421 28x84 RGB L1200 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR LP RGB 28 x 84 DEGREE 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC

910503704498BCP422 28x84 3000 L610 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR LP 3000K 28 x 84 DEGREE 0.6M (2FT) CE/CQC

910503704501BCP422 28x84 3000 L1200 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR LP 3000K 28 x 84 DEGREE 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC

910503704503BCP422 28x84 4000 L610 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR LP 4000K 28 x 84 DEGREE 0.6M (2FT) CE/CQC

910503704505BCP422 28x84 4000 L1200 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR LP 4000K 28 x 84 DEGREE 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC

Vaya Linear MP

912400130065BCP424 10x50 RGB L310 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR MP RGB 10 x 50 DEGREE 0.3M (1FT) CE/CQC

912400130067BCP424 10x50 RGB L1210 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR MP RGB 10 x 50 DEGREE 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC

912400130134BCP425 10x50 3000 L310 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR MP 3000K 10 x 50 DEGREE 0.3M (1FT) CE/CQC

912400130136BCP425 10x50 3000 L1210 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR MP 3000K 10 x 50 DEGREE 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC

912400130138BCP425 10x50 4000 L310 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR MP 4000K 10 x 50 DEGREE 0.3M (1FT) CE/CQC

912400130140BCP425 10x50 4000 L1210 CE CQCVAYA LINEAR MP 4000K 10 x 50 DEGREE 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC

Vaya Cove RGB

910503702159SM440L I 15xLED-HB/RGB 24V CQC, CEVAYA COVE COLOR, 0.3 M, CQC/CE/UL

910503702160SM440L I 30xLED-HB/RGB 24V CQC, CEVAYA COVE COLOR, 0.6 M, CQC/CE/UL

910503702161SM440L I 60xLED-HB/RGB 24V CQC, CEVAYA COVE COLOR, 1.2 M, CQC/CE/UL

Vaya Cove RGB Accessories

910503702272SM440Z 8000PD-L WH VAYA COVE COLOR LEADER CABLE, 8M (26 ft.)

910503702273SM440Z 2000PD-L WH VAYA COVE COLOR LEADER CABLE, 2M (6.5 ft.)

910503702276SM440Z 300PD-M-F WH VAYA COVE COLOR JUMPER CABLE, 0.3m (1 ft.)

910503702277SM440Z 1500PD-M-F WH VAYA COVE COLOR JUMPER CABLE, 1.5M (5 ft.)

910503702279SM440Z 300PD-M-F-PL WH VAYA COVE COLOR Y-JUMPER CABLE, 0.3M (1 ft.) DATA + 8M (26 ft.) POWER

910503702280SM440Z 1500PD-M-F-PL WH VAYA COVE COLOR Y-JUMPER CABLE, 1.5M (5 ft.) DATA + 8M (26 ft.) POWER


Vaya Cove LP

910503704583SM442L 6xLED-HB-3000 24V WH CE CQCVAYA COVE LP 3000K 0.3M (1FT) CE/CQC DIMMABLE

910503704584SM442L 12xLED-HB-3000 24V WH CE CQCVAYA COVE LP 3000K 0.6M (2FT) CE/CQC DIMMABLE

910503704585SM442L 24xLED-HB-3000 24V WH CE CQCVAYA COVE LP 3000K 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC DIMMABLE

910503704586SM442L 6xLED-HB-4000 24V WH CE CQCVAYA COVE LP 4000K 0.3M (1FT) CE/CQC DIMMABLE

910503704587SM442L 12xLED-HB-4000 24V WH CE CQCVAYA COVE LP 4000K 0.6M (2FT) CE/CQC DIMMABLE

910503704588SM442L 24xLED-HB-4000 24V WH CE CQCVAYA COVE LP 4000K 1.2M (4FT) CE/CQC DIMMABLE

Vaya Cove LP Accessories







Vaya Controllers




Philips Lighting Control

Standalone Lighting Controls, Sensors and Accessories

913700334203IRT8099/20 STANDARDSensor & Accessories 950,000

913700359103IRT9090/01 Extended IR Programming ToolSensor & Accessories 1,150,000

913700312003LRL8102/00 HIGH BAY SENSRSensor & Accessories 1,500,000

913700318403LRM8114/00 SENSR MOV DETSensor & Accessories 990,000

913700324703LRM8118/00 ACTILUME EXTENSION SENSORSensor & Accessories 1,100,000

913700339603LLC1655/00 ActiLume 1-10V SwitchboxActiLume 1-10V Systems 470,000

913700339503LRI1655/00 ACTILUME 1-10V Sensor 100 cmActiLume 1-10V Systems 550,000

913700638991IRR1654/00ActiLume DALI Systems 300,000

913700638891IRT1670/00ActiLume DALI Systems 950,000

913700182182LRL1220 TL5ActiLume LuxSense 100,000

913700182282LRL1220 TL-DActiLume LuxSense 100,000

913700357703LLC1682/10 ActiLume Wireless 1-10V gen2ActiLume Wireless Systems 1,160,000

913700348703LLC1685/10 ActiLume Wireless DALI gen2ActiLume Wireless Systems 730,000

913700330303LCC1070/00 PIR T-CABLE 3POccuSwitch 380,000

913700328003LRH1070/00 SENSR SURFACE BOXOccuSwitch 130,000

913700350003LRM1000/00 OS MOV DETOccuSwitch 630,000

913700350303LRM1020/00 OS MOV DET CorridorOccuSwitch 510,000

913700350503LRM1030/00 OS MOV DET Switch 3 wireOccuSwitch 510,000

913700350903LRM1040/00 OS Move Det IP55 240 dgrOccuSwitch 510,000

4415 389 00005LRM1061/00 OccuSwitch Surface MntOccuSwitch 560,000

4415 389 00004LRM1071/00 OccuSwitchOccuSwitch 770,000

913713610514LRM2510/00 PIR HIGH BAY HV SENSROccuSwitch 850,000

913700353003LRM1763/10 OS Wireless Multi SensorOccuSwitch Wireless 2,050,000

913700352003LRM1765/10 OS Wireless Corridor sensorOccuSwitch Wireless 1,550,000

913700351603LRM1770/10 OS Wireless Corner sensorOccuSwitch Wireless 1,550,000

913700351803LRM1775/10 OS Wireless Wall sensorOccuSwitch Wireless 1,550,000

913700346703LCN8600/00 MultiOne interface USB2DALIService & Support 2,230,000

913700359203LCN8650/10 MultiOne interface USB2ZigBeeService & Support 1,370,000

913700338603UIA8550 TOBETOUCHED PSUTBT Accessories 1,330,000

913700335203UID8510 TOBETOUCHED IRTBT User Interfaces 1,750,000

913700335303UID8520 TOBETOUCHED DIM DALI (90-260V)TBT User Interfaces 3,800,000

913700335403UID8530 TOBETOUCHED CT DMXTBT User Interfaces 3,800,000

913700335503UID8540 TOBETOUCHED COLOR DMXTBT User Interfaces 4,300,000

913700358403LRH8600/00 Surface mounting box for dimmWall Box Dimmers 220,000

913700355603UID8600/00 1-10V DimmerWall Box Dimmers 900,000

913700355703UID8620/00 DALI DimmerWall Box Dimmers 3,450,000

913700355803UID8670/00 LED dimmerWall Box Dimmers 2,500,000


913700341003LFC7500 Amplight CPUAmplight modules 7,200,000

913700341103LFC7510 Amplight CurrentAmplight modules 1,500,000

913700341203LFC7520 Amplight SwitchAmplight modules 900,000

913700341303LFC7530 Amplight BatteryAmplight modules 1,900,000

913700341403LFC7540 Amplight MBUSAmplight modules 1,500,000

913700341503LFC7550 Amplight RS485Amplight modules 1,200,000

913700341603LCN7581 Amplight Mini PT Dual antennaAmplight additional hardware 430,000

913700341803LCU7590 Amplight 3 phase coilAmplight additional hardware 390,000

913700341903LCU7591 Amplight Leak CoilAmplight additional hardware 470,000

913700346503LFC7580 Amplight CPUGuardAmplight modules 1,700,000

913700342503LFC7560 AmpLight EuridisAmplight modules 1,200,000

913700342603LFC7570 AmpLight PLC+Amplight modules 1,700,000

913700342703LCN7582 Amplight antenna DC-M 1mAmplight additional hardware 390,000

913700343303LCU7596 Amplight Transf. 10kVA_230VAmplight additional hardware 12,000,000

913700343403LCU7597 Amplight Transf. 15kVA_230VAmplight additional hardware 17,150,000

SW913700345503AmsCPU - BasicSoftware Service 7,700,000

SW913700345603AmsCPU - Advanced MonitoringSoftware Service 26,500,000

SW913700345803AmsCPU - Monitoring & DimmingSoftware Service 60,000,000

SW913700346003Hosting & Fix Connectivty costs per cabinet per yearSoftware Service 8,600,000

Standalone Lighting Controls, Sensors and Accessories

913700334203IRT8099/20 STANDARDSensor & Accessories 950,000

913700359103IRT9090/01 Extended IR Programming ToolSensor & Accessories 1,150,000

913700312003LRL8102/00 HIGH BAY SENSRSensor & Accessories 1,500,000

913700318403LRM8114/00 SENSR MOV DETSensor & Accessories 990,000

913700324703LRM8118/00 ACTILUME EXTENSION SENSORSensor & Accessories 1,100,000

913700339603LLC1655/00 ActiLume 1-10V SwitchboxActiLume 1-10V Systems 470,000

913700339503LRI1655/00 ACTILUME 1-10V Sensor 100 cmActiLume 1-10V Systems 550,000

913700638991IRR1654/00ActiLume DALI Systems 300,000

913700638891IRT1670/00ActiLume DALI Systems 950,000

913700182182LRL1220 TL5ActiLume LuxSense 100,000

913700182282LRL1220 TL-DActiLume LuxSense 100,000

913700357703LLC1682/10 ActiLume Wireless 1-10V gen2ActiLume Wireless Systems 1,160,000

913700348703LLC1685/10 ActiLume Wireless DALI gen2ActiLume Wireless Systems 730,000

913700330303LCC1070/00 PIR T-CABLE 3POccuSwitch 380,000

913700328003LRH1070/00 SENSR SURFACE BOXOccuSwitch 130,000

913700350003LRM1000/00 OS MOV DETOccuSwitch 630,000

913700350303LRM1020/00 OS MOV DET CorridorOccuSwitch 510,000

913700350503LRM1030/00 OS MOV DET Switch 3 wireOccuSwitch 510,000

913700350903LRM1040/00 OS Move Det IP55 240 dgrOccuSwitch 510,000

4415 389 00005LRM1061/00 OccuSwitch Surface MntOccuSwitch 560,000

4415 389 00004LRM1071/00 OccuSwitchOccuSwitch 770,000

913713610514LRM2510/00 PIR HIGH BAY HV SENSROccuSwitch 850,000

913700353003LRM1763/10 OS Wireless Multi SensorOccuSwitch Wireless 2,050,000

913700352003LRM1765/10 OS Wireless Corridor sensorOccuSwitch Wireless 1,550,000

913700351603LRM1770/10 OS Wireless Corner sensorOccuSwitch Wireless 1,550,000

913700351803LRM1775/10 OS Wireless Wall sensorOccuSwitch Wireless 1,550,000

913700346703LCN8600/00 MultiOne interface USB2DALIService & Support 2,230,000

913700359203LCN8650/10 MultiOne interface USB2ZigBeeService & Support 1,370,000

913700338603UIA8550 TOBETOUCHED PSUTBT Accessories 1,330,000

913700335203UID8510 TOBETOUCHED IRTBT User Interfaces 1,750,000

913700335303UID8520 TOBETOUCHED DIM DALI (90-260V)TBT User Interfaces 3,800,000

913700335403UID8530 TOBETOUCHED CT DMXTBT User Interfaces 3,800,000

913700335503UID8540 TOBETOUCHED COLOR DMXTBT User Interfaces 4,300,000

913700358403LRH8600/00 Surface mounting box for dimmWall Box Dimmers 220,000

913700355603UID8600/00 1-10V DimmerWall Box Dimmers 900,000

913700355703UID8620/00 DALI DimmerWall Box Dimmers 3,450,000

913700355803UID8670/00 LED dimmerWall Box Dimmers 2,500,000


913700341003LFC7500 Amplight CPUAmplight modules 7,200,000

913700341103LFC7510 Amplight CurrentAmplight modules 1,500,000

913700341203LFC7520 Amplight SwitchAmplight modules 900,000

913700341303LFC7530 Amplight BatteryAmplight modules 1,900,000

913700341403LFC7540 Amplight MBUSAmplight modules 1,500,000

913700341503LFC7550 Amplight RS485Amplight modules 1,200,000

913700341603LCN7581 Amplight Mini PT Dual antennaAmplight additional hardware 430,000

913700341803LCU7590 Amplight 3 phase coilAmplight additional hardware 390,000

913700341903LCU7591 Amplight Leak CoilAmplight additional hardware 470,000

913700346503LFC7580 Amplight CPUGuardAmplight modules 1,700,000

913700342503LFC7560 AmpLight EuridisAmplight modules 1,200,000

913700342603LFC7570 AmpLight PLC+Amplight modules 1,700,000

913700342703LCN7582 Amplight antenna DC-M 1mAmplight additional hardware 390,000

913700343303LCU7596 Amplight Transf. 10kVA_230VAmplight additional hardware 12,000,000

913700343403LCU7597 Amplight Transf. 15kVA_230VAmplight additional hardware 17,150,000

SW913700345503AmsCPU - BasicSoftware Service 7,700,000

SW913700345603AmsCPU - Advanced MonitoringSoftware Service 26,500,000

SW913700345803AmsCPU - Monitoring & DimmingSoftware Service 60,000,000

SW913700346003Hosting & Fix Connectivty costs per cabinet per yearSoftware Service 8,600,000

Philips Lampu, Ballast, Ignitor,  & Capacitor

A10 - TL Lamps : 0405 T8 Lamps Energy Advantage

A100405927982386514TLD36W865XTREME8711500892775MASTER TL-D Xtreme 36W/865 SLV

A10 - TL Lamps : 0409 T8 Lamps Solution products

A1004099280447950819280447950818711500888648MASTER TL-D 90 Graphica 36W/950 SLV/10

A1004099280447965819280447965818711500888365MASTER TL-D 90 Graphica 36W/965 SLV/10

A100409928045296581TLD58W9658711500888778MASTER TL-D 90 Graphica 58W/965 SLV/10

A10 - TL Lamps : 0410 T8 Lamps standard colours

A100410928024005436TLD10W548711500641304TL-D 10W/54-765 1SL/50

A100410928024805436TLD15W548711500722218TL-D 15W/54-765 1SL/50

A100410928048005436TLD18W548711500702678TL-D 18W/54-765 1SL/25

A100410928048505436TLD36W548711500702715TL-D 36W/54-765 1SL/25

A100410928048003336TLD18W338711500702661TL-D 18W/33-640 1SL/25

A100410928048503336TLD36W338711500702708TL-D 36W/33-640 1SL/25

A100410928025405482TLD30W548711500722638TL-D 30W/54-765 1SL/25

A100410928049005482TLD58W548711500702753TL-D 58W/54-765 1SL/25

A10 - TL Lamps : 0411 T8 Lamps Super 80

A100411927980282736TLD18W8278711500285768TL-D 18W/827 1SL/25

A100411927980283036TLD18W8308711500285584TL-D 18W/830 1SL/25

A100411927980284036TLD18W8408711500285607TL-D 18W/840 1SL/25

A100411927980286536TLD18W8658711500285621TL-D 18W/865 1SL/25

A100411927982282736TLD36W8278711500285843TL-D 36W/827 1SL/25

A100411927982283036TLD36W8308711500285591TL-D 36W/830 1SL/25

A100411927982284036TLD36W8408711500285614TL-D 36W/840 1SL/25

A100411927982286536TLD36W8658711500285638TL-D 36W/865 1SL/25

A100411927983283036TLD58W8308711500284907TL-D 58W/830 1SL/25

A100411927983284036TLD58W8408711500284921TL-D 58W/840 1SL/25

A100411927983286536TLD58W8658711500284969TL-D 58W/865 1SL/25

A10 - TL Lamps : 0412 Circular & U-bent Lamps

A100412928026205436TLE22W548711500633903TL-E 22W/54-765 1CT/20

A100412928026305436TLE32W548711500633873TL-E 32W/54-765 1CT/20

A10 - TL Lamps : 0414 T12 Lamps Standard

A100414928011305430TL40W54RS8711500641335TL RS 40W/54-765 1SL/25

A1004149280377033329280377033328711500261359TL-X XL 20W/33-640 SLV/25

A1004149280379033329280379033328711500261373TL-X XL 40W/33-640 SLV/25

A10 - TL Lamps : 0481 T5 Lamps MASTER

A1004819279260827559279260827558711500641021MASTER TL5 HE 14W/827 SLV/40

A1004819279260830559279260830558711500639387MASTER TL5 HE 14W/830 SLV/40

A100481927926084055TL514W840HE8711500639400MASTER TL5 HE 14W/840 SLV/40

A1004819279260865559279260865558711500710093MASTER TL5 HE 14W/865 SLV/40

A1004819279262827559279262827558711500643209MASTER TL5 HE 21W/827 SLV/40

A100481927926284055TL521W840HE8711500639448MASTER TL5 HE 21W/840 SLV/40

A1004819279262865559279262865558711500710116MASTER TL5 HE 21W/865 SLV/40

A100481927926582755TL528W827HE8711500643223MASTER TL5 HE 28W/827 SLV/40

A100481927926583055TL528W830HE8711500639462MASTER TL5 HE 28W/830 SLV/40

A100481927926584055TL528W840HE8711500639486MASTER TL5 HE 28W/840 SLV/40

A1004819279265865559279265865558711500710154MASTER TL5 HE 28W/865 SLV/40

A1004819279270827559279270827558711500643247MASTER TL5 HE 35W/827 SLV/40

A1004819279270830559279270830558711500639509MASTER TL5 HE 35W/830 SLV/40

A100481927927084055TL535W840HE8711500639523MASTER TL5 HE 35W/840 SLV/40

A1004819279270865559279270865558711500710185MASTER TL5 HE 35W/865 SLV/40

A100481927928083055TL524W830HO8711500639585MASTER TL5 HO 24W/830 SLV/40

A1004819279280840559279280840558711500639608MASTER TL5 HO 24W/840 SLV/40

A100481927928586555TL539W865HO8711500643872MASTER TL5 HO 39W/865 SLV/40

A100481927929083055TL554W830HO8711500643162MASTER TL5 HO 54W/830 SLV/40

A1004819279290840559279290840558711500643186MASTER TL5 HO 54W/840 SLV/40

A1004819279290865559279290865558711500643919MASTER TL5 HO 54W/865 SLV/40

A100481927929586557TL580W865HO8711500710475MASTER TL5 HO 80W/865 SLV/40

A10 - TL Lamps : 0483 T5 Lamps Essential

A100483927925983058TL5ESS14W8308711500570314TL5 Essential 14W/830 1SL/40

A100483927925984058TL5ESS14W8408711500570338TL5 Essential 14W/840 1SL/40

A100483927925986558TL5ESS14W8658711500570352TL5 Essential 14W/865 1SL/40

A100483927926483058TL5ESS21W8308711500570376TL5 Essential 21W/830 1SL/40

A100483927926484058TL5ESS21W8408711500570390TL5 Essential 21W/840 1SL/40

A100483927926486558TL5ESS21W8658711500570413TL5 Essential 21W/865 1SL/40

A100483927926783058TL5ESS28W8308711500570437TL5 Essential 28W/830 1SL/40

A100483927926784058TL5ESS28W8408711500570451TL5 Essential 28W/840 1SL/40

A100483927926786558TL5ESS28W8658711500570475TL5 Essential 28W/865 1SL/40

A10 - TL Lamps : 0483 T5 Lamps Essential Retrofit Solution

A100483927997683007TL5RTS14W830HWS8718291177067TL5 RetroSave-H 14W/830 1CT/30

A100483927997684007TL5RTS14W840HWS8718291177104TL5 RetroSave-H 14W/840 1CT/30

A100483927997686507TL5RTS14W865HWS8718291177128TL5 RetroSave-H 14W/865 1CT/30

A100483927997483007TL5RTS28W830HWS8718291165347TL5 RetroSave-H 28W/830 1CT/30

A100483927997484007TL5RTS28W840HWS8718291165361TL5 RetroSave-H 28W/840 1CT/30

A100483927997486507TL5RTS28W865HWS8718291165446TL5 RetroSave-H 28W/865 1CT/30

A12 - TL Starters : 0450 Starters

A1204509283906101029283906101028711500697523S2-P 4-22W SER 220-240V BL 20X25  APR

A120450928392110102S108711500697554S10-P 4-65W SIN 220-240V BL 20X25 APR

A17 - CFL-Non  Integrated : 0470 PL-S Lamps

A170470927901108265PLS7W8272P8711500706775PL-S 7W/827/2P 1CT/25

A170470927901108465PLS7W8402P8711500706782PL-S 7W/840/2P 1CT/25

A170470927901186565PLS7W8652P8711500635020PL-S 7W/865/2P 1CT/25

A170470927901708265PLS9W8272P8711500706799PL-S 9W/827/2P 1CT/25

A170470927901708465PLS9W8402P8711500706805PL-S 9W/840/2P 1CT/25

A170470927901786565PLS9W8652P8711500635068PL-S 9W/865/2P 1CT/25

A170470927902308265PLS11W8272P8711500706652PL-S 11W/827/2P 1CT/25

A170470927902308465PLS11W8402P8711500706669PL-S 11W/840/2P 1CT/25

A170470927902386565PLS11W8652P8711500635105PL-S 11W/865/2P 1CT/25

A17 CFL-Non Integrated : 0471 PL-C Lamps

A170471927903882701PLC10W8272P8711500706812MASTER PL-C 10W/827/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927903884002PLC10W8402P8711500704986MASTER PL-C 10W/840/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927903886502PLC10W8652P8711500264619MASTER PL-C 10W/865/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927904882701PLC13W8272P8711500620811MASTER PL-C 13W/827/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927904883001PLC13W8302P8711500269225MASTER PL-C 13W/830/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927904884002PLC13W8402P8711500620866MASTER PL-C 13W/840/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927904886502PLC13W8652P8711500635235MASTER PL-C 13W/865/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927905782701PLC18W8272P8711500620880MASTER PL-C 18W/827/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927905783001PLC18W8302P8711500269232MASTER PL-C 18W/830/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927905784001PLC18W8402P8711500642721MASTER PL-C 18W/840/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927905786502PLC18W8652P8711500635273MASTER PL-C 18W/865/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927906182701PLC26W8272P8711500620958MASTER PL-C 26W/827/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927906183001PLC26W8302P8711500270900MASTER PL-C 26W/830/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927906184001PLC26W8402P8711500621009MASTER PL-C 26W/840/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927906186502PLC26W8652P8711500635310MASTER PL-C 26W/865/2P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907182701PLC13W8274P8711500623263MASTER PL-C 13W/827/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907184002PLC13W8404P8711500623324MASTER PL-C 13W/840/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907186501PLC13W8654P8711500277039MASTER PL-C 13W/865/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907282701PLC18W8274P8711500623270MASTER PL-C 18W/827/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907284001PLC18W8404P8711500623348MASTER PL-C 18W/840/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907286501PLC18W8654P8711500277046MASTER PL-C 18W/865/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907382701PLC26W8274P8711500623287MASTER PL-C 26W/827/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907383001PLC26W8304P8711500623355MASTER PL-C 26W/830/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907384002PLC26W8404P8711500623362MASTER PL-C 26W/840/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A170471927907386501PLC26W8654P8711500277053MASTER PL-C 26W/865/4P 1CT/5X10CC

A17 CFL-Non Integrated : 0472 PL-L Lamps

A1704729279030082729279030082728711500706676MASTER PL-L 18W/827/4P 1CT/25

A1704729279030084729279030084728711500706690MASTER PL-L 18W/840/4P 1CT/25

A1704729279030865729279030865728711500635143MASTER PL-L 18W/865/4P 1CT/25

A170472927903208270PLL24W8274P8711500706706MASTER PL-L 24W/827/4P 1CT/25

A170472927903208470PLL24W8404PCT8711500706720MASTER PL-L 24W/840/4P 1CT/25

A1704729279032865709279032865708711500635174MASTER PL-L 24W/865/4P 1CT/25

A1704729279034082729279034082728711500706737MASTER PL-L 36W/827/4P 1CT/25

A1704729279034084729279034084728711500706751MASTER PL-L 36W/840/4P 1CT/25

A1704729279034865729279034865728711500635204MASTER PL-L 36W/865/4P 1CT/25

A170472927908708472PLL55W8404P8711500615428MASTER PL-L 55W/840/4P 1CT/25

A17 CFL-Non Integrated : 0475 PL-T Lamps

A170475927911983069PLTT32W8404PA8711500560230MASTER PL-T TOP 32W/830/4P 1CT/5X10BOX

A1704759279122830699279122830698711500610041MASTER PL-T TOP 42W/830/4P 1CT/5X10BOX

A170475927912284069PLTT42W8404PA8711500610089MASTER PL-T TOP 42W/840/4P 1CT/5X10BOX

A170475927912483069PLTT57W8304PA8711500610225MASTER PL-T TOP 57W/830/4P 1CT/5X10BOX

A170475927912484069PLTT57W8404PA8711500610348MASTER PL-T TOP 57W/840/4P 1CT/5X10BOX

A13 - SSL Retrofit : 0183 12V MR Lamps

A1301839290011238029290011238028718696410196MAS LEDspotLV 3.5-20W 827 MR11 24D

A13 - SSL Retrofit : 0183 12V Large Reflector Lamps

A1301839290002610029290002610028718291718543MAS LEDspotLV D 15-75W 827 AR111 24D

A1301839290002612029290002612028718291718581MAS LEDspotLV D 15-75W 827 AR111 40D

A13 - LED Retrofit & Modules : 0237 MV PAR30/38

A1302379290002588029290002588028718291714347MAS LEDspot D 9.5-75W 827 PAR30S 25D

A1302379290002591029290002591028718291714385MAS LEDspot D 14.5-100W 827 PAR38 25D

A13 - LED Retrofit & Modules : 6971 12V MR Lamps

A136971929000218008MS6.5GUWW24D8718291191445MASTER LED 6.5-50W 2700K 12V MR16 24D

A136971929000218108MS6.5GUWH24D8718291191469MASTER LED 6.5-50W 3000K 12V MR16 24D

A136971929000211808MS6.5GUWW36D8718291191483MASTER LED 6.5-50W 2700K 12V MR16 36D

A136971929000211908MS6.5GUWH36D8718291191506MASTER LED 6.5-50W 3000K 12V MR16 36D

A136971929000262708MS7GUDWW15D8718291722182MASTER LED 7-50W 2700K MR16 15D Dim

A136971929000262808MS7GUDWH15D8718291722205MASTER LED 7-50W 3000K MR16 15D Dim

A136971929000262908MS7GUDCW15D8718291722229MASTER LED 7-50W 4000K MR16 15D Dim

A136971929000237308MS7GUDWW24D8718291259725MASTER LED 7-50W 2700K MR16 24D Dim

A136971929000237408MS7GUDWH24D8718291259749MASTER LED 7-50W 3000K MR16 24D Dim

A136971929000237508MS7GUDCW24D8718291259763MASTER LED 7-50W 4000K MR16 24D Dim

A136971929000237608MS7GUDWW36D8718291259787MASTER LED 7-50W 2700K MR16 36D Dim

A136971929000237708MS7GUDWH36D8718291259800MASTER LED 7-50W 3000K MR16 36D Dim

A136971929000237808MS7GUDCW36D8718291259824MASTER LED 7-50W 4000K MR16 36D Dim

A136971929000237908MS7GUDWW60D8718291259848MASTER LED 7-50W 2700K MR16 60D Dim

A136971929000238008MS7GUDWH60D8718291259862MASTER LED 7-50W 3000K MR16 60D Dim

A136971929000238108MS7GUDCW60D8718291259886MASTER LED 7-50W 4000K MR16 60D Dim

A136971929000263008MS7GUWW248718291741435MASTER LED 7.2-50+W 2700K MR16 24D Dim

A136971929000263108MS7GUWH248718291741459MASTER LED 7.2-50+W 3000K MR16 24D Dim

A136971929000263308MS7GUWW368718291741473MASTER LED 7.2-50+W 2700K MR16 36D Dim

A136971929000263408MS7GUWH368718291741497MASTER LED 7.2-50+W 3000K MR16 36D Dim

A13 - SSL Retrofit : 6975 Mini Reflectors

A136975929000213638MS8GU10WW25DD8718291191094MASTER LED 8-50W+ GU10 2700K 25D KoD

A136975929000213738MS8GU10WW40DD8718291191070MASTER LED 8-50W+ GU10 2700K 40D KoD

A136975929000213838MS8GU10WH25DD8718291191285MASTER LED 8-50W+ GU10 3000K 25D KoD

A136975929000213938MS8GU10WH40DD8718291191308MASTER LED 8-50W+ GU10 3000K 40D KoD

A136975929000214038MS8GU10CW25DD8718291191322MASTER LED 8-50W+ GU10 4000K 25D KoD

A136975929000214138MS8GU10CW40DD8718291191346MASTER LED 8-50W+ GU10 4000K 40D KoD

A13 - SSL Retrofit : 6975 Mini Reflectors

A1369759290002566029290002566028718291697145MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 827 25D

A1369759290002569029290002569028718291697206MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 830 25D

A1369759290002572029290002572028718291697268MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 840 25D

A1369759290002567029290002567028718291697169MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 827 40D

A1369759290002570029290002570028718291697220MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 830 40D

A1369759290002573029290002573028718291697282MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 840 40D

A1369759290002568029290002568028718291697183MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 827 60D

A1369759290002571029290002571028718291697244MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 830 60D

A1369759290002574029290002574028718291697305MAS LEDspotMV D 5.5-50W GU10 840 60D

A13 - LED Retrofit & Modules : 6971 12V MR Lamps

A136971929000232708ES3GUWW24D8718291663546Essential LED 2.6-20W 2700K MR16 24D

A136971929000232808ES3GUCD24D8718291663560Essential LED 2.6-20W 6500K MR16 24D

A136971929000250408ES4GUWW24D8718291678274Essential LED 4.2-35W 2700K MR16 24D

A136971929000250608ES4GUCD24D8718291678298Essential LED 4.2-35W 6500K MR16 24D

A136971929000237038ES5GUWW24D8718291680864Essential LED 5-50W 2700K MR16 24D

A136971929000237138ES5GUCD24D8718291680888Essential LED 5-50W 6500K MR16 24D

A13 - LED Retrofit & Modules : 7022 12V MR Lamps

A137022929000217608MS4GUWW24D8718291191360MASTER LED 4-20W 2700K 12V MR16 24D

A137022929000217708MS4GUWH24D8718291191384MASTER LED 4-20W 3000K 12V MR16 24D

A137022929000217808MS5.5GUWW24D8718291191407MASTER LED 5.5-35W 2700K 12V MR16 24D

A137022929000217908MS5.5GUWH24D8718291191421MASTER LED 5.5-35W 3000K 12V MR16 24D

A137022929000244908MS5.5GUDCW24D8718291663973MASTER LED 5.5-35W 4000K MR16 24D

A137022929000225708MS5.5GUWW36D8718291211808MASTER LED 5.5-35W 2700K 12V MR16 36D

A137022929000225808MS5.5GUWH24D8718291211822MASTER LED 5.5-35W 3000K 12V MR16 36D

A137022929000245008MS5.5GUDCW36D8718291663997MASTER LED 5.5-35W 4000K MR16 36D

L66 - SSL Retrofit : 7009 Bulb Lamps

L707497929000255837VIS3E27P45WW8718291775546LEDBulb 3-25W E27 3000K 230V P45(APR)

L707497929000255937VIS3E27P45CDL8718291775560LEDBulb 3-25W E27 6500K 230V P45(APR)

L667009929000248587VIS4E27A55WW8718696416778LEDBulb 4-40W E27 3000K 230V A55

L667009929000216203VIS4E27A55CDL8718291754404LEDBulb 4-40W E27 6500K 230V A55

L667009929000248897VIS7.5E27A55WW8718291754480LEDBulb 7.5-60W E27 3000K 230V A55

L667009929000216903VIS7E27A55CDL8718291754428LEDBulb 7-60W E27 6500K 230V A55

L667009929000249197VIS9.5E27A55WW8718291754251LEDBulb 9.5-70W E27 3000K 230V A55

L667009929000249797VIS9E27A55CDL8718291754503LEDBulb 9-70W E27 6500K 230V A55

L667009929000249487VIS105E27A55WW8718696416839LEDBulb 10.5-85W E27 3000K 230V A55

L667009929000250087VIS105E27A55CDL8718696416853LEDBulb 10.5-85W E27 6500K 230V A55

L667009929000277437VIS15E27A67WW8718291753377LEDBulb 14-100W E27 3000K 230V A67

L667009929000277737VIS15E27A67CDL8718291753391LEDBulb 14-100W E27 6500K 230V A67

L66 - LED Retrofit & Modules : 7011 Bulb Lamps

L6670119290002480029290002480028718291671985MAS LEDBulb D 7-40W B22 827 A60

L6670119290002483329290002483328718291765707MAS LEDBulb D 10-60W B22 827 A60

D57 - LED Tube : 4387 TLED General Lighting

D5743879290002966089290002966088718291246305ESSENTIAL LEDtube 1200mm 20W840 T8 AP I

D5743879290002967089290002967088718291246329ESSENTIAL LEDtube 1200mm 20W865 T8 AP I

D5743879290002968089290002968088718291246343ESSENTIAL LEDtube 600mm 10W840 T8 AP I

D5743879290002969089290002969088718291246367ESSENTIAL LEDtube 600mm 10W865 T8 AP I

D57 - LED Tube : 8287 TLED General Lighting

D5782879290002866089290002866088718291740858MAS LEDtube STD 600mm 10W830 T8 I

D5782879290002867089290002867088718291740872MAS LEDtube STD 600mm 10W840 T8 I

D5782879290002868089290002868088718291740896MAS LEDtube STD 600mm 10W865 T8 I

D5782879290011190089290011190088718291793120MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 14.5W840 T8 I

D5782879290011191089290011191088718291793144MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 14.5W865 T8 I

D5782879290011194089290011194088718291793168MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 14.5W840 T8 I W

D5782879290011195089290011195088718291793182MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 14.5W865 T8 I W

D5782879290002863089290002863088718291734802MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 20W830 T8 I

D5782879290002864089290002864088718291734826MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 20W840 T8 I

D5782879290002865089290002865088718291734840MAS LEDtube STD 1200mm 20W865 T8 I

D5782879290004897189290004897188718291157205MASTER LEDtube prot. starter EMP 050 CP

A02 - Reflector Lamps : 0060 Reflector lamps, pressed-glass (PAR)

A020060923810244214PAR38CSP80W230V8711500600370PAR38 80W E27 230V PAR38 Spot 12D 1CT/12

A020060923815343301PAR38SP120WTH8710163170886PAR38 120W E27/51 220-240V PAR38 12D 1CT

A020060923810544296PAR38CFL80W230V8711500900036PAR38 80W E27 230V PAR38 FL 30D 1CT/12

A020060923815643301PAR38FL120WTH8710163170879PAR38 120W E27/51 220-240V PAR38 30D 1CT

A020060923810944212PAR38FL80W230VB8711500339942PARTY 80W E27 230V PAR38 Blue 1CT/12

A020060923811044212PAR38FL80W230VY8711500339966PARTY 80W E27 230V PAR38 Yellow 1CT/12

A020060923811144205PAR38FL80W230VG8711500339980PARTY 80W E27 230V PAR38 Green 1CT/12

A020060923811244205PAR38FL80W230VR8711500340009PARTY 80W E27 230V PAR38 Red 1CT/12

A0200609238048171219238048171218711500159694PAR56 300W Multipurpose 12V UW 1CT/8

A0200609238040442219238040442218711500159571PAR56 300W GX16d 230V SP 1CT/6

A0200609238041442219238041442218711500159618PAR56 300W GX16d 230V FL 1CT/6

A0200609238042442219238042442218711500159656PAR56 300W GX16d 230V WFL 1CT/6

A02 - Reflector Lamps : 0061 Reflector lamps blown glass

A020061923319044277R3930W230VSES8711500035059Refl 30W E14 230V R39 45D 1CT/30

A020061923339043326R63SP25W230VES8711500043566SPOT 25W E27 220-240V NR63 30D FR 1CT

A020061923339243326R63SP40W230VES8711500043603SPOT 40W E27 220-240V NR63 30D FR 1CT

A020061923339443326R63SP60W230VES8711500043665SPOT 60W E27 220-240V NR63 30D FR 1CT

A51 - Standard Incand. Lamps : 0015 Standard incandescent lamps, GLS A-bulb

A510015920119143329CL15W230VES8711500226044CLAS 15W E27 220-240V A55 CL 1CT/10X10F

A510015920052843329CL25W230VES8711500223869CLAS 25W E27 220-240V A55 CL 1CT/10X10F

A510015920053843329CL40W230VES8711500011367CLAS 40W E27 220-240V A55 CL 1CT/10X10F

A510015920054643329CL60W230VES8711500011381CLAS 60W E27 220-240V A55 CL 1CT/10X10F

A510015920055543329CL75W230VES8711500226082CLAS 75W E27 220-240V A55 CL 1CT/10X10F

A510015920056543329CL100W230VES8711500011213CLAS 100W E27 220-240V A55 CL 1CT/10X10F

A52 - Candle & Lustre Lamps : 0017 Standard Candle lamps

A520017921486543329C35CL25W230VSES8711500226181Stan 25W E14 220-240V B35 CL 1CT/10X10F

A520017921486643329C35FR25W230VSES8711500226211Stan 25W E14 220-240V B35 FR 1CT/10X10F

A520017921491543329C35CL40W230VSES8711500226198Stan 40W E14 220-240V B35 CL 1CT/10X10F

A520017921491643329C35FR40W230VSES8711500226228Stan 40W E14 220-240V B35 FR 1CT/10X10F

A52 - Candle & Lustre Lamps : 0018 Standard Lustre lamps

A520018921402443348LCL15W230VES8711500173744Stan 15W E27 220-240V P45 CL 1CT/50X10F

A52 - Candle & Lustre Lamps : 0029 Upgraded Softone Lustre

A520029921401743348SOFL15W230VES8711500174208Party 15W E27 220-240V P45 WH 1CT/50X10F

A53 - Upgraded Std. Incand. : 0006 Superlux / Mushroom

A530006920220843329SLX25W230VES8711500226280CLAS 25W E27 220-240V E50 W-W 1CT/10X10F

A530006920226243329SLX40W230VES8711500226297CLAS 40W E27 220-240V E50 W-W 1CT/10X10F

A530006920236243329SLX60W230VES8711500226303CLAS 60W E27 220-240V E50 W-W 1CT/10X10F

A530006920246243329SLX100W230VES8711500226310CLAS 100W E27 220-240V E60 W-W 1CT

A53 - Upgraded Std. Incand. : 0021 Softone T55/T60

A530021922800143329SOF25W230VES8711500222633Soft 25W E27 220-240V T55 WH 1CT/10X10F

A530021922800243329SOF40W230VES8711500011466Soft 40W E27 220-240V T55 WH 1CT/10X10F

A530021922800343329SOF60W230VES8711500011480Soft 60W E27 220-240V T55 WH 1CT/10X10F

A530021922800443329SOF75W230VES8711500027016SOFT 75W E27 220-240V T55 WH 1CT/10X10F

A530021922800543329SOF100W230VES8711500011527Soft 100W E27 220-240V T55 WH 1CT/10X10F

A54 Special Incand. Lamps : 0012 Linear Incan. Lamps

A540012921820744222PHIL35W230V8711500013606Philinea 35W S14s 230V T30 WH 1CT/25

A540012921821744222PHIL60W230V8711500013569Philinea 60W S14s 230V T30 WH 1CT/25

A54 Special Incand. Lamps : 0038 Coloured Incandescent Lamps

A540038925216643348LBL15W230VES8711500173775Party 15W E27 220-240V P45 BL 1CT/50X10F

A540038925216743348LOR15W230VES8711500173799Party 15W E27 220-240V P45 OR 1CT/50X10F

A540038925216843348LRE15W230VES8711500173782Party 15W E27 220-240V P45 RE 1CT/50X10F

A540038925216943348LGR15W230VES8711500173768Party 15W E27 220-240V P45 GR 1CT/50X10F

A540038925217043348LYE15W230VES8711500173751Party 15W E27 220-240V P45 YE 1CT/50X10F

O14 - CFL-Integrated : 7471 Essential

O147471929689235102ESS5WWWES0048718291791812ESSENTIAL 5W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235203ESS5WCDES0048718291791836ESSENTIAL 5W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235304ESS8WWWES0048718291791850ESSENTIAL 8W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235404ESS8WCDES0048718291791874ESSENTIAL 8W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235504ESS11WWWES0048718291791898ESSENTIAL 11W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235604ESS11WCDES0048718291791911ESSENTIAL 11W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235704ESS14WWWES0048718291791935ESSENTIAL 14W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235804ESS14WCDES0048718291791959ESSENTIAL 14W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689235905ESS18WWWES0048718291791973ESSENTIAL 18W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689236005ESS18WCDES0048718291791997ESSENTIAL 18W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689255107ESS23WWWES0048718291792017ESSENTIAL 23W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147471929689255207ESS23WCDES0048718291792031ESSENTIAL 23W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O147473929689844301ESS35WCDLES8727900846492ESSENTIAL 35W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O147473929689844601ESS50WCDLES8727900846553ESSENTIAL 50W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O147473929689844901ESS70WCDLES8727900846614ESSENTIAL 70W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O16 - CFL-Integrated : 7485 Ambiance / other covered353

O1674859296898734059296898734058710163158754Ambiance A55 5W CDL E27 220-240V 1PF/6

O167485929689873505AMB8WWWES8710163158761Ambiance A55 8W WW E27 220-240V 1PF/6

O1674859296898737059296898737058710163158785Ambiance A55 11W WW E27 220-240V 1PF/6

O167489929689611401PAR18WCDLES8710163214849PAR38 18W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O167489929689611301PAR18WWWES8710163214832PAR38 18W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O1674899296896112059296896112058710163228778PAR38 23W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/3X2F

O1674899296896111059296896111058710163228761PAR38 23W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/3X2F

O167488929689415301GLB18WWWES8710163390390AMBIANCE GL 18W WW E27 220-240V 1CC/6

O167488929689415401GLB18WCDLES8710163390406AMBIANCE GL 18W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O167485929689435701PRM18WWWES8727900953503AMBIANCE PR 18W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O167485929689435801PRM18WCDLES8727900953527AMBIANCE PR 18W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O14 - CFL-Integrated : 7467 Genie

O147467929689616102GENIE5WWWES8710163221960GENIE 5W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616202GENIE5WCDLES8710163221977GENIE 5W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616302GENIE8WWWES8710163222004GENIE 8W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616402GENIE8WCDLES8710163222011GENIE 8W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616502GENIE11WWWES8710163222042GENIE 11W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616602GENIE11WCDLES8710163222059GENIE 11W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616702GENIE14WWWES8710163222080GENIE 14W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616802GENIE14WCDLES8710163222097GENIE 14W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147467929689616902GENIE18WWWES8710163222103GENIE 18W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O147467929689617002GENIE18WCDLES8710163222110GENIE 18W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O147467929689636102GENIE5WWWSES8710163221984GENIE 5W WW E14 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O147467929689636202GENIE5WCDLSES8710163221991GENIE 5W CDL E14 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O147467929689636302GENIE8WWWSES8710163222028GENIE 8W WW E14 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O147467929689636402GENIE8WCDLSES8710163222035GENIE 8W CDL E14 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O147467929689636502GENIE11WWWSES8710163222066GENIE 11W WW E14 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O147467929689636602GENIE11WCDLSES8710163222073GENIE 11W CDL E14 220-240V 1CT/4x12

O15 - CFL-Integrated : 7478 Tornado

O157478929689868108TND5WWWES0028718291777137TORNADO 5W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689868206TND5WCDES0028718291777151TORNADO 5W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689868308TND8WWWES0028718291777175TORNADO 8W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689868408TND8WCDES0028718291777199TORNADO 8W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689868509TND12WWWES0028718291777212TORNADO 12W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689868608TND12WCDES0028718291777236TORNADO 12W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689878101TNDT215WWWES0028718291206439TORNADO 15W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689878201TNDT215WCDES0028718291206453TORNADO 15W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689878301TNDT220WWWES0028718291206477TORNADO 20W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689878401TNDT220WCDES0028718291206491TORNADO 20W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689878501TNDT224WWWES0028718291206514TORNADO 24W WW E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O157478929689878601TNDT224WCDES0028718291206538TORNADO 24W CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/12

O15 - CFL-Integrated : 7482 Ecotone High Lumen

O157482929676011102EHLT45W840ES0028718291794523EHL TWISTER 45W 840 E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O157482929676011205EHLT45W865ES0028718291794561EHL TWISTER 45W 865 E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O157482929676011302EHLT65W840ES0028718291794608EHL TWISTER 65W 840 E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O157482929676011406EHLT65W865ES0028718291794646EHL TWISTER 65W 865 E27 220-240V 1CT/6

O157482929676031206EHLT80WCDGES0028718291794783EHL TWISTER 80W 865 E40 220-240V 1CT/6

O14 - CFL-Integrated : 7475 Ecotone High Switch

O147475929689876402EHS5WCDLES8710163158273ECOTONEHS 5W  CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147475929689876302EHS5WWWES8710163158266ECOTONEHS 5W  WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147475929689876602EHS8WCDLES8710163158297ECOTONEHS 8W  CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147475929689876502EHS8WWWES8710163158280ECOTONEHS 8W  WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147475929689876802EHS11WCDLES8710163158310ECOTONEHS 11W  CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147475929689876702EHS11WWWES8710163158303ECOTONEHS 11W  WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147475929689877002EHS14WCDLES8710163158334ECOTONEHS 14W  CDL E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

O147475929689876902EHS14WWWES8710163158327ECOTONEHS 14W  WW E27 220-240V 1CT/4X12

D38 HID Lamps : 0278 CDM Elite

D380278928092505131CDMTELITE35W9308711500208132MASTERC CDM-T Elite 35W/930 G12 1CT/12

D3802789281917051319281917051318727900930603MASTERC CDM-T Elite 50W/930 G12 1CT/12

D3802789281853051319281853051318727900911411MASTERC CDM-T Elite 70W/930 G12 1CT/12

D3802789281832051259281832051258727900871692MASTERC CDM-T Elite 100W/930 G12 1CT/12

D3802789280947051259280947051258711500213129MASTERC CDM-T Elite 150W/930 G12 1CT/12

D3802789281936051319281936051318718291163640MASTERC CDM-T Elite 35W/942 G12 1CT

D3802789281937051319281937051318718291163626MASTERC CDM-T Elite 70W/942 G12 1CT

D3802789281891051319281891051318727900911497MASTERC CDM-TC Elite 35W/930 G8.5 1CT/12

D3802789281918051319281918051318727900930627MASTERC CDM-TC Elite 50W/930 G8.5 1CT/12

D3802789281895051319281895051318727900911534MASTERC CDM-TC Elite 70W/930 G8.5 1CT/12

D3802789281938051319281938051318718291163664MASTERC CDM-TC Elite 35W/942 G8.5 1CT

D3802789281939051319281939051318718291163688MASTERC CDM-TC Elite 70W/942 G8.5 1CT

D38 HID Lamps : 0279 CDM Reflector Elite

D3802799281946053309281946053308718291162964CDM-Rm Elite Mini 35W/930 GX10 MR16 10D

D3802799281947053309281947053308718291163008CDM-Rm Elite Mini 35W/930 GX10 MR16 25D

D3802799281948053309281948053308718291163060CDM-Rm Elite Mini 35W/930 GX10 MR16 40D

D38 HID Lamps : 5648 CDM Evolution

D3856489280647051319280647051318718291659129MC CDM-T Evolution 20W/930 G12

D3856489280643051319280643051318718291651215MC CDM-T Evolution 35W/930 G12

D3856489280648051319280648051318718291659204MC CDM-TC Evolution 20W/930 G8.5

D3856489280644051319280644051318718291651253MC CDM-TC Evolution 35W/930 G8.5

D38 HID Lamps : 0323 CDM lamps

D380323928083105125CDMT35W8308711500196972MASTERC CDM-T 35W/830 G12 1CT/12

D380323928094305125CDMT35W9428711500211262MASTERC CDM-T 35W/842 G12 1CT/12

D380323928082305125CDMT70W8308711500196996MASTERC CDM-T 70W/830 G12 1CT/12

D380323928084505131CDMT70W9428711500199270MASTERC CDM-T 70W/942 G12 1CT/12

D380323928083705125CDMT150W8308711500197801MASTERC CDM-T 150W/830 G12 1CT

D380323928084605131CDMT150W9428711500200051MASTERC CDM-T 150W/942 G12 1CT

A090346928094205131CDMT250W9428711500211125MASTERC CDM-T 250W/942 G12 1CT/12

D380323928085205125CDMTC35W8308711500200006MASTERC CDM-TC 35W/830 G8.5 1CT/12

D380323928093805125CDMTC35W9428711500209573MASTERC CDM-TC 35W/842 G8.5 1CT/12

D380323928086505131CDMTC70W8308711500201676MASTERC CDM-TC 70W/830 G8.5 1CT/12

D380323928094605131CDMTC70W9428711500212757MASTERC CDM-TC - 70W/842 G8.5 1CT/12

D380323928082205125CDMTD70W8308711500197825MASTERC CDM-TD 70W/830 RX7s 1CT/12

D380323928084705133CDMTD70W9428711500200020MASTERC CDM-TD 70W/942 RX7s 1CT/12

D380323928083605133CDMTD150W8308711500197849MASTERC CDM-TD 150W/830 RX7s 1CT

D380323928084805133CDMTD150W9428711500200259MASTERC CDM-TD 150W/942 RX7s 1CT

D380323928086909230CDMTP70W8308711500201270MASTERC CDM-TP 70W/830 PG12-2 1CT/12

D380323928085909230CDMTP70W9428711500201133MASTERC CDM-TP 70W/842 PG12-2 1CT/12

D380323928086209230CDMTP150W9428711500201119MASTERC CDM-TP 150W/942 PGX12-2 1CT/12

D380323928087905130CDMTM20W8308711500207517MASTERC CDM-Tm Mini 20W/830 PGJ5 1CT/12

D380323928093905130CDMTM35W9308711500211491MASTERC CDM-Tm Mini 35W/930 PGJ5 1CT/12

D38 HID Lamps : 0325 CDM Reflector Elite

D3803259281910053319281910053318718291202745CDM-Rm Mini 20W/830 GX10 MR16 10D

D3803259281911053319281911053318718291203018CDM-Rm Mini 20W/830 GX10 MR16 25D

D3803259281912053319281912053318718291203032CDM-Rm Mini 20W/830 GX10 MR16 40D

D38 HID Lamps : 0325 CDM Reflector

D380325928084100630CDMR35W830P20108711500198082CDM-R 35W/830 PAR20 10D 1CT/12

D380325928084000630CDMR35W830P20308711500198105CDM-R 35W/830 E27 PAR20 30D 1CT/12

D380325928070900630CDMR35W830P30108711500197016MASTERC CDM-R 35W/830 E27 PAR30L 10D 1CT

D380325928071000630CDMR35W830P30308711500197030MASTERC CDM-R 35W/830 E27 PAR30L 30D 1CT

D380325928071100630CDMR70W830P30108711500197054MASTERC CDM-R 70W/830 E27 PAR30L 10D 1CT

D380325928089900630CDMR70W830P30308711500207319MASTERC CDM-R 70W/830 E27 PAR30L 30D 1CT

D380325928071200630CDMR70W830P30408711500197078MASTERC CDM-R 70W/830 E27 PAR30L 40D 1CT

D380325928091900630CDMR35W942P20108711500207852MASTERC CDM-R 35W/942 E27 PAR20 10D 1CT

D380325928091700630CDMR35W942P20308711500207876MASTERC CDM-R 35W/942 E27 PAR20 30D 1CT

D380325928089300630CDMR70W942P30108711500207258MASTERC CDM-R 70W/942 E27 PAR30L 10D 1CT

D380325928089700630CDMR70W942P30308711500207296MASTERC CDM-R 70W/942 E27 PAR30L 30D 1CT

D380325928089400630CDMR70W942P30408711500207272MASTERC CDM-R 70W/942 E27 PAR30L 40D 1CT

D380325928088205330CDMR11135W830108711500204486MASTERC CDM-R111 35W/830 GX8.5 10D 1CT/6

D380325928088305330CDMR11135W830248711500204509MASTERC CDM-R111 35W/830 GX8.5 24D 1CT/6

D380325928088405330CDMR11135W830408711500204523MASTERC CDM-R111 35W/830 GX8.5 40D 1CT/6

D380325928091305330CDMR11170W830108711500207197MASTERC CDM-R111 70W/830 GX8.5 10D 1CT/6

D380325928091405330CDMR11170W830248711500207210MASTERC CDM-R111 70W/830 GX8.5 24D 1CT/6

D380325928091505330CDMR11170W830408711500207234MASTERC CDM-R111 70W/830 GX8.5 40D 1CT/6

D380325928096705330CDMR11170W942108711500213914MASTERC CDM-R111 70W/942 GX8.5 10D 1CT/6

D380325928096905330CDMR11170W942248711500213938MASTERC CDM-R111 70W/942 GX8.5 24D 1CT/6

D38 HID Lamps : 0326 Master SDW

D3803269281538092309281538092308711500734020MASTER SDW-T 35W/825 PG12-1 1SL/12

D380326928153909201SDWT50W8711500734037MASTER SDW-T 50W/825 PG12-1 SG 1SL

D380326928154109201SDWT100W8711500734044MASTER SDW-T 100W/825 PG12-1 HG 1SL

D38 HID Lamps : 0328 MHN-TD

D380328928482400091MHNTD70W7308711500202710MHN-TD 70W/730 RX7s 1CT/12

D380328928070205191MHNTD70W8428711500733986MHN-TD 70W/842 RX7s 1CT/12

D380328928482500091MHNTD150W7308711500202697MHN-TD 150W/730 RX7s TD 1CT

D380328928076505191MHNTD150W8428711500733993MHN-TD 150W/842 RX7s 1CT/12

D380328928078605121MHNTD250W8428711500734006MHN-TD 250W/842 FC2 1CT/12

A09 HID Lamps : 0280 Sports

A090280928073005130MHNLA1000W230V8718291548232MASTER MHN-LA 1000W/842 230V XWH

A090280928072205130MHNLA1000W230V8718291548218MASTER MHN-LA 1000W/956 230V XWH

A090280928071305130MHNLA2000W400V8718291548201MASTER MHN-LA 2000W/842 400V XWH

A090280928072505130MHNLA2000W400V8718291548225MASTER MHN-LA 2000W/956 400V XWH

A09 HID Lamps : 0300 High-pressure mercury lamps

A090300928050507396HPLN50WES8727900783391HPL-N 50W E27 SG 1CT/24

A090300928051007396HPLN80WES8711500179975HPL-N 80W/542 E27 SG 1CT/24

A090300928052007396HPLN125WES8711500180124HPL-N 125W/542 E27 SG 1CT/24

A090300928053007496HPLN250WGES8711500180605HPL-N 250W E40 HG SLV/12

A090300928053507496HPLN400WGES8711500180452HPL-N 400W/542 E40 HG 1SL/6

A09 HID Lamps : 0330 HPI Plus

A090330928481300092HPITPLUS250WGES8711500203410MASTER HPI-T Plus 250W/645 E40 1SL/12

A090330928481600092HPITPLUS400WGES8711500203458MASTER HPI-T Plus 400W/645 E40 1SL/12

A090330928481400092HPIPLUS250WBU8711500203434MASTER HPI Plus 250W/645 BU E40 1SL/12

A090330928481100092HPIPLUS400WBU8711500203373MASTER HPI Plus 400W/645 BU E40 1SL/6

A090330928481200092HPIPL400WBUSGES8711500203397HPI PLUS 400W/645 BUS E40 1SL/6

A0903309284108000279284108000278711500211477MASTER HPI Plus 250W/645 BU-P E40 1SL/12

A0903309284107000279284107000278711500211453MASTER HPI Plus 400W/645 BUS-P E40 1SL/6

A09 HID Lamps : 0280 HPI-T

A090280928074009204HPIT1000W220V8711500183736HPI-T 1000W/643 E40 220V 1SL

A0902809280736092319280736092318711500183767HPI-T 2000W/646 E40 220V CRP/4

A090280928074209204HPIT2000W380V8711500202352HPI-T 2000W/642 E40 380V CRP

A09 HID Lamps : 0346 Cosmopolis

A090346928088505127CPOTWHITE60W7288711500208514MST CosmoWh CPO-TW Xtra 60W/728 PGZ12

A090346928088805127CPOTWWH140W7288711500208538MST CosmoWh CPO-TW Xtra 140W/728 PGZ12

A0903469280824192359280824192358718291185611MASTER CityWh CDO-TT Plus 50W/828 E27

A0903469280820192359280820192358718291120308MASTER CityWh CDO-TT Plus 70W/828 E27

A0903469280821192319280821192318718291120322MASTER CityWh CDO-TT Plus 100W/828 E40

A0903469280822192319280822192318718291120346MASTER CityWh CDO-TT Plus 150W/828 E40

A0903469280823192309280823192308718291121978MASTER CityWh CDO-TT Plus 250W/830 E40

A0903469284875001919284875001918718291203483MASTER CityWh CDO-TT Plus 250W/940 E40

A090346928485800091CDMTT400W8408711500209252CDM-TT 400W/840 E40 1CT/12

A09 HID Lamps : 0346 CDM- BU

A0903469284899001929284899001928718291662648MASTERColour CDM-BU 315W/942 E40 1CT/12

A0903469284898001929284898001928718291662624MASTERColour CDM-BU 210W/942 E40 1CT/12

A09 HID Lamps : 0300 Blended light/self-ballasted lamps

A090300928090057296ML100W225VES8711500180483ML 100W E27 220-230V SG 1CT/24

A090300928601008988ML160W225VES6920590246982ML 160W E27 220-230V SG 1CT/24

A090300928096257296ML250W225VGESHG8711500181626ML 250W E40 220-230V HG 1SL/12

A090300928097057796ML500W240VGES8711500199614ML 500W E40 220-230V HG 1SL/6

A09 HID Lamps : 0360 High-pressure sodium lamps (50-70W)

A090360928152908835SON50WES8711500181954SON 50W/220 E27 1CT/24

A090360928486700091SON70WES8711500210241SON 70W E E27 CO 1CT/24

A0903609281501088289281501088288711500181862SON 70W/220 I E27 1CT/24

A0903609281528000359281528000358711500192677SON-T 70W/220 E27 1CT/12

A0903609284832000949284832000948718291180692MSTSON-TPIA Plus 70W E27 1CT/12

A09 HID Lamps : 0437 High Pressure sodium lamps (100-400W)

A0904379281516088279281516088278711500182258MASTER SON PIA Plus 100W/220 E40 1SL/12

A0904379281514098279281514098278711500182289MASTER SON PIA Plus 150W/220 E40 1SL/12

A090437928153309830SONPLUS250WGES8711500193445MASTER SON PIA Plus 250W/220 E40 1SL/12

A0904379281534098309281534098308711500193452MASTER SON PIA Plus 400W/220 E40 1SL/12

A090437928486800091SON150WGES8711500210289SON 150W E E40 CO 1SL/12

A090437928486900091SON250WGES8711500210388SON 250W E E40 CO 1SL/12

A090437928487000091SON400WGES8711500210326SON 400W E E40 CO 1SL/12

A0904379284815000929284815000928718291212645SON-T 100W E E40  SL/12

A0904379284871000969284871000968718291212706SON-T 150W E E40  SL/12

A0904379284872000989284872000988718291212881SON-T 250W E E40  SL/12

A0904379284873000989284873000988718291212928SON-T 400W E E40  SL/12

A091611928487400091SONT1000WGES8711500210609SON-T 1000W E E40 1SL/4

A0904379284833000959284833000958718291180715MST SON-T PIA Plus 100W E40 1SL/12

A0904379284834000959284834000958718291180739MST SON-T PIA Plus 150W E40 1SL/12

A0904379281447092939281447092938718291180753MST SON-T PIA Plus 250W E40 1SL/12

A0904379281448092939281448092938718291180777MST SON-T PIA Plus 400W E40 1SL/12

A090295928158409208SONTPLUS600WGES8711500197429MST SON-T PIA Plus 600W/220 E40 1SL/12

A0904379284851001919284851001918727900869965MASTER SON-T PIA Eco 130W E E40 1SL/12

A0904379284852001919284852001918727900869989MASTER SON-T PIA Eco 220W E E40 1SL/12

A0904379284853001919284853001918727900870008MASTER SON-T PIA Eco 360W E E40 1SL/12

A090437928152409830SONH220WGES8711500182074SON H 220W/220 E40 1SL/12

A14 Halogen Non Retrofit : 0521 LV Capsules

A140521924058017105ECAP10W12VG4CLB8711500887528Ess Capsule 10W G4 12V CL 2BC/10

A140521924058017182ECAP10W12VG4CLC8711500887894Ess Capsule 10W G4 12V CL 1CT/50

A140521924062217120ECAP20W12VG4CLB8711500886439Ess Capsule 20W G4 12V CL 2BC/10

A140521924062217182CAP20W12VG4CLCC8711500887795Ess Capsule 20W G4 12V CL 1CT/50

A140521924062017181ECAP50W12VGYCLB8711500886422Ess Capsule 50W GY6.35 12V CL 2BC/10

A140521924062017182CAP50W12VGYCLCC8711500887801Ess Capsule 50W GY6.35 12V CL 1CT/50

A14 Halogen Non Retrofit : 0524 LV Reflector

A140524924888517180AMR1620W12V10DC8711500922649Accentline 20W GU5.3 12V 10D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924888217180AMR1620W12V36DC8711500901330Accentline 20W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924888317180AMR1635W12V36DC8711500901347Accentline 35W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924888717181AMR1650W12V10DC8711500923004Accentline 50W GU5.3 12V 10D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924888417180AMR1650W12V36DC8711500901354Accentline 50W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924893017180MR16CW50W12V10D8711500922502Accent 50W GU5.3 12V 10D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924892717180MR16CW50W12V36D8711500922540Accent 50W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924065017101ALR111SP50W12V8727900820034Aluline 111 50W G53 12V 8D 1CT/6

A140524924065117101ALR111FL50W12V8727900820157Aluline 111 50W G53 12V 24D 1CT/6

A140524924065317101ALR111SP75W12V8727900820263Aluline 111 75W G53 12V 8D 1CT/6

A140524924065417101ALR111FL75W12V8727900820287Aluline 111 75W G53 12V 24D 1CT/6

A140524924065617101ALR111SP100W12V8727900820324Aluline 111 100W G53 12V 1CT/6

A140524924065717101ALR111FL100W12V8727900820362Aluline 111 100W G53 12V R111 1CT/6

A140524924045317186EMR1620W12V36DO8711500885692Ess MR16 20W GU5.3 12V 36D ON 1CT/10X5F

A140524924045517186MR1650W12V36DOC8711500885708Ess MR16 50W GU5.3 12V 36D ON 1CT/10X5F

A140524924049517186EMR1620W12V36DC8711500885920Ess MR16 20W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A140524924049617186EMR1635W12V36DC8711500885937Ess MR16 35W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A140524926000850012EMR1650W12V36DC8711500885791Ess MR16 50W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A14 Halogen Non Retrofit : 0532 MV DE Linears

A1405329239200432429239200432428727900808391Plusline C 100W R7s 230V 1CT/10X10F

A1405329239199432029239199432028727900808872Plusline C 150W R7s 230V 1CT/10X10F

A1405329247357442019247357442018727900809091Plusline S 200W R7s 230V 1CT/10X10F

A1405329247354442019247354442018727900808957Plusline S 300W R7s 230V 1CT/10X10F

A1405329247355442019247355442018727900809015Plusline S 500W R7s 230V 1CT/10X10F

A1405329239321432419239321432418727900808513Plusline L 1000W R7s 230V 1CT/10

A1405329239322432419239322432418727900808575Plusline L 1500W R7s 230V 1CT/10

A14 Halogen Non Retrofit : 0537 MV Capsules

A140537925635844281G940W230VCLC8710163144580ESS Capsule 40W G9 230V CL 1CT/50

A140537924781244280G925W230VCLC8710163144566ESS Capsule 25W G9 230V CL 1CT/50

A14 Halogen Non Retrofit : 0541 MV Twist Reflectors

A140541924713444284GU1035W230V36DC8711500887672Ess MR16 35W GU10 230V 36D ALU 1CT/10x5F

A140541924782744284GU1050W230V40DC8711500887696Ess MR16 50W GU10 230V 36D ALU 1CT/10x5F

A14 Halogen Non Retrofit : 0548 LV Traffic

A140548923900144240DES500W230VE408711500491268HalA IDE 500W E40 230V CL 1CT/6

A140548923900244240DES1000W230VE408711500491282HalA IDE 1000W E40 230V CL 1CT/6

A1495139239003442139239003442138711500491305HalA IDE 2000W E40 230V CL 1CT/6

A14 Halogen Non Retrofit : 0565 LV ES Reflectors

A1405659248949171019248949171018711500413642MASTERL ES 20W GU5.3 12V 8D 1CT/4X5F

A1405659248950171019248950171018711500413673MASTERL ES 20W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/4X5F

A140565924895117101145808711500413703MASTERL ES 30W GU5.3 12V 8D 1CT/4X5F

A1405659248953171019248953171018711500413789MASTERL ES 30W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/4X5F

A1405659248955171019248955171018711500413871MASTERL ES 35W GU5.3 12V 8D 1CT/4X5F

A1405659248956171019248956171018711500413970MASTERL ES 35W GU5.3 12V 24D 1CT/4X5F

A1405659248957171019248957171018711500424327MASTERL ES 35W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/4X5F

A1405659248959171019248959171018711500424389MASTERL ES 45W GU5.3 12V 8D 1CT/4X5F

A1405659248961171019248961171018711500424440MASTERL ES 45W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/4X5F

A140565924050017102146108711500424549Brill 20W GU5.3 12V 10D 1CT/10X5F?

A140565924050217102146128711500424846Brill 20W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F?

A1405659240504171019240504171018711500424907Brill 35W GU5.3 12V 10D 1CT/10X5F

A140565924050617102146168711500425041Brill 35W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F

A140565924050817102146188711500425102Brill 50W GU5.3 12V 10D 1CT/10X5F?

A140565924051017102146208711500425164Brill 50W GU5.3 12V 36D 1CT/10X5F?

A95 Halogen PAR : 0589 PAR Standard

A950589924890944281PAR20HFL50W230V8727900816143HalogenA Par20 50W E27 230V 25D 1CT/15

A950589924710844281PAR30HFL75W230V8711500887016HalogenA Par30s 75W E27 230V 25D 1CT/15

A950589924890544201PAR38FL100W230V8711500655219HalogenA PAR38 100W E27 230V 30D 1CT/15

B50 Dimming Electr. Ballast TL : 0642 (HF-R 1-10V / Mark X / VII)

B500642913700614666HFR418TLDEII8711500913661HF-R 418 TL-D EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B500642913700609266HFR136TLDEII8711500910134HF-R 136 TL-D EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B500642913700609366HFR236TLDEII8711500910158HF-R 236 TL-D EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B5006429137006266669137006266668711500880765HF-R 1 26-42 PL-T/C EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B500642913700619866HFR11435TL5EII8711500911803HF-R 1 14-35 TL5 EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B500642913700619566HFR21435TL5EII8711500911780HF-R 2 14-35 TL5 EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B53 EM TL Ballast : 0660 (BTA)

B530660913710119770BTA18W220VCSC8710163150369BTA 18W 220V C SC

B530660913710119870BTA18W220VCDI8710163150383BTA 18W 220V C DI

B530660913710119570BTA36W220VCSC8710163150376BTA 36W 220V C SC

B530660913710119670BTA36W220VCDI8710163150390BTA 36W 220V C DI

B530660913710118850BTA58W220VCDI8710163148953BTA 58W 220V C DI

B530660913710122350BPL9W220VB2DI8710163150192BPL 9W 220V B2 DI

B530660913710121550BPL13W220VB2SC8710163150109BPL 13W 220V B2 SC

B530660913710121650BPL18W220VB2SC8710163150116BPL 18W 220V B2 SC

B530660913710120550BPL26W240VB2SC8710163150048BPL 26W 240V B2 SC

B530660913710121350BTA36W220VB2DI8710163150062BTA 36W 220V B2 DI

B54  Fixed output Electr. Ballast TL : 0510 HF-P (+Ultra) / Centrium <10% / Smartmate / Mark V

B540510913700613166HFP12439TL5HO8711500928573HF-P 1 24-39 TL5 HO EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540510913700613466HFP22439TL5HO8711500910257HF-P 2 24-39 TL5 HO EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540924913713028266HFP154TL5HOPLL8711500998217HF-P 154/155 TL5 HO/PLL III 220-240V IDC

B540510913700198966HFP180TL52202408711500002198HF-P 180 TL5/PL-L EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540510913700601366HFP3414TL5EII8711500059840HF-P 3/414 TL5 EII 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540510913700630766HFP12242PLII 8711500913975HF-P 1 22-42 PL-T/C/L/TL5C EII 220-240V

B540510913700630866HFP22242PLII8711500913999HF-P 2 22-42 PL-T/C/L/TL5C EII 220-240V

B54 Fixed Output Electr. Ballast TL : 0571 EB-CertaLume/Commodity Electronics

B540571913713199015EBC118TLD8711500998132EB-C 118 TL-D 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713199115EBC218TLD8711500998156EB-C 218 TL-D 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713199215EBC136TLD8711500998149EB-C 136 TL-D 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713199315EBC236TLD8711500998163EB-C 236 TL-D 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713197515EBC318TLD8711500998170EB-C 318 TL-D 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713197315EBC418TLD8711500998187EB-C 418 TL-D 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713198414EBC113PLTC8711500997722EB-C 113 PL-T/C 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713198514EBC213PLTC8711500997739EB-C 213 PL-T/C 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713198614EBC118PLTC8711500997746EB-C 118 PL-T/C 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713198714EBC218PLTC8711500997753EB-C 218 PL-T/C 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713198814EBC126PLTC8711500998934EB-C 126 PL-T/C 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713198914EBC226PLTC8711500998941EB-C 226 PL-T/C 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713196214EBC114TL52202408711500998903EB-C 114 TL5 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713196314EBC121TL52202408711500998910EB-C 121 TL5 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713196414EBC128TL5EN8711500998927EB-C 128 TL5 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713196914EBC214TL52202408711500999184EB-C 214 TL5 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713197114EBC228TL5EN8711500999191EB-C 228 TL5 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540571913713196714EBC314TL52202408711500999207EB-C 314 TL5 220-240V 50/60Hz

B54 Fixed Output Electr. Ballast TL : 0571 EB-C EP

B540571913710062412EBC118T8EPEN8718291220541EB-C 118 TL-D 220-240V EP

B540571913710062512EBC136T8EPEN8718291220565EB-C 136 TL-D 220-240V EP

B54  Fixed output Electr. Ballast TL : 0924 HFP III

B540924913713031266HFP118TLDIII8711500999580HF-P 118 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031366HFP218TLDIII8711500999603HF-P 218 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031466HFP3418TLDIII8711500999627HF-P 3/418 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031566HFP136TLDIII8711500999641HF-P 136 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031666HFP236TLDIII8711500999665HF-P 236 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031766HFP336TLDIII8711500999689HF-P 336 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031866HFP158TLDIII8711500999702HF-P 158 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031966HFP258TLDIII8711500999726HF-P 258 TL-D III 220-240V 50/60Hz IDC

B540924913713031066HFP11435TL5III8711500999245HF-P 1 14-35 TL5 HE III 220-240V

B540924913713031166HFP21435TL5III8711500999238HF-P 2 14-35 TL5 HE III 220-240V

B540924913700648566HFP118PLIII 8711500881021HF-P 118 PL-T/C III 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540924913700648666HFP218PLIII8711500881038HF-P 218 PL-T/C III 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540924913700648766 HFP126PLIII8711500881045HF-P 126 PL-T/C III 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540924913700648866HFP226PLIII8711500881052HF-P 226 PL-T/C III 220-240V 50/60Hz

B54  Fixed output Electr. Ballast TL : 0926 HFS II

B540926913713032066HFS118TLDII8711500999283HF-S 118 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032366HFS218TLDII8711500999306HF-S 218 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032666HFS3/418TLDII8711500999320HF-S 3/4 18 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032166HFS136TLDII8711500999290HF-S 136 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032466HFS236TLDII8711500999313HF-S 236 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032766HFS336TLDII8711500999092HF-S 336 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032266HFS158TLDII8711500999078HF-S 158 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032566HFS258TLDII8711500999085HF-S 258 TL-D II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713032866HFS114-21TL5II8711500999337HF-S 114-21 TL5 II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713033266HFS128-35TL5II8711500999344HF-S 128-35 TL5 II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713033166HFS22128TL5II8711500998682HF-S 221-28 TL5 II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713033366HFS235TL5II8711500998699HF-S 235 TL5 II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B540926913713033066HFS3414TL5II8711500998705HF-S 3/414 TL5 II 220-240V 50/60Hz

B55 EM HID Ballast : 0601 (Electromagnetic ballasts for HID Lamps)

B550601913611089426BHL5080L4078711500919670BHL 50/80 L407 230/240V 50Hz BC1-118

B550601913710108450BHL80L2008710163068480BHL 80L 200

B550601913713018559BHLA80L2008711500999849BHLA 80L 200

B550601913710105050BHL125L2008710163148540BHL 125L 200

B550601913713018659BHLA125L2008711500999863BHLA 125L 200

B550601913710100450BHL250L2008710163148168BHL 250L 200

B550601913713017250BHLE250L200TS8711500997869BHLE 250L 200 TS

B550601913710101850BHL250L2018710163034683BHL 250L 201

B550601913710102550BHL250L2028710163148304BHL 250L 202

B550601913710100550BHL400L2008710163148175BHL 400L 200

B550601913713017350BHLE400L200TS8711500997876BHLE 400L 200 TS

B550601913710101950BHL400L2018710163148793BHL 400 L201

B550601913710102650BHL400L2028710163148328BHL 400L 202

B550601913700218403BHL1000L028711500996626BHL 1000 L02 220V 50Hz HP-207

B550601913710104550BSN70L300I8710163148502BSN 70L 300I

B550601913713019150BSNE70L300ITS8718291126959BSNE 70L 300I TS

B550601913710103750BSN100L300I8710163031514BSN 100L 300I

B550601913713019250BSNE100L300ITS8718291127017BSNE 100L 300I TS

B550601913710103350BSN100L302I8710163148458BSN 100 L302 I

B550601913710100150BSN150L300I8710163148113BSN 150L 300I

B550601913713019350BSNE150L300ITS8718291127031BSNE 150L 300I TS

B550601913710102750BSN150L302I8710163148342BSN 150L 302I

B550601913710100750BSN150L302ITS8710163148182BSN 150L 302I TS

B550601913710100250BSN250L300I8710163148137BSN 250L 300I

B550601913713019450BSNE250L300ITS8718291127055BSNE 250L 300I TS

B550601913710102850BSN250L302I8710163148366BSN 250L 302I

B550601913710100350BSN400L300I8710163148151BSN 400L 300I

B550601913713019550BSNE400L300ITS8718291127116BSNE 400L 300I TS

B550601913710105943BSN600L300ITS8710163150840BSN 600 L300 ITS

B550601913700218103BSN1000L028711500996602BSN 1000 L02 220V 50Hz HP-257

B550601913710103150BMH35L302ITS8710163148410BMH 35L 302I TS

B550601913710103250BMH70L302ITS8710163148434BMH 70L 302I TS

B550601913710107150BMH1800L2028710163150420BMH 1800 L202

B550601913713200166BSD100L406TS8711500997005BSD 100L 406 TS

B550601913713200066BSD150L406TS8711500997012BSD 150L 406 TS

B550601913713019750BSD250L406ITS8710163150772BSD 250L 406 TS

B550601913713019650BSD400L406ITS8710163150765BSD 400L 406 TS

B550601913713016244GBMHA35L300ITS8727900064650GBMHA 35L 300I TS/I

B550601913713016344GBMHA70L300ITS8727900064667GBMHA 70L 300I TS/I

B550601913713016444GBMHA150L300ITS8727900064674GBMHA 150L 300I TS/I

B55 EM HID Ballast : 0601 (Electromagnetic ballasts for HID Lamps)

B550601913713205766BMHE210L300ITS8718291241812BMHE 210L 300I TS

B550601913713205866BMHE315L300ITS8718291241843BMHE 315L 300I TS

B56 Ignition Devices & Capacitors : 0606 (Electrical Device)

B560606913710016314ESC028711500997784ESC 02

B560606913710016414ESC038711500997791ESC 03

B59 Halogen Transformer : 0912 (Electronic Halogen Transformers)

B590912913710031102ETE608710163058603ET-E 60

B590912913710031660ETS1058727900876260ET-S 105

B590912913710031760ETS1508727900876369ET-S 150

B56 Ignition Devices & Capacitors : 0993 (Ignition Devices)

B560993913710011114SI518710163056210SI 51 Plus

B560993913710010814SI528710163148595SI 52

B560993913710010714SN568710163148786SN 56

B560993913710010614SN578710163033082SN 57

B560993913710010514SN588710163033051SN 58

B560993913710010414SN58T158710163148588SN 58 T15

B560993913710016214SU42S8710163150857SU 42-S

B560993913710011214SU508710163149097SU 50

B56 Ignition Devices & Capacitors : 0954 (Capacitors)



B56 Ignition Devices & Capacitors : 0954 (Capacitors)

B560954913710011890CP04AN288710163150253CP 04AN28

B560954913710015090CP05AN288710163150338CP 05AN28

B560954913710012590CP06BN288710163150321CP 06BN28

B560954913710012090CP08BO288710163150277CP 08BO28

B560954913710011790CP10BQ288710163150246CP 10BO28

B560954913710011990CP12BP288710163150260CP 12BP28

B560954913710011690CP15BU288710163150239CP 15BU28

B560954913710012190CP18BU288710163150284CP 18BU28

B560954913710011590CP20CU288710163150222CP 20CU28

B560954913710012290CP25CU288710163150291CP 25CU28

B560954913710015190CP30ET288710163150345CP 30ET28

B560954913710012390CP32ET288710163150307CP 32ET28

B560954913710012490CA50FV288710163150314CA 50FV28

B5609549190160002019190160002018718291116288L10C55, Cap Alu 10 uF

B5609549190160141209190160141208727900919813L12C55, Cap Alu 12 uF

B5609549190160141219190160141218727900919813L18C53, Cap Alu 18 uF

B5609549190160141229190160141228727900919813L20C53,Cap AL 20 uF

B5609549190160141149190160141148727900855616L32C53, Cap Alu 32 uF

B5609549190160141159190160141158727900855630L50C53, Cap Alu 50 uF

B59 Halogen Transformer : 0999 (Electromagnetic Halogen Transformer)

B5909999137101199419137101199418710163148007MTS-50 220-230

B59 Halogen Transformer : 7019 (Electronic Halogen Transformers)

B597019913710032160ETE10LED8718291659044ET-E 10W LED 220V-240V

C04 Halogen Transformer : 0930 HID-PV (Electronic Halogen Transformers)

C040930913712005214HIDPVM020SLPF8710163149608HID-PV m 1X020/S CDM LPF 220-240V

C040930913700652766HIDPVC35SCDM8711500881687HID-PV C 35 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz NG

C040930913700652966HIDPVC70SCDM8711500881694HID-PV C 70 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz NG

C040930913712005714HIDPV150WS8711500881250HID-PV 150/S CDM 220-240

C04 Halogen Transformer : 4871 HID-CV (Electronic Halogen Transformers)

C0448719137006533669137006533668711500998194HID-CV 35 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz

C044871913700661066HIDCV035SCDMENG8727900921700HID-CV 35 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz

C0448719137006534669137006534668711500998200HID-CV C 70 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz

C044871913700661166HIDCV070SCDMENG8727900921724HID-CV 70 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz

C044871913712003866HIDCV150SCDM8711500999450HID-CV 150 /S CDM 220-240V 50/60Hz

C46 Switches and Sockets : 5777 Simply Series

C465777913713558149SIM1GANGSWITCH8718291655824Simply 1 gang switch

C465777913713558249SIM2GANGSWITCH8718291655855Simply 2 gang switch

C465777913713558349SIM2WAYSWITCH8718291655886Simply 2 way switch

C465777913713558449SIMSOCKET8718291655916Simply socket

C465777913713558749SIMTV8718291655978Simply TV outlet

C465778913713558649SIMACOUTLET8718291683278Simply air conditioning outlet

C465777913713558549SIMTELE8718291655947Simply Telephone outlet

C465777913713558849SIMDIMMER8718291656005Simply Dimmer

C46 Switches and Sockets : 5778 Essential Series

C465778913713557449ESS1GANGSWITCH8718291685807Essential 1 gang switch

C465778913713557549ESS2GANGSWITCH8718291685838Essential 2 gang switch

C465778913713557649ESS2WAYSWITCH8718291685869Essential 2 way switch

C465778913713557749ESSSOCKET8718291685890Essential socket

C465778913713557849ESSTELE8718291685920Essential Telephone outlet

C465778913713558049ESSTV8718291685951Essential TV outlet


12NCMaterialBarcodeCommercial Code"Deco - Concept;

Functional - Position"Product Family

915004343801DIS Micro Princess PINK8718291489030717042886DisneyDisney

915004343901DIS Micro Red8718291489047717043286DisneyDisney





915004490401Flash light-Winnie the Pooh-Yellow8718291535058717673486DisneyDisney

915004490501Flash light-Jake-Blue8718291535065717670586DisneyDisney

915004922901DIS Frozen Blue8718696124222717670886DisneyDisney

915004490201Night light-Mickey-Blue8718291535034717663086WALLDisney

915004490301Night light-Minnie-Red8718291535041717663186WALLDisney

915004490101Night light-Cars-Red8718291535027717653286WALLDisney

915004489901Night light-Princess-PINK8718291535003717652886WALLDisney

915004490001Night light-Winnie the Pooh-Yellow8718291535010717653486WALLDisney

915004922801Night light-Sofia-PINK8718696124215717650686WALLDisney

915004923001Night light-Frozen-PURPLE8718696124239717650886WALLDisney

915000077001QCZ808 Azur ceiling lamp white 2x60W 2408727900750775320683176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000079501QCZ800 ceiling lamp white 1x60W 240V8727900750782320053176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000079601QCZ805 Atoll ceiling lamp white 1x60W8727900750799320643176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000079701QCZ806 Island ceiling lamp white 1x60W8727900750805320663176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000110901QCZ802 ceiling lamp chrome 1x60W 240V8727900693348320101176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000111201QCZ802 ceiling lamp nickel 1x60W 240V8727900693355320101776ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915002154201FCZ300 ceiling lamp chrome 1x40W 230V8717943005055320701186ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915002154301FCZ300 ceiling lamp nickel 1x40W 230V8717943005062320701786ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

91500270200232081 ceiling lamp white 1x24W 230V8717943748433320813186ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000113201QWZ802 Nile wall lamp chrome 2x40W 240V8727900693393340061176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915002154401FWZ300 wall lamp chrome 1x8W 230V8717943005079340931186ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915002154501FWZ300 wall lamp nickel 1x8W 230V8717943005086340931786ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915002154601FWZ301 wall lamp chrome 1x13W 230V8717943005093340941186ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915002154701FWZ301 wall lamp nickel 1x13W 230V8717943005109340941786ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411010132029 single spot chrome 1x12W 230V6947830416295320291166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411020132030 single spot chrome 2x12W 230V6947830416301320301166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411030132031 single spot chrome 3x12W 230V6947830416318320311166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411040132047 single spot chrome 1x12W 230V6947830416325320471166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411050132048 single spot chrome 2x12W 230V6947830416332320481166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411060132032 single spot chrome 1x12W 230V6947830416349320321166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411070132033 single spot chrome 2x12W 230V6947830416356320331166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411080132035 single spot chrome 1x12W 230V6947830416363320351166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411090132049 single spot chrome 3x12W 230V6947830416370320491166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411100132036 single spot chrome 2x12W 230V6947830416387320361166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411110132044 single spot chrome 1x12W 230V6947830416394320441166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411120132045 single spot chrome 2x12W 230V6947830416400320451166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

91500411130132046 single spot chrome 3x12W 230V6947830416417320461166WALLmyBathroom / Contemporary

915004921701Well post LED inox 1x1.5W SELV6947830425907178064786GL LED PILAR ADJmyGarden / Contemporary

915004921801Kelapa wall lantern black 1x20W 230V6947830425914164523086GL WALLMyGarden / Heritage

915004921901Kelapa post black 1x20W 230V6947830425921164533086GL PILARMyGarden / Heritage

915004106801LEDINO 16802 pedestal LED grey 1x7.5W8718291441113168028776GL PILARmyGarden / Ledino

915004106901LEDINO 16802 pedestal LED antracit 1x7.58718291441120168029376GL PILARmyGarden / Ledino

915004486101Window 17205 wall lantern grey 2x18W 2308718291534785172058786GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915004486301Window 17204 wall lantern grey 2x18W 2308718291534808172048786GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500448650116412 wall lantern inox 1x20W 230V8718291534822164124786GL WALLmyGarden / Modern

91500448670116414 post inox 1x20W 230V8718291534846164144786GL PILARmyGarden / Modern

915000084201ECB300 wall lantern white 1x60W 240V8727900751222320103146GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000084301ECB300 wall lantern grey 1x60W 240V8727900751239320108746GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000084401ECB300 wall lantern antracit 1x60W 240V8727900751246320109346GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000091401EWS300 OSLO wall lantern white 1x60W 240872790075143717264631GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000091501EWS300 OSLO wall lantern antracit 1x60W872790075144417264693GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000091601EWP300 BASEL wall lantern grey 1x27W 2408727900751451171308746GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000091701EWP300 BASEL wall lantern antracit 1x278727900751468171309346GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000091801EWC300 wall lantern black 1x60W 240V8727900751475717974630GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000091901EWC300 wall lantern white 1x60W 240V8727900751482717974631GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

915000092101EWS300 wall lantern inox 1x60W 240V8727900751499170864746GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500012970317014 wall lantern white 1x60W 230V8717943763962170143186GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500012980817014 wall lantern inox 1x60W 230V8717943763979170144786GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500013010317014 wall lantern antracit 1x60W 230V8717943763986170149386GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500192470317168 wall lantern grey 1x22W 230V8717943763955171688786GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500214570416245 wall lantern grey 1x12W 230V8717943763931162458786GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500214590316246 wall lantern grey 1x12W 230V8717943763917162468786GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500223810116212 wall lantern grey 1x24W 230V8717943006601162128746GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500223820116212 wall lantern antracit 1x24W 230V8717943006618162129346GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500223830117105 wall lantern grey 1x24W 230V8717943006625171058746GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500223840117105 wall lantern antracit 1x24W 230V8717943006632171059346GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500223880117173 wall lantern black 1x12W 230V8717943006670171733046GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500223890117173 wall lantern inox 1x12W 230V8717943006687171734746GL WALLmyGarden / Contemporary

91500342910116927 wall lantern grey 2x23W 240V8717943763726169278786GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500342920116927 wall lantern antracit 2x23W 240V8717943763733169279386GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500342950116917 wall lantern grey 1x24W 240V8717943763740169178786GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500342960116917 wall lantern antracit 1x24W 240V8717943763757169179386GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343090116914 wall lantern grey 1x22W 240V8717943763818169148786GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343100116914 wall lantern antracit 1x22W 240V8717943763825169149386GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343130116926 wall lantern grey 1x23W 240V8717943763832169268786GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343140116926 wall lantern antracit 1x23W 240V8717943763849169269386GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500342980116904 wall lantern grey 1x11W 240V8717943763764169048786GL WALLmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343020116907 post grey 1x11W 240V8717943763788169078786GL PILARmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500223920116026 post black 1x60W 230V8717943006717160263046GL PILARmyGarden / Heritage

91500223850117131 wall lantern BlackBrush 1x60W 2308717943006649171314246GL WALLmyGarden / Heritage

91500223860101465 wall lantern black 1x100W 230V871794300665614653046GL WALLmyGarden / Heritage

91500223870101465 wall lantern white 1x100W 230V871794300666314653146GL WALLmyGarden / Heritage

91500223900171165 wall lantern black 1x60W 230V8717943006694711653046GL WALLmyGarden / Heritage

91500223980117157 wall lantern grey 1x11W 230V8717943006779171575446GL WALLmyGarden / Heritage

91500344450115280 wall lantern grey 1x60W 230V8717943764020152805486GL WALLmyGarden / Heritage

91500344510115282 pedestal grey 1x60W 230V8717943764068152825486GL PILARmyGarden / Heritage

91500344570115283 post grey 1x60W 230V8717943764105152835486HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344680117183 wall lantern rust 1x24W 230V8717943764174171838686HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344710115251 wall lantern BlackBrush 1x60W 2308717943764198152514286HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344740115252 pedestal BlackBrush 1x60W 230V8717943764211152524286HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344800115261 wall lantern BlackBrush 1x23W 2308717943764259152614286HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344830115331 wall lantern grey 1x60W 230V8717943764273153315486HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344860115332 pedestal grey 1x60W 230V8717943764297153325486HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344880115338 wall lantern grey 1x60W 230V8717943764303153385486HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500428660116343 wall lantern inox 1x15W 230V8718291476344163434786ModernmyGarden / Modern

91500428670116344 pedestal inox 1x15W 230V8718291476351163444786ModernmyGarden / Modern

91500428680116345 post inox 1x15W 230V8718291476368163454786ModernmyGarden / Modern

91500223800117515 gardenspot/floodlight grey 2x23W8717943006595175158746ModernmyGarden / Modern

915004485101String wall lantern LED inox 1x4W SELV8718291534686172734786ContemporarymyGarden / Contemporary

915004485301String wall lantern LED antracit 1x4W8718291534709172739386ContemporarymyGarden / Contemporary

915004485501Aura wall lantern LED inox 1x4W SELV8718291534723172874786ContemporarymyGarden / Contemporary

915004485701Aura wall lantern LED black 1x4W SELV8718291534747172873086ContemporarymyGarden / Contemporary

91500447670130918 Bouquet chandelier BrownBrush 8x156947830423347309184366HeritageMyLiving / Heritage

91500447680130919 Cluster chandelier BrownBrush 8x156947830423354309194366HeritageMyLiving / Heritage

915004456701MLA JARS CANDLE Blue6947830422692500453166AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004458901MLA JARS CANDLE PINK6947830422708500459666AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004459001MLA JARS CANDLE Yellow6947830422715500453466AccentsmyLiving / Accents

91500450630131126 wall lamp LED nickel   3W 2406947830424511311261766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457700131132 ceiling lamp LED chrome   28W6947830424870311321166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457710131133 ceiling lamp LED aluminium6947830424887311334866ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004512201Friends pendant black 1x15W 230V6947830424528407593066ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004512401Friends pendant beige 1x15W 230V6947830424542407593866ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457720131134 ceiling lamp LED aluminium   21W6947830424894311344866ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457730131135 ceiling lamp LED aluminium   34W6947830424900311354866ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457740131137 ceiling lamp LED BrownBrush   49W6947830424917311374366ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457750131139 pendant LED BrownBrush   49W 240V6947830424924311394366ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457760131137 ceiling lamp LED aluminium   49W6947830424931311374866ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500457770131139 pendant LED aluminium   49W 240V6947830424948311394866ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500493200131140 ceiling lamp LED white   10W 240V8718696124925311403166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500493210131141 ceiling lamp LED white   22W 230V8718696124932311413166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500493220131140 ceiling lamp LED brown   10W 230V8718696124949311404466HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500493230131140 ceiling lamp LED blue   10W 230V8718696124963311403566ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500493240131141 ceiling lamp LED brown   22W 230V8718696124970311414466HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500493250131141 ceiling lamp LED blue   22W 230V8718696124987311413566ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500440050145619 ceiling lamp nickel 8x15W 230V6947830421961456191766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500440300141750 pendant nickel 1x24W 230V6947830421978417503166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500440040145617 wall lamp nickel 1x24W 230V6947830421954456171766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500424250130719 ceiling lamp white 3x24W 230V6947830419708307193166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500424240130720 ceiling lamp white 4x24W 230V6947830419692307203166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500372520140550 pendant LED brass 24x2.5W 240V8717943777594405500186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500424230132023 ceiling lamp white 3x24W 230V6947830419685320235566ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500232610437715 pendant bronze 3x40W 230V8717943752027377150686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500277240137713 ceiling lamp bronze 8x40W 230V8717943755967377130686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500232590437710 pendant bronze 1x40W 230V8717943751983377100686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500277610137933 ceiling lamp bronze 8x40W 230V8717943756209379330686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500277590137934 wall lamp bronze 1x40W 230V8717943756186379340686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500431300130901 ceiling lamp white 6x42W 230V6947830420476309013166HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500431310130902 pendant white 6x42W 230V6947830420483309023166HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500370770157937 bar/tube LED white 2x15W 240V8717943776481579373186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500370780157936 bar/tube LED white 1x15W 240V8717943776498579363186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500276320269093 40K wall lamp LED white 1x7.5W 2408717943755547690933186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500276330269093 40K wall lamp LED aluminium 1x7.58717943742288690934886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500498580131091 TRUNKABLE LINEA LED 1000LM 3000K6947830426300310913166LineamyLiving / Linea

91500498590131092 TRUNKABLE LINEA LED 500LM 3000K6947830426317310923166LineamyLiving / Linea

91500498600131093 TRUNKABLE LINEA LED 250LM 3000K6947830426324310933166LineamyLiving / Linea

91500498640131097 TRUNKABLE LINEA LED 1000LM 6500K6947830426362310973166LineamyLiving / Linea

91500498650131098 TRUNKABLE LINEA LED 500LM 6500K6947830426379310983166LineamyLiving / Linea

91500498660131099 TRUNKABLE LINEA LED 250LM 6500K6947830426386310993166LineamyLiving / Linea

915004354001STAR single spot LED white 1x4W SELV8718291489962562403186ModernmyLiving / Modern

915004354101STAR bar/tube LED white 2x4W SELV8718291489979562423186ModernmyLiving / Modern

915004354201STAR bar/tube LED white 4x4W SELV8718291489986562443186ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500346660130376 ceiling lamp white 8x24W 230V8717943766222303763186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500444960141057 pendant green 1x24W 230V6947830422647410573366ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

91500444970141057 pendant yellow 1x24W 230V8718291531845410573466ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

91500444980141057 pendant red 1x24W 230V6947830422654410573266ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004450501Isaca table lamp black 1x12W8718291531982432283086ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004459801Isaca table lamp white 1x12W8718291532156432283186ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004460401Isaca table lamp purple 1x12W8718291532217432289686ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004460701Isaca table lamp red 1x12W8718291532248432283286ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004461501Drin floor lamp green 1x24W 230V8718291532293422613386ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004461601Drin floor lamp grey 1x24W 230V8718291532309422618786ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004461701Drin floor lamp black 1x24W 230V8718291532316422613086ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004430201ECLIPTIC pendant LED white 16x2.5W SELV8718291505969407553186ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004430301ECLIPTIC pendant LED antracit 16x2.5W8718291505976407559386ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915003559801MLA Vase Clear8717943771905691536086AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003560601MLA cooler Aluminium8717943771950691516086AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003945401MLA Naturelle CandleLights 3 set White8717943788453691856086AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004097201MLA 31006 Delight LED Candle8718291439691310067986AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004097301MLA 31010 Vivid LED Candle White8718291439707310103186AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004097401MLA 31009 Wish LED Candle White8718291439714310093186AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004097501MLA 31007 Intimate LED Candle White8718291439721310073186AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004097601MLA 31008 Retreat LED Candle8718291439738310083186AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915004212501MLA Candlelight 10pcs pack White8718291456414300003186AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915000018201QDG301 table lamp nickel 1x60W 240V8727900747560360641786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000018301QFG301 floor lamp nickel 1x100W 240V8727900747577360631786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000018801QFG300 floor lamp aluminium 1x150W 240V8727900747621368674886ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000049901QPG300 pendant aluminium 1x100W 240V8727900749069368654876ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000050001QPG302 pendant nickel 3x60W 240V8727900749076360611776ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000050101QPG301 pendant aluminium 3x60W 240V8727900749083368664876ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002139701QPG309 pendant nickel 1x75W 240V8717943004485362301786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002140301QPG310 pendant nickel 3x75W 240V8717943004546401941786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500233580337541 pendant nickel 3x24W 240V8717943030934375411786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500233600337165 pendant white 3x12W 240V8717943031030371653186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500233740137655 pendant nickel 2x24W 240V8717943030866376553186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500401740136326 chandelier chrome 4x24W 240V6947830416059363261766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500401760136348 chandelier chrome 6x24W 240V6947830416073363481766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500401790136358 chandelier chrome 12x24W 240V6947830416103363581766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500426270140695 pendant chrome 1x18W 230V8718291475583406951186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500426280140695 pendant nickel 1x18W 230V8718291475590406951786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500426350140449 pendant white 1x18W8718291475668404496186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500439930145602 ceiling lamp chrome 8x24W 230V6947830421916456021166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500439940145603 pendant chrome 5x24W 230V6947830421923456031166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500440000145615 ceiling lamp nickel 6x15W 230V8718291502579456151766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500440010145616 ceiling lamp nickel 8x15W 230V8718291502586456161786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500440030145618 ceiling lamp nickel 6x15W 230V6947830421947456181766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153701FCG307 single spot nickel 1x40W 240V8717943005031521701786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153801FWG305 single spot nickel 1x25W 240V8717943005048521711786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002155601FCG308 plate/spiral nickel 2x40W 240V8717943001033521721786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002155701FCG309 plate/spiral nickel 3x40W 240V8717943005222521731786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002155801FCG323 plate/spiral nickel 4x40W 240V8717943005239521741786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002155901FCG324 special form nickel 4x40W 240V8717943005246521781786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500372280153140 single spot LED white 1x7.5W 240V8717943777440531403186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500372310153142 bar/tube LED white 2x7.5W 240V8717943777464531423186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500372340153143 bar/tube LED white 3x7.5W 240V8717943777488531433186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002152701FCG310 single spot bronze 1x40W 240V8717943004935521600686ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002152801FCG310 single spot nickel 1x40W 240V8717943004942521601786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002152901FWG306 single spot bronze 1x25W 240V8717943004959521610686ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153001FWG306 single spot nickel 1x25W 240V8717943004966521611786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153101FCG311 special form bronze 2x40W 240V8717943004973521620686ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153201FCG311 special form nickel 2x40W 240V8717943004980521621786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153401FCG312 special form nickel 3x40W 240V8717943005000521631786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153601FCG313 special form nickel 4x40W 240V8717943005024521641786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000049101QWG305 wall lamp nickel 1x60W 240V8727900748987360621776ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000059301QWG301 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8727900749441808157667ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000062701QWG302 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8727900749458808137667ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000062901FWG300 wall lamp nickel 1x23W 240V8727900749472330671776ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000063001FWG300 wall lamp aluminium 1x23W 240V8727900749489330674876ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000063401FWG301 wall lamp black 1x23W 240V8727900749526332003076ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000063501FWG301 wall lamp beige 1x23W 240V8727900749533332003876ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000067401QCG300 ceiling lamp bronze 1x60W 240V8727900749922300820676ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000067501QCG300 ceiling lamp chrome 1x60W 240V8727900749939300821176ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000067701QCG301 ceiling lamp nickel 1x100W 240V8727900749953301361776ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000067801QCG301 ceiling lamp aluminium 1x100W 2408727900749960301364876ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000067901QWG304 wall lamp brass 1x100W 240V8727900749977331340176ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000068001QWG304 wall lamp nickel 1x100W 240V8727900749984331341776ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000068301FCG300 ceiling lamp black 2x23W 240V8727900750010301753076ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000068401FCG300 ceiling lamp beige 2x23W 240V8727900750027301753876ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002162101QCG319 ceiling lamp white 1x60W 240V8717943001347300886786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002162701QCG317 ceiling lamp white 2x60W 240V8717943001682301806786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002163301QCG305 ceiling lamp grey 2x24W 240V8717943001743302008786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002164301QWG311 wall lamp white 1x23W 240V8717943001842332063186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002164401QWG311 wall lamp antracit 1x23W 240V8717943001859332069386ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002165001QCG304 ceiling lamp white 1x40W 240V8717943001989728948631ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002165101QWG307 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8717943001996809268667ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002165201QWG308 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8717943002009809278667ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500371790133259 wall lamp LED white 2x2.5W 240V8717943777112332593186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500371800133259 wall lamp LED aluminium 2x2.5W 2408717943777129332594886ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500371890133258 wall lamp LED white 3x2.5W 240V8717943777181332583186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500401750136347 ceiling lamp chrome 8x24W 240V6947830416066363471766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500401770136349 wall lamp chrome 1x24W 240V6947830416080363491766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500401780136357 wall lamp chrome 2x24W 240V6947830416097363571766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000073401FPG702 pendant nickel 1x40W 240V8727900750416402351746EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915000073501FPG703 pendant white 1x40W 240V8727900750423402353146EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002138901FPG303 pendant chrome 1x55W 240V8717943004409403391186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002139001FPG303 pendant aluminium 1x55W 240V8717943004416403394886EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500257170340399 pendant white 1x24W 240V8717943748358403993186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500418840136917 Ecomoods pendant nickel 1x20W 2308718291453154369171786EcomoodsmyLiving / Ecomoods

91500418850136916 Ecomoods pendant nickel 1x20W 2308718291453161369161786EcomoodsmyLiving / Ecomoods

915000073301FWG701 wall lamp aluminium 1x22W 240V8727900750409346134846EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002138301FWG309 wall lamp white 1x11W 240V8717943004348301853186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002138401FCG318 ceiling lamp white 1x22W 240V8717943004355301873186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002138801FWG311 wall lamp aluminium 1x9W 240V8717943004393332054886EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002139101FCG322 ceiling lamp chrome 1x60W 240V8717943004423403401186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002139201FCG322 ceiling lamp aluminium 1x60W 2408717943004430403404886EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500415350133099 Ecomoods wall lamp white 1x9W 2308718291445517330993186EcomoodsmyLiving / Ecomoods

915002138501FCG319 ceiling lamp chrome 1x40W 240V8717943004362301881186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500276560132510 ceiling lamp aluminium 1x60W 240V8717943748297325104886EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500428390141055 pendant red 1x24W 230V8718291476221410553286ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500428400141055 pendant blue 1x24W 230V8718291476238410553586ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500428410141055 pendant grey 1x24W 230V8718291476245410558786ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915004305701Slices pendant blue 3x24W 240V6947830420759602013586ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915004305801Slices pendant yellow 3x24W 240V6947830420766602013486ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915000049001QPG303 pendant chrome 1x60W 240V8727900748970402271176ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915000049201QPG303 pendant blue 1x60W 240V8727900748994402273576ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915000049301QPG303 pendant orange 1x60W 240V8727900749007402275376ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915000049601QPG304 pendant chrome 1x100W 240V8727900749038402281176ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915000049701QPG304 pendant blue 1x100W 240V8727900749045402283576ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915000049801QPG304 pendant orange 1x100W 240V8727900749052402285376ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002219701QPG311 pendant nickel 1x100W 230V8717943005642368801786ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500233620340354 pendant purple 1x24W 240V8717943031054403542086ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500233630340354 pendant yellow 1x24W 240V8717943031061403543486ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500233640340354 pendant blue 1x24W 240V8717943031078403543586ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500233660340242 pendant green 1x100W 240V8717943031092402423386ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500426150142938 floor lamp black 1x24W8718291475484429383086ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500426160142938 floor lamp white 1x24W8718291475491429383186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500426230145938 table lamp black 1x24W8718291475545459383086ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500426240145938 table lamp white 1x24W8718291475552459383186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002152301FWG304 single spot chrome 1x40W 240V8717943004898520901186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002152401FCG304 bar/tube chrome 2x40W 240V8717943004904520921186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002152601FCG306 bar/tube chrome 4x40W 240V8717943004928520941186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500424260132038 ceiling lamp white 3x24W 230V6947830419715320383166ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915000062801QWG303 wall lamp grey 1x60W 240V8727900749465331988776ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002162401QCG306 ceiling lamp blue 2x60W 240V8717943001637301743586ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002162501QCG306 ceiling lamp orange 2x60W 240V8717943001644301745386ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002162601QCG306 ceiling lamp white 2x60W 240V8717943001675301746786ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002164901QWG306 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8717943001972337103086ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500344040180812 wall lamp white 1x60W 230V8717943751655808120186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500372170140544 ceiling lamp LED bronze 10x2.5W8717943777365405440686ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500372180140544 ceiling lamp LED chrome 10x2.5W8717943777372405441186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500417350141053 ceiling lamp chrome 8x15W 230V6947830420094410531166ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500417610141052 ceiling lamp chrome 5x15W 230V6947830420087410521166ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915004305901Slices wall lamp yellow 1x24W 240V6947830420773602023486ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915004306001Slices wall lamp blue 1x24W 240V6947830420780602023586ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915004306101Slices ceiling lamp yellow 7x24W 240V6947830420797602003486ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915004306201Slices ceiling lamp blue 7x24W 240V6947830420803602003586ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500426970130896 pendant black 5x60W 230V6947830420056308964366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500426980130896 pendant BrownBrush 5x60W 230V6947830420063308963166HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500182740436995 chandelier nickel 5x40W 230V8717943753062369951786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002219201QFG307 floor lamp nickel 1x75W 230V8717943005598364131786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002257401QPG318 pendant rust 1x75W 230V8717943008032369508686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002258701QPG323 ARTOIS pendant rust 3x100W 230V8717943008162374398686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002259101QPG325 pendant copper 1x100W 230V8717943008209364904386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002259301QDG312 table lamp copper 1x40W 230V8717943008223364944386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002259401QPG326 chandelier copper 5x40W 230V8717943008230364914386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500232760437736 pendant gold 5x40W 230V8717943752294377369286HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500232760737736 pendant red 5x40W 230V8717943755882377363286HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500277260137932 pendant bronze 5x40W 230V8717943755981379320686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401800136362 chandelier BrownBrush 8x24W 240V6947830416110363624366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401830136369 chandelier BrownBrush 12x24W 240V6947830416141363694366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401840136378 chandelier BrownBrush 6x24W 240V6947830416165363784366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401850136382 chandelier BrownBrush 8x24W 240V6947830416172363824366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401860136396 chandelier BrownBrush 5x24W 240V6947830416189363964366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401880136408 chandelier BrownBrush 12x24W 240V6947830416202364084366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401890136364 chandelier BrownBrush 5x24W 240V6947830416158363644366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500425160160079 chandelier copper 8x40W 230V6947830419814600794386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002161801TCG700 ceiling lamp brass 1x25W 240V8717943001316300520186HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002161901TCG700 ceiling lamp chrome 1x25W 240V8717943001323300521186HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002162001TCG700 ceiling lamp white 1x25W 240V8717943001330300525686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002172101QCG307 ceiling lamp nickel 2x40W 240V8717943002153701078617HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002172201QCG307 ceiling lamp white 2x40W 240V8717943002160701078631HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500431350130897 wall lamp BrownBrush 1x60W 240V6947830420513308974366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002163901QWG315 wall lamp Gold painting 1x60W 2408717943001804331550486HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002166001QWG320 wall lamp oak 1x60W 240V8717943002085815318670HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002166101QWG320 wall lamp pine 1x60W 240V8717943002092815318671HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002166901QWG313 wall lamp nickel 1x60W 240V8717943002122815314617HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002219001QWG316 wall lamp nickel 1x60W 230V8717943005574364121786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002255801QWG322 ALICE wall lamp white 1x40W 230V8717943007875332263086HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002255901QWG323 GABRIELLE wall lamp bronze 1x1008717943007882331620686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256601QWG324 JASMINE wall lamp BrownBrush 1x608717943007950330964386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256901QWG325 CASSANDRA wall lamp BrownBrush 1x8717943007981330944386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002257501QWG327 AALIYAH wall lamp rust 1x40W 2308717943008049331858686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002257801QWG329 AALIYAH wall lamp rust 1x60W 2308717943008070331868686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002259001QWG330 wall lamp BrownBrush 2x40W 230V8717943008193365074386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002259201QWG331 wall lamp copper 1x40W 230V8717943008216364924386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500277290137738 ceiling lamp red 8x40W 230V8717943756018377383286HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500277300137738 ceiling lamp gold 8x40W 230V8717943756025377389286HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401810136366 wall lamp BrownBrush 1x24W 240V6947830416127363664366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401870136403 wall lamp BrownBrush 1x24W 240V6947830416196364034366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500426950130690 pendant chrome 6x42W 230V6947830420032306903066HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500426960130699 pendant chrome 6x42W 230V6947830420049306993166HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500431280130899 pendant chrome 4x42W 230V6947830420452308992166HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407170136680 chandelier black 5x40W 240V8718291435969366803086HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407180136681 chandelier black 8x40W 240V8718291435976366813086HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407190136421 chandelier black 8x40W 230V8718291435983364213086HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407210136680 chandelier white 5x40W 240V8718291436003366803186HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407220136681 chandelier white 8x40W 240V8718291436010366813186HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407240136421 chandelier white 8x40W 240V8718291436034364213186HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500431270130898 ceiling lamp chrome 4x42W 230V6947830420445308982166HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407160136682 wall lamp black 2x40W 240V8718291435952366823086HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500407200136682 wall lamp white 2x40W 240V8718291435990366823186HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

915002196301QCG312 ceiling lamp yellow 1x60W 230V8717943002603300633486KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002196401QCG313 ceiling lamp mixed 1x60W 230V8717943002696300645586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002196501QCG310 ceiling lamp mixed 1x60W 230V8717943002702301105586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002196601QCG311 ceiling lamp mixed 1x60W 230V8717943003259301115586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002196701QCG315 ceiling lamp mixed 2x60W 230V8717943003266301125586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002196801QWG318 wall lamp mixed 1x60W 230V8717943003297331695586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002196901QCG314 ceiling lamp yellow 1x40W 230V8717943003303400963486KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002197001QCG316 ceiling lamp mixed 1x40W 230V8717943003310401535586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002197101QPG314 IRIDIA pendant mixed 1x75W 230V8717943003327401785586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002197201QPG315 pendant mixed 1x18W 230V8717943003334402045586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002082301QPG308 pendant mixed 1x18W 230V6947830402199402795566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002197501FPG301 LUNARDO pendant yellow 1x14W 2308717943003365404283486KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002197601FPG302 RUBY pendant mixed 1x18W 230V8717943003372404295586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002197901FWG308 CLIMBO wall lamp mixed 1x14W 2308717943003402455585586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002198001QPG313 pendant yellow 1x60W 230V8717943003419755008634KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002198101QPG316 pendant mixed 1x60W 230V8717943003426786218655KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

915002200001QCG314 ceiling lamp fuchsia 1x40W 230V8717943003600400962886KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500241390340229 pendant mixed 1x14W 240V8717943040759402295586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500244190145503 wall lamp mixed 1x14W 240V8727900693942455035586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500244240140295 pendant purple 1x14W 240V8727900693973402954986KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500373270140590 pendant mixed 1x18W 230V6947830413072405905566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500373300140591 pendant mixed 1x18W 230V6947830413089405915566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500373330140592 pendant mixed 1x18W 230V6947830413096405925566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500373360140594 pendant mixed 3x18W 230V6947830413102405945566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500373390140593 ceiling lamp mixed 3x18W 230V6947830413119405935566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500412360130654 wall lamp mixed 1x18W 230V6947830420124306545566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500412370130655 wall lamp mixed 1x18W 230V6947830420131306555566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500412380130656 wall lamp mixed 1x18W 230V6947830420148306565566KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500418800144500 myBuddy table lamp LED blue 2x1.28718291453116445003586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500418810144501 myBuddy table lamp LED pink 2x1.28718291453123445011986KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500418820144502 myBuddy table lamp LED green 2x1.28718291453130445023386KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500246610169092 40K pendant LED aluminium 4x7.5W8717943742226690924886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500267410169049 40K pendant LED aluminium 3x7.5W8717943742660690494886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500267440169053 40K pendant LED aluminium 3x7.5W8717943742332690534886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500270030169055 40K pendant LED aluminium 3x7.5W8717943745142690554886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415040137368 27k pendant LED aluminium 3x7.5W8718291445227373684886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415220137371 27K pendant LED white 4x7.5W SELV8718291445388373713186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415230137371 27K pendant LED aluminium 4x7.5W8718291445395373714886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500268060169070 40K single spot LED white 1x7.5W8717943744596690703186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500268080169072 40K bar/tube LED white 2x7.5W 2408717943744619690723186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500268160169080 40K single spot LED grey 1x7.5W8717943744657690808786LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500268230169084 40K special form LED grey 4x7.5W8717943744695690848786LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500276440269094 40K plate/spiral white 2x7.5W 2408717943755578690943186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003110269068 40K ceiling lamp LED white 1x7.5W8717943745166690683186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003130269085 40K wall lamp LED white 2x2.5W 2408717943744299690853186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003140269085 40K wall lamp LED grey 2x2.5W 2408717943744305690858786LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003150269086 40K wall lamp LED black 2x2.5W 2408717943744336690863086LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003170269087 40K wall lamp LED white 2x2.5W 2408717943744374690873186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003180269087 40K wall lamp LED grey 2x2.5W 2408717943744381690878786LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500260460169067 40K ceiling lamp LED white 4x7.5W8717943749270690673186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500260490169067 40K ceiling lamp LED grey 4x7.5W8717943745173690678786LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500267500169051 40K ceiling lamp LED aluminium 3x8717943742684690514886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500267610169057 40K ceiling lamp LED white 3x7.5W8717943742448690573186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500276280269089 40K wall lamp LED chrome 2x2.5W8717943742257690891186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500276290269089 40K wall lamp LED white 2x2.5W 2408717943742264690893186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415060137367 27k wall lamp LED aluminium 1x7.58718291445241373674886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415150133610 27K wall lamp LED chrome 1x7.5W8718291445319336101186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415170133610 27K wall lamp LED white 1x7.5W SEL8718291445333336103186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415180131610 27K ceiling lamp LED chrome 1x7.58718291445340316101186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415200131610 27K ceiling lamp LED white 1x7.5W8718291445364316103186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500415250133609 27k wall lamp LED white 2x2.5W SEL8718291445418336093186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500270000269064 40K wall lamp LED grey 1x2.5W 2408717943742813690648786LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003500269078 40K recessed LED white 1x7.5W 2408717943744961690783186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500276340269096 40K recessed LED white 1x7.5W 2408717943755554690963186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500276350269096 40K recessed LED aluminium 1x7.5W8717943742295690964886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500439010130913 Linea wall lamp LED grey 1x2.7W8718291501763309138786Lineamyliving / Linea

91500366930138102 wall lamp grey 1x14W 240V8717943775507381023186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500369820138103 wall lamp Chrome 1x28W 240V8717943776092381031186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500369830138105 wall lamp grey 1x14W 240V8717943776108381051486LineamyLiving / Linea

91500369880138110 wall lamp grey 1x14W 240V8717943776153381101486LineamyLiving / Linea

91500439020130914 Linea wall lamp LED grey 1x3W 2308718291501770309148786Lineamyliving / Linea

91500432360130911 LED tape connection wire white6947830420834309113166Lineamyliving / Linea

91500432370130912 LED tape smart connector white6947830420896309123166Lineamyliving / Linea

915004135502DLI 30907 LED tape yellow 30W 5m P6947830420162309073166Lineamyliving / Linea

915004138001DLI 30729 LED tape yellow 30W 5m Yellow6947830416745307293186LineamyLiving / Linea

915004138101DLI 30730 LED tape white 30W 5m White6947830416752307303186LineamyLiving / Linea

915004138201DLI 30731 LED tape yellow 60W 5m Yellow6947830416769307313186LineamyLiving / Linea

915004138301DLI 30732 LED tape white 60W 5m White6947830416776307323186LineamyLiving / Linea

915004138401DLI 30733 LED tape yellow 30W 1m Yellow6947830416783307333186LineamyLiving / Linea

915004138501DLI 30734 LED tape white 30W 1m White6947830416790307343186LineamyLiving / Linea

915004302501DLI 30908 LED tape white 30W 5m P6947830420179309083166Lineamyliving / Linea

915004302601DLI 30909 LED tape yellow 60W 5m P6947830420186309093166Lineamyliving / Linea

915004302701DLI 30910 LED tape white 60W 5m P6947830420193309103166Lineamyliving / Linea

915004923501DLI 31058 LED tape 3000K 18W 5m P6947830426010310583166Lineamyliving / Linea

915004923801DLI 31059 LED tape 3000K 18W 5m6947830426041310593166Lineamyliving / Linea

91500492360130924 LED tape connection wire6947830426027309243166Lineamyliving / Linea

91500492370130925 LED tape connector6947830426034309253166Lineamyliving / Linea

91500456530131081 slimline 9W wall lamp LED8718696122372310813186Lineamyliving / Linea

91500456530231082 Slimline 18W wall lamp LED8718696122389310823186Lineamyliving / Linea

91500456540131083 shellline 9W wall lamp LED8718696122396310833186Lineamyliving / Linea

91500456540231084 shellline 18W wall lamp LED8718696122402310843186Lineamyliving / Linea

915004247301LIC Micro White White8718291471400700183186Living ColorsmyLiving / Living Colors

915004247901LIC Micro Black Black8718291471462700183086Living ColorsmyLiving / Living Colors

91500371950137241 pendant LED chrome 8x2.5W 240V8717943777228372411186ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500372450153159 pendant LED aluminium 3x7.5W 240V8717943777525531594886ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421600158090 pendant LED aluminium 1x65W 230V6947830420315580904866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421630158022 pendant LED aluminium 1x65W 230V6947830420346580224866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421650158007 pendant LED aluminium 1x25W 230V6947830420612580074866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500371980137242 single spot LED chrome 2x2.5W 2408717943777242372421186ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500372420153150 single spot LED aluminium 1x7.5W8717943777495531504886ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500372430153152 bar/tube LED aluminium 2x7.5W 2408717943777501531524886ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500372440153154 bar/tube LED aluminium 4x7.5W 2408717943777518531544886ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500371830132157 ceiling lamp LED white 9x2.5W 2408717943777143321573186ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500371860132158 ceiling lamp LED white 6x2.5W 2408717943777167321583186ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500371920133257 wall lamp LED white 2x2.5W 240V8717943777204332573186ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500372010137246 ceiling lamp LED chrome 9x2.5W 2408717943777266372461186ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421580158088 ceiling lamp LED aluminium 1x90W6947830420292580884866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421590158089 ceiling lamp LED aluminium 1x35W6947830420308580894866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421610158019 ceiling lamp LED aluminium 1x90W6947830420322580194866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421620158020 ceiling lamp LED aluminium 1x35W6947830420339580204866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500421640158006 ceiling lamp LED aluminium 1x113W6947830420698580064866ModernmyLiving / Modern

91500377840130647 shade white6947830413621306473166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377860130647 shade grey6947830413638306471466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377870130647 shade Mocha6947830413645306473866UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377880130647 shade red6947830413652306473266UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377890130648 shade white6947830413669306483166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377910130648 shade grey6947830413676306481466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377920130648 shade Mocha6947830413683306483866UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377990130650 shade white6947830413744306503166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378010130650 shade grey6947830413751306501466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378020130650 shade Mocha6947830413768306503866UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378030130650 shade red6947830413775306503266UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378040130645 shade white6947830413782306453166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378060130645 shade grey6947830413935306451466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378070130645 shade Mocha6947830413799306453866UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378080130645 shade red6947830413805306453266UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378090130646 shade white6947830413812306463166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378110130646 shade grey6947830413829306461466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378120130646 shade Mocha6947830413836306463866UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378130130646 shade red6947830413843306463266UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378140130651 shade white6947830413850306513166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378160130651 shade grey6947830413867306511466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378170130651 shade Mocha6947830413874306513866UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500378180130651 shade red6947830413881306513266UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500381190130650 shade brown6947830413386306504466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377820130644 pendant Black 1x40W 240V6947830413607306443066UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377830130644 pendant nickel 1x40W 240V6947830413614306441166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382020130641 table lamp nickel 1x40W 240V8717943782802306411186UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382040130642 table lamp nickel 1x40W 240V8717943782826306421186UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382060130639 table lamp nickel 1x40W 240V8717943782840306391186UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382070130640 table lamp Black 1x40W 240V8717943782857306403086UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382080130640 table lamp nickel 1x40W 240V8717943782864306401186UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377800130643 wall lamp Black 1x40W 240V6947830413584306433066UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377810130643 wall lamp nickel 1x40W 240V6947830413591306431166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

915004503901Ayr pendant LED white 10x2.5W SELV6947830424443409023166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004504001Ayr pendant LED aluminium 10x2.5W SELV6947830424450409024866ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004495501York pendant white 1x24W 230V6947830423989408716766ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004495701DYNA single spot LED white 1x4W 230V6947830424009532353166ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004496401DYNA single spot LED grey 1x4W 230V6947830424078532359966ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004498001DYNA table lamp LED white 1x4W 230V8718696120279674133186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915004498101DYNA table lamp LED grey 1x4W 230V8718696120286674139986ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500447690130920 Tulip chandelier BrownBrush 9x15W6947830423361309204366HeritageMyLiving / Heritage

91500439610130834 Sweet Dreams pendant LED white 6x38718291502128308345586KidsplaceMyLiving / Kidsplace

915004448901Jars pendant purple 1x24W 230V6947830422609500379666ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004449001Jars pendant white 1x24W 230V6947830422616500363166ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004449101Jars pendant pink 1x24W 230V6947830422623500351966ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

915004449201Jars pendant yellow 1x24W 230V6947830422630500363466ExpressiveMyLiving / Expressive

91500493350130517 CEILING LAMP WHITE 2X15W8718696125083305173187EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500493360130514 CEILING LAMP WHITE 1x15W8718696125090305143187EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500282360130348 ceiling lamp white 3x18W 230V6947830410699303483166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500282390130352 ceiling lamp white 3x18W 230V6947830410729303523166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500282420130358 ceiling lamp white 3x18W 230V   186947830410750303583166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500282430132900 ceiling lamp white 3x18W 230V   186947830410767329003166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416650130807 57K ceiling lamp LED white   12W6947830417162308073166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447850133361 27K LED CEILING WHITE 6W6947830423415333616166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447860133361 65K LED CEILING WHITE 6W6947830423422333613166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447830133362 27K LED CEILING  WHT 16W6947830423392333626166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447840133362 65K LED CEILING  WHT 16W6947830423408333623166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447930133363 27K LED CEILING  WHT 16W6947830423491333636166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447940133363 65K LED CEILING  WHT 16W6947830423507333633166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447910133365 27K LED CEILING  WHT 22W6947830423477333656166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500447920133365 65K LED CEILING  WHT 22W6947830423484333653166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448450133369 65K LED CEILING  WHT 10W8718291534662333693186EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448460133369 27K LED CEILING  WHT 10W8718291534679333696186EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448470133370 65K LED CEILING  WHT 10W6947830423637333703166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448480133370 27K LED CEILING  WHT 10W6947830423644333706166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500227860132896 ceiling lamp white 3x15W 230V   158717943010523328963187EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500227880132898 ceiling lamp white 4x15W 230V   158717943010547328983187EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500227890132899 ceiling lamp white 3x15W 230V   158717943010554328993187EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448690131814 65K  LED CEILING WHT 12W6947830423675318143166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448700131814 27K  LED CEILING WHT 12W6947830423682318146166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448770131815 65K LED CEILING WHT 17W6947830423712318153166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448780131815 27K LED CEILING WHT 17W6947830423729318156166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448860131816 65K LED CEILING WHT 20W6947830423767318163166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500448870131816 27K LED CEILING WHT 20W6947830423774318166166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500424140133341 Footprint ceiling lamp white 1x326947830419593333413166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500424200133340 ceiling lamp pink 1x32W 230V6947830419654333402866EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500424210133340 ceiling lamp blue 1x32W 230V6947830419661333403566EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500364750130530 ceiling lamp white 7x36W 230V6947830412174305303166ValueM. Ceiling / Value

91500424130133343 Egg Shape ceiling lamp pink 1x40W6947830419586333432866ValueM. Ceiling / Value

91500424150133338 Princess ceiling lamp pink 1x32W6947830419609333383566ValueM. Ceiling / Value

91500424160133339 Piggy ceiling lamp pink 1x32W 2306947830419616333392866ValueM. Ceiling / Value

91500432830133343 Egg shape ceiling lamp orange 1x406947830420841333435366ValueM. Ceiling / Value

91500432840133343 Egg shape ceiling lamp blue 1x40W6947830420858333433566ValueM. Ceiling / Value

91500424710133338 ceiling lamp blue 1x32W 230V6947830419746333382866ValueM. Ceiling / Value

915004896701TAFFY DESK WHITE IN8718696123508716613186PromoM. Desk / Promo

915004896801TAFFY DESK ANTHRACITE IN8718696123515716619386PromoM. Desk / Promo

915004384301BOB table lamp white 1x11W 230V8718291494768700493186ComfortM. Desk / Comfort

915004384401Bob table lamp blue 1x11W 230V8718291494775700493586ComfortM. Desk / Comfort

91500359920130074 BLADE table lamp LED white   6W8717943774319300743176Comfort PlusM. Desk / Comfort Plus

91500359910130074 BLADE table lamp LED grey   6W 2308717943774302300749376Comfort PlusM. Desk / Comfort Plus

91500410300130507 ECO EYEFI table lamp white 1x18W8718291440642305073186Comfort ProM. Desk / Comfort Pro

91500410310130507 ECO EYEFI table lamp grey 1x18W8718291440659305078786Comfort ProM. Desk / Comfort Pro

91500410320130507 ECO EYEFI table lamp antracit 1x188718291440666305079386Comfort ProM. Desk / Comfort Pro

915004383701Carl table lamp red 1x11W 230V8718291494706700483286EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915004383801Carl table lamp yellow 1x11W 230V8718291494713700483486EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500439210171658 SCOPE table lamp LED white 1x4W8718291501916716583186EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500439240171658 SCOPE table lamp LED blue 1x5W SEL8718291501923716583586EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500439270171658 SCOPE table lamp LED green 1x4W8718291501930716583386EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500380770130638 LAMINA table lamp LED Black 1x5W8717943782161306383086EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500380780130638 LAMINA table lamp LED white 1x5W8717943782178306383186EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915002151102FDS201 ANDREW table lamp red 1x11W 240V8717943013968692023286EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915002151302FDS201 ANDREW table lamp blue 1x11W 2408717943013982692023586EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915002441202Billy table lamp green 1x11W 240V8717943741373692043386EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915002441302Billy table lamp yellow 1x11W 240V8717943741380692043486EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915002441402Billy table lamp blue 1x11W 240V8717943741397692043586EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500244150269204 BILLY table lamp red 1x11W 240V8717943741403692049686EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500413230130667 CATERPILLAR table lamp LED white8718291442820306673186EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500413250130667 CATERPILLAR table lamp LED blue 128718291442844306673586EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500413400130508 DANDELION table lamp white 1x11W8718291442998305083186EyeCare PlusM. Desk / Eyecare Plus

91500413410130508 DANDELION table lamp black 1x11W8718291443001305083086EyeCare PlusM. Desk / Eyecare Plus

915004250901Vane table lamp LED grey   7W 230V8718291474524316688746EyeCare PlusM. Desk / EyeCare Plus

915004383401vane table lamp LED pink   7W 230V8718291494676316682846EyeCare PlusM. Desk / EyeCare Plus

915004383501VANE table lamp LED yellow   7W 230V8718291494683316683446EyeCare PlusM. Desk / EyeCare Plus

915004383601VANE table lamp LED blue   7W 230V8718291494690316683546EyeCare PlusM. Desk / EyeCare Plus

91500439290171566  Packet  white  LED desk8718291501947715663186PromoM. Desk / Promo

91500439310171566  Packet  anthracite  LED8718291501954715669386PromoM. Desk / Promo

91500446850170023 CAP table lamp LED white 1x5.5W8718291533030700233186PromoM. Desk / Promo

915004492601SPADE table lamp LED red 1x4.5W SELV8718291535218716623286EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915004492701SPADE table lamp LED blue 1x4.5W SELV8718291535225716623586EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915004492801SPADE table lamp LED purple 1x4.5W SELV8718291535232716629686EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

91500418740131021 pendant blue 1x24W 230V6947830418299310213566EssentialM. Pendant / Essential

91500418760131026 pendant blue 3x24W 230V6947830418312310263566EssentialM. Pendant / Essential

91500419180131021 pendant green 1x24W 230V6947830418497310213366EssentialM. Pendant / Essential

91500419200131026 pendant green 3x24W 230V6947830418510310263366EssentialM. Pendant / Essential

91500450110167050 2.5" SQ 27K LED 2.8W recessed LED6947830424214670502766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500450120167051 3" SQ 27K LED 3.4W recessed LED6947830424221670512766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500450130167052 3.5" SQ 27K LED 5W recessed LED6947830424238670522766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500450140167053 4" SQ 27K  LED 7.4W recessed LED6947830424245670532766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500450160167050 2.5" SQ 65K  LED 2.8W recessed LED6947830424269670506566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500450180167051 3" SQ 65K LED 3.4W recessed LED6947830424283670516566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500450200167052 3.5" SQ 65K LED 5W recessed LED6947830424306670526566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500450220167053 4" SQ 65K  LED 7.4W recessed LED6947830424320670536566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500430630158122 SQ Flat 27K whi LED 4.5W recessed6947830420407581223186EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500430410158142  SQ Flat  65K  LED  4.5W recessed6947830420254581423186EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413910166661 recessed white 1x5W 230V6947830416820666613166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413920166661 recessed nickel 1x5W 230V6947830416837666611166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413930166662 recessed white 1x9W 230V6947830416844666623166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413940166662 recessed nickel 1x9W 230V6947830416851666621166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413950166663 recessed white 1x11W 230V6947830416868666633166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413960166663 recessed nickel 1x11W 230V6947830416875666631166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413970166664 recessed white 1x18W 230V6947830416882666643166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500413980166664 recessed nickel 1x18W 230V6947830416899666641166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416660113801 Glass recessed white 1x5W 230V6947830417179138013166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416670113801 Glass recessed nickel 1x5W 230V6947830417186138011166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416680113802 Glass recessed white 1x9W 230V6947830417193138023166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416690113802 Glass recessed nickel 1x9W 230V6947830417209138021166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416700113803 Glass recessed nickel 1x11W 230V6947830417216138031166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416710113803 Glass recessed white 1x11W 230V6947830417223138033166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416720113804 Glass recessed white 1x18W 230V6947830417230138043166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416730113804 Glass recessed nickel 1x18W 230V6947830417247138041166EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500204340159785 recessed nickel 1x14W recessed6947830402861597851766ValueM. Spot / Value

91500204350159790 recessed nickel 2X14W recessed6947830402885597901766ValueM. Spot / Value

91500204360159786 recessed nickel 1X14W recessed6947830402878597861766ValueM. Spot / Value

91500204370159791 recessed nickel 2X14W recessed6947830402892597911766ValueM. Spot / Value

91500205330159793 recessed nickel 2X14W recessed6947830402908597931766ValueM. Spot / Value

91500205340159793 recessed white 2X14W recessed6947830402915597933166ValueM. Spot / Value

91500456820145050 27K LED white 3W recessed LED6947830424566450503166ValueM. Spot / Value

91500456840145051 40K LED WHITE 3W recessed LED6947830424580450513166ValueM. Spot / Value

91500456880145060 27K LED WHITE 5W recessed LED6947830424627450603166ValueM. Spot / Value

91500456900145061 40K LED WHITE 5W recessed LED6947830424641450613166ValueM. Spot / Value

91500456940145070 27K LED WHITE 7W recessed LED6947830424689450703166ValueM. Spot / Value

91500456960145071 40K LED WHITE 7W 230 recessed LED6947830424702450713166ValueM. Spot / Value

91500446950177066 3W 27K Step Light recessed LED6947830422869770662766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447060177066 3W 65K Step Light recessed LED6947830422975770666566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500446960177080 1.8W Cabinet LED 27K recessed LED6947830422876770802766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447040177080 1.8W Cabinet LED  65K recessed LED6947830422951770806566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500446970177070 11W 27K R slim downlight recessed6947830422883770702766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447000177070 11W 65K R slim downlight recessed6947830422913770706566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500446980177071 11W27K SQ slim downlight recessed6947830422890770712766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447020177071 11W65K SQ slim downlight recessed6947830422937770716566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447200177110 27K 2.5" LED 3.5W 1SET recessed6947830423019771102766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447250177110 65K 2.5" LED 3.5W 1SET recessed6947830423064771106566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447210177111 27K 3" LED 4.5W 1SET recessed LED6947830423026771112766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447270177111 65K 3" LED 4.5W 1SET recessed LED6947830423088771116566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447230177113 27K 4" LED 7.5W 1SET recessed LED6947830423040771132766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447310177113 65K 4" LED 7.5W 1SET recessed LED6947830423125771136566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447320177114 27K 6" LED 7.5W 1SET recessed LED6947830423132771142766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500447340177114 65K 6" LED 7.5W 1SET recessed LED6947830423156771146566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500498690133329 Renewable energy red 1x1W8718696125762333293287RELPortable / REL

91500498700133329 Renewable energy grey 1x1W8718696125779333298787RELPortable / REL

915002528201TWS200 Renewable energy white 2x14W 2408717943745845300363187RELPortable / REL

915002575301TWS101 EMERGENCY BATTERN8717943748563300383187RELPortable / REL

91500406930130505 65K LED CHARGEABLE LIGHT8718291434115305053186RELPortable / REL

91500406940130504 65K LED CHARGEABLE LIGH8718291434122305043186RELPortable / REL

91500413010130753 65K LED CHARGEABLE LIGHT8718291442776307533186RELPortable / REL

91500420590130510 LED portable light blue6947830418701305103566RELPortable / REL

91500420600130510 LED portable light red6947830418718305103266RELPortable / REL

91500421240130510 LED portable light green6947830419005305103366RELPortable / REL

91500421560133331 LED PORTABLE LANTERN BLK6947830419197333313066RELPortable / REL

91500421570133331 LED PORTABLE LANTERN GY6947830419203333318766RELPortable / REL

440400891141Led driver 220-240V 30VA00Sparepart

440400888351Led driver 220-240V 60VA00Sparepart

91500393460130691 27K recessed LED white 1x3W 230V8717943788033306913186ValueM. Spot / Value

91500393480130693 40K recessed LED white 1x3W 230V8717943788057306933186ValueM. Spot / Value

91500393470130692 27K recessed LED white 3x1W 230V8717943788040306923186ValueM. Spot / Value

91500393490130694 40K recessed LED white 3x1W 230V8717943788064306943186ValueM. Spot / Value

91500410450160132 27K recessed LED white 5x1W 230V8718291440970601323186ValueM. Spot / Value

91500410460160133 40K recessed LED white 5x1W 230V8718291440987601333186ValueM. Spot / Value

91500435800166074 27K  2.5"  LED  3W 1 SET recessed6947830420995660742766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500439360166074  65K  2.5" LED 3W 1 SET recessed6947830421824660746566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500435810166075  27K  3.5" LED 6W 1 SET recessed6947830421008660752766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500439420166075  65K  3.5" LED 6W 1 SET recessed6947830421848660756566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500436500166076 27K  4" LED 7.5W 1 SET recessed6947830421015660762766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500439440166076  65K  4"  LED 7.5W 1 SET recessed6947830421862660766566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500439260166077  27K  6" LED  9W 1  SET recessed6947830421756660772766EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500439460166077  65K  6" LED 9W 1  SET recessed6947830421886660776566EssentialM. Spot / Essential

91500416590233359 6500K LED ceiling 10.5W6947830422326333593166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416590333359 2700K LED ceiling 10.5W6947830422333333596166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416590433360 6500K LED ceiling 10.5W6947830422340333603166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416590533360 2700K LED ceiling 10.5W6947830422357333606166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416590130804 57K ceiling lamp LED white   12W6947830417100308043166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416600130804 30K ceiling lamp LED white   12W6947830417117308046166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416610130805 57K ceiling lamp LED white   17W6947830417124308053166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416620130805 30K ceiling lamp LED white   17W6947830417131308056166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416630130806 57K ceiling lamp LED white   22W6947830417148308063166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

91500416640130806 30K ceiling lamp LED white   22W6947830417155308066166EssentialM. Ceiling / Essential

915000111501QCZ803 Ice ceiling lamp chrome 3x40W 2408727900693362320151176AquafitmyBathroom / Aquafit

915000111801QCZ803 Ice ceiling lamp nickel 3x40W 2408727900693379320151776AquafitmyBathroom / Aquafit

915000112101QCZ804 GLACIER ceiling lamp chrome 4x408727900693386320341176AquaFitmyBathroom / AquaFit

915000113801QWZ803 Ice wall lamp nickel 1x40W 240V8727900693416340201776AquafitmyBathroom / Aquafit

915000114401QWZ804 Ice wall lamp nickel 2x40W 240V8727900693430340211776AquafitmyBathroom / Aquafit

915000114701QWZ805 Ice wall lamp chrome 3x40W 240V8727900693447340221176AquafitmyBathroom / Aquafit

915002039101QWZ812 Crystal wall lamp chrome 1x40W8727900693515340861176AquaFitmyBathroom / AquaFit

915000079801QCZ807 Island ceiling lamp white 2x60W8727900750812320673176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

91500268490132071 ceiling lamp white 1x22W 230V 1x8717943749263320713186ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000076501QWZ800 Atlantic wall lamp chrome 1x40W8727900750720340041176ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

915000076601QWZ800 Atlantic wall lamp nickel 1x40W8727900750737340041776ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

91500198650334095 wall lamp bronze 1x12W 230V8717943749249340950686ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

91500270100134095 wall lamp chrome 1x12W 230V8717943749256340951186ContemporarymyBathroom / Contemporary

91500342870116909 wall lantern grey 1x11W 240V8717943763702169098786EcoMoodsmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500342880116909 wall lantern antracit 1x11W 240V8717943763719169099386EcoMoodsmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343050116908 post grey 1x11W 240V8717943763795169088786EcoMoodsmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343060116908 post antracit 1x11W 240V8717943763801169089386EcoMoodsmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500343000116905 wall lantern grey 1x24W 240V8717943763771169058786EcomoodsmyGarden / EcoMoods

91500223970117157 wall lantern WhiteBrush 1x11W 2308717943006762171571846HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344560115283 post WhiteBrush 1x60W 230V8717943764099152831886HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344600115301 wall lantern grey 1x60W 230V8717943764129153015486HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344630115306 lantern pendant grey 1x60W 230V8717943764143153065486HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

91500344650115308 wall lantern grey 1x60W 230V8717943764150153085486HeritagemyGarden / Heritage

915002440201MLA TeaLights White 6 set Clear8727900693843691266086AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003425201MLA Careglow integrated sensor SILVER8717943763573691558786AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003425301MLA Careglow separate sensor SILVER8717943763580691588786AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003559401MLA Platter Clear8717943771875691523187AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003563501MLA Coasters White8717943772247691541186AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003574201MLA LightStrip Color Multi colour8717943772889691135586AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003574501MLA LightStrip White Grey 18717943772902691138786AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003945201MLA Naturelle CandleLights 2 set White8717943788446691846086AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003945601MLA Naturelle TeaLights 3 set White8717943788460691876086AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915003945801MLA Naturelle TeaLights 5 set White8717943788477691886086AccentsmyLiving / Accents

915000017901QDG300 table lamp aluminium 1x60W 240V8727900747539368694886ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500200590436275 pendant red 1x75W 240V8717943031658362753286ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500200600436276 pendant red 3x75W 240V8717943031672362763286ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500200630436276 pendant antracit 3x75W 240V8717943031689362769386ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500234000143098 table lamp red 1x75W 240V8717943031535430983286ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002037501QFG303 floor lamp bronze 1x150W 240V 1x8717943000517421900686ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002037601QFG303 floor lamp nickel 1x150W 240V 1x8717943000524421901786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153301FCG312 special form bronze 3x40W 240V8717943004997521630686ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002153501FCG313 special form bronze 4x40W 240V8717943005017521640686ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500002440430208 ceiling lamp antracit 2x23W 240V8717943036486302089386ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500002450433212 wall lamp antracit 1x23W 240V8717943036493332129386ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000067301QCG300 ceiling lamp brass 1x60W 240V8727900749915300820176ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000067601QCG301 ceiling lamp bronze 1x100W 240V8727900749946301360676ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500200610436277 wall lamp red 1x60W 240V8717943031696362773286ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915002161701QCG318 ceiling lamp white 1x100W 240V8717943001309300116786ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

91500233520337657 wall lamp nickel 2x12W 240V8717943030873376573186ContemporarymyLiving / Contemporary

915000010467FPG700 pendant white 1x60W 240V8727900694673402333176EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002139501FFG300 floor lamp grey 1x21W 240V8717943004461421998786EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500276960143211 table lamp chrome 1x12W 240V8717943748389432111186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500277020157940 single spot nickel 1x9W 240V8717943748105579401786EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002138201FWG309 wall lamp chrome 1x11W 240V8717943004331301851186EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500276920132616 ceiling lamp aluminium 2x23W 240V8717943748341326164886EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915000072901FCG700 ceiling lamp aluminium 1x40W 2408727900750362326104846EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915000010466FWG702 wall lamp nickel 1x7W 240V8727900694666346161776EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

91500167630432509 ceiling lamp aluminium 1x22W 240V8717943748259325094886EcoMoodsmyLiving / EcoMoods

915002220401QDS308 table lamp white 1x40W 230V8717943005710430411186ExpressivemyLiving / Contemporary

915002140601QPG306 pendant grey 1x100W 240V8717943004577416486786ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002140801QDG306 table lamp mixed 1x60W 240V8717943004591430563486ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002161601QDS306 table lamp red 1x40W 230V8717943001293361793286ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002219801QPG312 pendant nickel 4x60W 230V8717943005659368811786ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002220101QPG305 pendant fuchsia 1x60W 230V8717943005680416412886ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002220301QPG305 pendant green 1x60W 230V8717943005703416413386ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500372080140542 pendant LED bronze 10x2.5W 240V8717943777303405420686ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500372090140542 pendant LED chrome 10x2.5W 240V8717943777310405421186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500372100140542 pendant LED brass 10x2.5W 240V8717943777327405421286ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002152501FCG305 bar/tube chrome 3x40W 240V8717943004911520931186ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915002164201QWG319 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8717943001835331996786ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

91500372190140544 ceiling lamp LED brass 10x2.5W 2408717943777389405441286ExpressivemyLiving / Expressive

915004109901LIC Bloom Black Black8718291441397695023086ExpressivemyLiving / Living Colors

915004110001LIC Bloom White White8718291441403695026086ExpressivemyLiving / Living Colors

915002260001QDG314 table lamp blue 1x40W 230V8717943008292842638635HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002260101QDG314 table lamp cream 1x40W 230V8717943008308842638638HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002260201QDG314 table lamp salmon 1x40W 230V8717943008315842638679HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002219101QFG307 floor lamp bronze 1x75W 230V8717943005581364130686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002219301QDG307 table lamp bronze 1x60W 230V8717943005604364140686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002219401QDG307 table lamp nickel 1x60W 230V8717943005611364141786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002257201QDG309 table lamp rust 1x60W 230V8717943008018369548686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002257301QFG308 floor lamp rust 1x75W 230V8717943008025369538686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002258601QPG322 ARTOIS pendant rust 2x150W 230V8717943008155374718686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002258801QPG324 chandelier BrownBrush 5x40W 230V8717943008179365054386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002258901QDG311 table lamp BrownBrush 2x40W 230V8717943008186365094386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002259901QPG328 pendant white 1x100W 230V8717943008285416473086HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002164701FWG310 wall lamp nickel 1x12W 240V8717943001958332101786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002171901QCG307 ceiling lamp brass 2x40W 240V8717943002139701078601HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002255501QCG321 ALISON ceiling lamp scavo 1x100W8717943007844300688686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915000067201QWG300 wall lamp BrownBrush 1x60W 240V8727900749908330304376HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915000068101FWG302 wall lamp nickel 1x24W 240V8727900749991331611776HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915000068201FWG302 wall lamp BrownBrush 1x24W 240V8727900750003331614376HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002162301QCG308 ceiling lamp Gold painting 2x40W8717943001484301620486HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002163601QWG312 wall lamp chrome 1x60W 240V8717943001774330501186HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002163701QWG312 wall lamp nickel 1x60W 240V8717943001781330501786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002163801QWG312 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8717943001798330505686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002164801FWG310 wall lamp rust 1x12W 240V8717943001965332108686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002165301QWG313 wall lamp Gold painting 1x60W 2408717943002016815318601HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002165401QWG313 wall lamp chrome 1x60W 240V8717943002023815318611HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002165501QWG313 wall lamp white 1x60W 240V8717943002030815318631HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002218901QWG316 wall lamp bronze 1x60W 230V8717943005567364120686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002219501QWG317 wall lamp bronze 2x60W 230V8717943005628364170686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002219601QWG317 wall lamp nickel 2x60W 230V8717943005635364171786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002255401QCG320 MARY ceiling lamp BrownBrush 1x8717943007837301274386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002255601QWG321 MARY wall lamp BrownBrush 1x60W8717943007851331574386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002255701QCG322 ALICE ceiling lamp white 1x100W8717943007868301653086HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256001QCG323 ceiling lamp nickel 1x100W 230V8717943007899307061786HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256101QCG323 ceiling lamp copper 1x100W 230V8717943007905307064386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256201QCG324 GABRIELLE ceiling lamp bronze 1x8717943007912301410686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256301QCG325 GABRIELLE ceiling lamp bronze 2x8717943007929301420686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256401QCG326 CASSANDRA ceiling lamp BrownBrush8717943007936300944386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256501QCG327 CASSANDRA ceiling lamp BrownBrush8717943007943300954386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002256701QCG328 JASMINE ceiling lamp BrownBrush 18717943007967300964386HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

915002257701QWG328 wall lamp rust 1x75W 230V8717943008063369528686HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500401820136367 wall lamp BrownBrush 2x24W 240V6947830416134363674366HeritagemyLiving / Heritage

91500060110436281 chandelier copper 3x40W 230V8717943760718362814386HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500344060136281 chandelier WhiteBrush 3x40W 230V8717943751679362812986HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

91500344080136376 chandelier bronze 5x40W 230V8717943751716363760686HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

915002257001QWZ326 wall lamp BrownBrush 1x60W 230V8717943007998806838643HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

915002257101QCG330 ceiling lamp BrownBrush 2x60W 2308717943008001706838643HistoricalmyLiving / Historical

915002197401QPG317 pendant mixed 1x60W 230V8717943003358402813486KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500244160340098 pendant mixed 1x14W 240V8727900693928400985586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500260580133060 wall lamp mixed 1x12W 240V8717943040698330605586KidsplacemyLiving / Kidsplace

91500267640169061 40K pendant LED grey 1x7.5W 240V 38717943742707690618786LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003160269086 40K wall lamp LED white 2x2.5W 2408717943744343690863186LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500267900169075 40K table lamp LED grey 3x2.5W 2408717943744480690758776LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500267960169076 40K table lamp LED black 1x7.5W8717943744558690763076LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500268040169076 40K table lamp LED grey 1x7.5W 2408717943744565690768776LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003480269077 40K recessed LED aluminium 3x2.5W8717943744725690774886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500003520269078 40K recessed LED aluminium 1x7.5W8717943744978690784886LedinomyLiving / Ledino

91500346620138081 pendant BrownBrush 2x14W 240V8717943766185380813686LineamyLiving / Linea

91500346630138100 pendant BrownBrush 2x21W 240V8717943766192381003686LineamyLiving / Linea

91500369610138081 pendant yellow 2x14W 240V8717943775941380813486LineamyLiving / Linea

91500369620138100 pendant yellow 2x21W 240V8717943775958381003486LineamyLiving / Linea

91500302460138078 pendant white 1x21W 240V8717943762729380783186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500302490138085 wall lamp chrome 1x21W 240V8717943762736380853186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500302500138086 wall lamp chrome 1x28W 240V8717943762743380863186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500346640138097 wall lamp grey 1x21W 240V8717943766208380973186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500346780138092 wall lamp red 1x21W 230V8717943766291380923186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500366950138104 wall lamp grey 1x14W 240V8717943775521381043186LineamyLiving / Linea

91500369840138106 wall lamp grey 1x21W 240V8717943776115381061486LineamyLiving / Linea

91500369890138111 wall lamp grey 1x21W 240V8717943776160381111486LineamyLiving / Linea

91500278780138075 ceiling lamp white 2x21W 240V8717943756827380753186LineamyLiving / Linea

915002415601LIC Gen2 Black Black8717943040834691436586Living ColorsmyLiving / Living Colors

915002415701LIC Gen2 Floral Multi colour8717943040841691435586Living ColorsmyLiving / Living Colors

915002415801LIC Gen2 Clear Clear8717943040858691436086Living ColorsmyLiving / Living Colors

915002415901LIC Gen2 Frosted White8717943040865691438786Living ColorsmyLiving / Living Colors

915002156001FCG301 single spot aluminium 1x7W 240V8717943005253562804886ModernmyLiving / Modern

915002156101FWG303 single spot aluminium 1x7W 240V8717943005260562814886ModernmyLiving / Modern

915002156301FCG303 special form aluminium 4x7W 240V8717943005284562844886ModernmyLiving / Modern

915002162801FCG315 ceiling lamp white 2x23W 240V8717943001699301943186ModernmyLiving / Modern

915002162901FCG315 ceiling lamp grey 2x23W 240V8717943001705301948786ModernmyLiving / Modern

915002163101FCG317 ceiling lamp nickel 2x18W 240V8717943001729301981786ModernmyLiving / Modern

915002257601QPG321 pendant black 3x75W 230V8717943008056402783086RoomStylersmyLiving / RoomStylers

915002258301QPG320 pendant black 1x100W 230V8717943008124402773086RoomStylersmyLiving / RoomStylers

915002259801QFG310 BALANCE floor lamp BrownBrush 1x8717943008278372334386RoomStylersmyLiving / RoomStylers

915002172001QCG307 ceiling lamp chrome 2x40W 240V8717943002146701078611RoomStylersmyLiving / RoomStylers

915002163001FCG316 ceiling lamp white 1x40W 240V8717943001712301973186RoomStylersmyLiving / RoomStylers

91500377930130648 shade red6947830413690306483266UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377940130649 shade white6947830413706306493166UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377960130649 shade grey6947830413713306491466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377970130649 shade Mocha6947830413720306493866UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500377980130649 shade red6947830413737306493266UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500381160130647 shade brown6947830413355306474466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500381170130648 shade brown6947830413362306484466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500381180130649 shade brown6947830413379306494466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500381200130651 shade brown6947830413393306514466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500381210130646 shade brown6947830413409306464466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500381220130645 shade brown6947830413416306454466UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382010130641 table lamp Black 1x40W 240V8717943782796306413086UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382030130642 table lamp Black 1x40W 240V8717943782819306423086UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500382050130639 table lamp black 1x40W 240V8717943782833306393086UmbramyLiving / Umbra

91500369900130113 ceiling lamp white 9x14W 240V8717943776177301133186MegaBriteF. Ceiling / MegaBrite

91500369920130116 ceiling lamp white 6x14W 230V8717943776191301163186MegaBriteF. Ceiling / MegaBrite

91500391310130544 BAMBOO ceiling lamp alabaster 7x366947830413942305443666MegaBriteF. Ceiling / MegaBrite

91500370000130298 ceiling lamp white 1x32W 230V8717943776276302983186SuperBriteF. Ceiling / SuperBrite

91500370020130276 ceiling lamp white 1x32W 230V8717943776290302763186SuperBriteF. Ceiling / SuperBrite

91500359700130087 MALLET table lamp LED black 1x13W8717943774135300873086EyeCareF. Desk / EyeCare

91500359710130087 MALLET table lamp LED white 1x13W8717943774142300873186EyeCareF. Desk / EyeCare

91500359940130074 BLADE table lamp LED grey 1x12W8717943774333300749386EyeCareF. Desk / EyeCare

91500359960130074 BLADE table lamp LED silver 1x12W8717943774357300748786EyeCareF. Desk / EyeCare

915002273102FDS200 PIXIE table lamp red 1x11W 230V8717943013999692033286TaskF. Desk / Task

915002273202FDS200 PIXIE table lamp blue 1x11W 230V8717943014002692033586TaskF. Desk / Task

915002273302FDS200 PIXIE table lamp green 1x11W 2308717943014019692033786TaskF. Desk / Task

915002260502FDS400 table lamp LED black 51x0.06W 2308717943027477692383086F. Desk

915002260602FDS400 table lamp LED grey 51x0.06W 2308717943027484692388786F. Desk

91500240190169398 recessed white 1x9W 230V8717943037216693983187EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500240220169399 recessed white 1x11W 230V8717943037247693993187EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500240320169393 recessed nickel 1x5W 230V8717943037346693931187EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500240410169396 recessed nickel 1x18W 230V8717943037438693961187EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500240680169394 recessed white 1x9W 230V8717943037704693943187EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500240720169398 recessed nickel 1x9W 230V8717943037742693981187EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393630130581 Concave recessed LED white 7x0.5W8717943788118305813186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393640130582 Concave recessed LED white 12x0.58717943788125305823186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393650130583 Concave recessed LED white 15x0.58717943788132305833186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393660130584 Concave recessed LED white 20x0.58717943788149305843186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393710130581 Concave recessed LED aluminium 7x8717943788156305814886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393720130582 Concave recessed LED aluminium 12x8717943788163305824886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393730130583 Concave recessed LED aluminium 15x8717943788170305834886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393740130584 Concave recessed LED aluminium 20x8717943788187305844886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393780130621 FLAT recessed LED white 7x0.5W 2308717943788194306213186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393790130622 FLAT recessed LED white 12x0.5W8717943788200306223186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393800130623 FLAT recessed LED white 15x0.5W8717943788217306233186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393810130624 FLAT recessed LED white 20x0.5W8717943788224306243186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393860130621 FLAT recessed LED aluminium 7x0.58717943788231306214886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393870130622 FLAT recessed LED aluminium 12x0.58717943788248306224886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393880130623 FLAT recessed LED aluminium 15x0.58717943788255306234886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500393890130624 FLAT recessed LED aluminium 20x0.58717943788262306244886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395090130595 Concave recessed LED aluminium 7x8717943790241305954886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395110130596 Concave recessed LED aluminium 12x8717943790265305964886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395120130597 Concave recessed LED white 15x0.58717943790272305973186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395130130595 Concave recessed LED white 7x0.5W8717943790289305953186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395140130597 Concave recessed LED aluminium 15x8717943790296305974886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395150130598 Concave recessed LED white 20x0.58717943790302305983186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395160130598 Concave recessed LED aluminium 20x8717943790319305984886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395250145015 FLAT recessed LED white 7x0.5W 2308717943790326450153186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395280145016 FLAT recessed LED aluminium 12x0.58717943790357450164886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395290145017 FLAT recessed LED white 15x0.5W8717943790364450173186EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500395320145018 FLAT recessed LED aluminium 20x0.58717943790395450184886EssentialF. Spot / Essential

91500230300159994 recessed nickel 2x14W 230V8717943018420599941787ValueF. Spot / Value

91500230340159996 recessed nickel 2x14W 230V8717943018444599961787ValueF. Spot / Value

91500393540130691 27K recessed LED aluminium 1x3W8717943788071306914886ValueF. Spot / Value

91500393550130692 27K recessed LED aluminium 3x1W8717943788088306924886ValueF. Spot / Value

91500393560130693 40K recessed LED aluminium 1x3W8717943788095306934886ValueF. Spot / Value

91500393570130694 40K recessed LED aluminium 3x1W8717943788101306944886ValueF. Spot / Value

91500410490160132 27K recessed LED aluminium 5x1W8718291440994601324886ValueF. Spot / Value

91500410500160133 40K recessed LED aluminium 5x1W8718291441007601334886ValueF. Spot / Value

91500364760130533 ceiling lamp white 7x36W 230V6947830412181305333166ValueM. Ceiling / Value

91500373910130592 ceiling lamp white 7x36W 230V6947830413164305923166ValueM. Ceiling / Value

915002151202FDS201 ANDREW table lamp yellow 1x11W8717943013975692023486EyeCareM. Desk / EyeCare

915003953101Downlight flat cool 45018 recessed LED white 20x0.5W 230V

915003953001Downlight flat cool 45017 recessed LED aluminium 15x0.5W 230

915003952601Downlight flat cool 45015 recessed LED aluminium 7x0.5W 230

91500395100130596 CDL Concave recessed LED white 12x0.5WV

91500391500130671 SPOON table lamp LED Black 20x0.5

91500206470537554 table lamp Black Brush 1x40W 230V8717943751907

915000010520QDS300 DENNIS table lamp grey 1x60W 240V8727900746105